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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 16/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Spike double checked the number on the key and made sure
they were headed in the right direction.
"Here we go #269 Seems our friend Eugene has a bit of
a sense of humor."

Xander stood behind Spike, rocking on his heels, impatiently waiting
as he unlocked the door.
"Huh? I don't get it. What does 269 mean?"

Spike shook his head. "Two of us? 69? Never mind."
Sometimes he forgot how innocent his boy was. Pushing the
door open and stepping in he looked around.
It looked like a million other motel rooms Spike had occupied
around the world over the years.

A pitiful attempt at a color scheme showed itself in the odd bluish
green flowers on the curtains and matching bed spread. A bed spread
that smelled like the juices of dozens of horny couples.
Apparently condoms were not sold in the state of Utah.

Spike stepped in and dropped the key on the small round table by
the window. He immediately went about the task of checking the
curtains and securing them against the coming light of day.

After satisfying himself that they were safely clipped together, Spike
turned to find his childe still standing in the doorway, half in, half out,
his mouth dropped open and his eyes big as saucers.

The awe in his face was reflected in his breathless voice
as he spoke low and reverently.
"Wow, Sire! This is like a palace! I have never seen anything so
fancy! It must surely be a sin to stay in such opulence."

Spike took another look around the room to make sure he hadn't
missed something. Nope, still the same tacky dump he saw when
he first entered.

"Ah, yea, right, nothing too good for my childe. Now why don't you shut
the door, come here and show your sire some appreciation."
Spike held his arms open and instantly found them full of gratitude.

Together they stumbled backward and landed on the bed with Spike
happily on top. Straddling Xander's hips, Spike pulled off his own shirt and
helped his boy do the same. Sitting up, Spike looked down on the most
beautiful sight in the world.

His childe. Happy, horny, loving and content.
Spike's demon crowed.
"HA! Don't hear him calling for his mother now."

Spike wiggled his butt, feeling Xander's hard rigid cock, still trapped in
the heavy cotton of his britches, nestling directly under the crack of
Spike's ass. Each time he moved, Xander arched up and groaned.

"That what you want, boy? Want to feel that hard, wet cock of yours
up in your sire's ass? Ramming in and movin' about?"
Spike sat back, pressing down and grinding almost painfully against

Xander spread his legs and held Spike's hips firmly in place, all the
time protesting such an outrageous idea.
"No sire, I would never want that. I only want you to take me.
Enter me and possess my body."

Spike chuckled at the little white lie. He knew if he allowed this to continue
much longer the boy would cum in his pants, a pause in the action Spike
did not want to happen. Lifting his hips Spike stopped moving and lowered
his body, laying himself flat on top of his lover. He looked his love in the
eye then kissed him deeply letting his slick tongue own every inch
of the boy's mouth.

Xander wrapped his arms around his sire and pulled him down even more.
It was so different than the few times he had held Anya. She of all
softness and light. So feminine and curved. She was everything the older
boys had talked about wanting. Warm, small, helpless.

He had often wondered why he always seemed to have a stiff willy
until he was with her. When they held hands, walked together, or spoke
of their future, his manhood retreated. Xander had assumed it was God's
way to insure there would be no sin before marriage.

Then came Spike.

His demon had stirred an unrest in Xander and inflamed
his passions. He fought it, feared it, and tried to deny it till the revelation
had come to him. Spike was his destiny. Sent to him by God himself to
lead Xander down a different path.

Once he accepted that truth, Xander opened his mind, body and soul to him.
He swam in the passionate sexual release his sire offered.
He gave himself completely to the demon he loved.

Xander relaxed. He threw his head back and thrilled at the solid
weight of the man pressing down on him. The strength of the
chest and arms, he ran his hands over he flexing muscles of his sire's

"You like how I feel, Xander?" Spike purred in his ear.
"You like the things I do to you?"

"Yes, sire, yes." His voice was low and strained.
Xander squirmed. The cool sheets under his back and the silky cool skin
rubbing his front made him feel like the luckiest sandwich in the universe.

His hips humped and moved trying to gain friction. He wished desperately
he had had enough foresight to have removed his pants before laying down.

"My britches, sire."

