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All Over Again # 9

Title: All over Again
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations (way later) and human boys (for now)
Rating: NC-17 (or MA 15+ or R?) There is violence and sex and vampires, and boys.
Summary: Saving both of them had a bizarre set of implications – not least of which was the chance to start again.
Disclaimer: Characters are the concept of the wonderful Joss and Co. Don’t make money from the writing etc etc.
The whole story here


Late the following afternoon, Mistress Willow let herself in to the ‘Boy’s shed’ noting that the two must have collapsed by the fire together rather than trying to navigate stairs to their mezzanine spaces. They were in a tight embrace on the rug, obviously nude and covered by a couple of old throw rugs. At first she thought they were both still asleep with William spooning Alexander, but then watched in amazement then not a small measure of embarrassment as the still weak William and Alexander continued to give in to their natural urges and both let out a groan of pleasure as they moved together.

The scene was as beautiful and natural as it was disturbing. She could see the slight sheen of fur on the arm Alexander had thrown over his face, and from the purring growl from William, she suspected a game face would be in place. She made a hurried exit and warded the door for good measure. She needed time with the changed men… but in an hour or so... obviously.

As they heard the door click Alexander momentarily stopped thrusting back and stilled William, who growled for his trouble. “Was that the Mistress Willow? Do you think…”

“…she saw us… yeah Luv no doubt… now come on before we both expire with…” ::slight pull out and… thrust:: “*Need*” ::almost completely out and thrust again:: “Ghods I love you Alex… Need you. Want…” ::thrust:: “…you” ::thrust reach around and place hand over Alex’s already working his own hardness, and continued his own movement. “Come with me… come…” a few more erratic in and outs heralded both their climaxes, William’s demon claiming Alex’s neck and the hyena bit deep into William’s offered wrist in the process. They both lay sated but still joined until finally William pulled out with a groan. There had to be showers and food and…

Finally game to return, Willow lifted the brass handle and knocked with trepidation, unwilling to open the door a second time without invitation.

It was Xander who responded, “Hey Mistress Willow, if it’s you? We were just… that is we were… Ummm… Please Wills, just come in.”

Willow’s breath hitched, she hadn’t heard her old name since she had held a desperately ill AIDS ridden Xander in her arms nearly twenty five years earlier, certainly it wasn’t a name Alexander would have used prior to their dimensional jump.

“I… um… I didn’t want to interrupt anything…”

“Nothin’ to interrupt that we wouldn’t be happy to share Luv…”

It wasn’t William speaking – it was most definitely Spike but the tone didn’t have the harsh edge, rather a softer, gentler tone that spelt ‘mischievous’ rather than ‘evil’. And Willow remembered… the helpful chipped Spike who worried for Buffy/Dawn; the ensouled, soon to be martyred Spike; the almost dusted injured and returned by Illyria Spike… But this really was William… with all the add-ons and integrations… it was still their William and their Alexander of the now, so she answered the two ‘boys’ she had seen grown up – but with full knowledge of what they had become – obviously the gestalt beings as predicted by the prophesy text…

“William, Alexander, your parents are still desperately worried about you! Yet you have been down here ‘relaxing’ for… well… some time. Now I’m not prying lady here… but you need to… well at least explain things to Charlotte and Trent!

“I’m putting on my resolved face now! You two go tell your dear mother and father that you are alright – or so help me … my black eyes will see you both torn from your brother…partner… whatever and made into plants for a couple of months, potted and only able to touch if you grow enough!”

The threat was real and the men realized that they really did need to move.

They dressed quickly and in silence, Alexander noting with relief that the fine sheen of fur that seemed to appear when they made love had begun to recede. He looked over to William and smiled ruefully, his brother was trying to warm himself up by standing as close as possible to the fire. Alex received a smile back but it was a sad one, and he didn’t miss the hand rising to the pulse point on his neck that no longer registered a heart beat.

There was no easy way to tell their parents what had occurred to or between them in the last forty eight hours.

