Tam (tamakin) wrote in bloodclaim,

~ Truth Denied Spike Banner ~

Hey guys i hope this is ok to post, its a spike only pic, but based on a spander fic.

 Its stipper!spike!! Made for the ROCKIN perverted_pages's current Spike/Xander WIP, Truth Denied
 Its a simply fantastic fic, shes NAILED the characters. Plus, STRIPPER!SPIKE!! Or better yet, stripper!spike with plot! Its an intriguing, addictive, moving piece of fanfic, soooo worth a read. 

Anyhoo, this piccie is a kind of mini banner, and will form part of the actual banner for the fic, just as soon as i find a suitable base for the xan-man >.<

Worksafe... barely!

~ Truth Denied StripperSpike ~

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