Spike pretended to be confused.
"What about them? They appear all right to me. Wait, let me check."
Spike slid his hand down between their bodies and rubbed his palm
roughly over his childe's insistent erection.
"Yep, they are all buttoned up nice and snug."

Frustration was starting to fuel his temper.
"Please don't tease me. Sire, I need release. Please help me.
Please touch me."

Though Spike would never admit it, he was enormously grateful for
his childe's impatience.
Sliding himself down till his nose was just inches from the heavy
waiting bulge in the boy's pants, Spike slowly began unbuttoning the fly.
One slow button at a time.

Xander lifted his head, watching intently as first his thick wiry pubic
hair emerged then, finally, his anxious, salivating cock head peeked out.

Spike smiled and rubbed his face over the rigid member causing it
to bounce and leak.
"Well what have we here? Seems someone needs a little attention."

Xander lifted his hips, encouraging Spike to pull his pants the rest of
the way off. He whimpered as Spike moved to the side to remove
his own, but was again thrilled when his sire settled back between
Xander's legs.

Grabbing his childe's ankles, Spike pushed his legs up and open
leaving his feet flat on the bed, his cock and balls resting high on
his eager body.

Spike pulled the cheeks apart and sniffed, his nose buried deep
in his boy's crack.
"Oh, baby, you smell so good. Wonder if you taste as sweet."

Before Xander's detached brain could form an answer, Spike dove in,
licking, sucking and nipping on the pink wrinkled opening causing
it to ripple and wink.

Xander's hips shot up off the bed.
"Oh, sweet heavenly host! Sire, that is so wickedly wonderful!
Just a little more. I can feel my seed. Just.....more, please."

Spike planted on more kiss on the twitching hole then pulled back and
waited for the outrage. He didn't have long to wait.

"What happened? NO! No stopping, sire, please."

Spike casually slid one finger in and expertly struck the soft nub
in his childe's body. He rubbed his finger over it and tapped it firmly.
"Then you don't want this?"

Xander threw his head back and reached down between his own legs.
Grabbing Spike's wrist he held it solidly in place, humping and riding the
invading finger, his cock leaking and dribbling onto his stomach.

"Slow down, pet. Let sire take care of you."
Spike carefully pulled his hand back and quickly rummaged through the
pockets of his pants on the floor.

Xander lifted his head and tried to focus his dazed and hooded eyes to
see what was happening. When he saw his sire drip the oily lotion onto
his huge cock, Xander's own need rose another notch. He pulled his
legs back till his knees touched his chest.

Spike chuckled. "Ooo. What a flexible childe. What a good childe.
Let's just see how far the rest of you can stretch."
Spike reinserted his finger, this time with a second. Together they stretched,
scissored and moved, all the time finger fucking and rubbing his hot spot.

Xander was incoherent, babbling and mumbling.
He wanted the fingers to keep doing what they were doing.
He wanted the fingers out so the cock would slide in.
He wanted sire's mouth back on his hole.
He never wanted to cum.
He wanted to cum NOW!.

All slicked up and positioned, Spike finally pushed his way in through
the tight band of muscled resistance. He knew he had to give it his best
quickly as they were both so close.

Carefully he pulled back exposing the slick shiny shaft to the cool air.
Immediately he slammed home and both men grunted their pleasure.

Setting a steady pace, Spike could feel his boy trying to move, squirm,
reposition under him.
"Not gettin' it baby? Let sire help."

Spike grabbed his boy's legs and twisted, flipping him onto his side,
one leg on the bed and the other still over Spike's shoulder. This time
when he shoved his cock in the boy's body, he hit home base.

"Yea, oh, yea, just like that. Oh master, harder. Harder!"

Spike wrapped his hand around the boy's bobbing erection, leaned
forward and let loose. He stroked and rammed. Cock and cock.
Pleasure given and taken.
Together and independently they rode, humped, moaned and one cursed.

Xander grabbed fistfuls of bedcover and held on as he felt the hot burn of
orgasm rush through and twist his body. He barely noticed his sire jerk,
tense up or fill his body to overflowing with cold seed and warm love.

Minutes passed.

Coherence and reality finally returned and together sire and childe
sighed, chuckled and rolled till they were separated and finally
curled up together. After kissing, neither made it to cuddling before sleep
over took them.

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