The two entered their parents’ cottage from the cool of a clear evening. Neither felt particularly different, rather they felt like they did when they had to face the music after playing up at school, or messing up their father’s tool shed. Alex reached back for his now Mate’s hand, it was accepted and they silently squeezed their solidarity.

Trent and Charlotte were seated in the lounge with Mistress Willow standing off to the side. As they entered the room their two beautiful boys looked little different from the night of Poppie’s party, but their magical signature spelt otherwise.

Silence can be golden, but here it was downright uncomfortable. The two men stood at the door and seemed a little unsure of where they should sit or how to start the conversation.

Finally Charlotte gave in to her own distress and worry for all her children and launched herself at her beloved adopted boys. Trent joined the hug moments later and allowed his own tears to join those of his lovely partner. They held and petted the boys, almost trying to understand what had happened to their sons by touch alone. The magical prickle may have felt different but everything else seemed so normal, until William caught his mother’s hand as she ran it over Alexander’s mating mark on her blonde boy’s neck. Tearful blue eyes met Charlotte’s pained expression and her breath hitched as her too pale son whispered in an emotion filled voice, “I’m dead Mum… I’m here but I’m… dead.”

They left Alexander still in Trent’s embrace and sat on the lounge together as Charlotte continued to stroke William’s hair and cheek. They sat for a moment before Charlotte trusted her own voice.

“No sweetie… you are as alive now as ever before. You are in this world and of this world.”

“I’m a demon Mum… relying on blood to live… driven to kill!”

“Is that what it feels like? The driven I mean?”

“Yes? No? I don’t know… just that … I don’t know!!!… Stupid really, selfish git… but you can’t love a demon… I can’t see how… Not sorry we saved Poppie ::hic:: not at all… not sorry for that.”

“Nor are we sweetheart… but how can you think that what you have become will change how I feel, how we feel?! Oh my darling Billy how could you think that? We love you *so* much… so much… And we didn’t realise… when it all happened so fast… I just wish…” Charlotte paused, “I just wish you had been given the chance to partner and experience the joy of…”

William knew there was no going back with the next admission. Their parents might well reject them completely. They were brothers by last name only, but still brothers in their parents’ eyes – yet now they were Mated for all time, Vampire and Hyena, thrust into the situation, now unable to break the bond or need for each other until death took them.

“We’ve mated Mum… Alex and I… in the other dimension… and here… We um… there was Illyria… and… it was right then… but… ::hic:: Oh Mum!... I’m a vampire now and…” Charlotte stemmed her instinct to shiver as her son shifted to game face and began to shed blood tinge tears, “We’ve mated – spiritual mojo, blood exchange, and physically joined… there and here. It can’t be undone. We are one joined soul in two bodies now… and if Alex dies then so will I and vice versa…”

Charlotte caught the begging look for acceptance from yellow fearful eyes that swiftly shifted to blue. She pulled ‘her Billie’ up until he was cradled against the familiar ample bosom and peppered him with kisses just as he had been treated as a small child. “You silly duffer… how could you think we would reject you… after all, the prophesy said it would happen… I doubt it was up to you boys at all. Now come on relax… my Billie… just give your old mum here a hug. Things will work out… they’ll work out…”

William gave in to the magnitude of all that had happened to them over the last few days and hugged his beautiful wiccan adoptive mother. She rocked the fully grown man, now vampire, noted the cool to touch skin and grieved internally for his lack of heartbeat. But then she looked across to Trent who had Alexander in a not dissimilar position, and they exchanged tired smiles.

From the very beginning, they knew their boys were different, were the subject of prophesy, and would always be pushed beyond what most might endure, but now… as parts of the prophesy played out, the two parents worried. The fact that the boys had partnered in an other worldly sense (and a very worldly one!) was according to prophesy. And if that were true then they would become the most powerful magical partnership in this realm, destined for challenges that only they might face.

What seemed like hours later Willow suggested a cup of tea and the four gradually relaxed into what could only be described as a family ‘show and discover’ session.

Charlotte asked to see William’s demon face again, the man upset enough at the request that it emerged by itself, a jolt of magical energy through the mating link stirred Alexander’s hyena spirit and his fur emerged and canines extended also. Charlotte reached over and stroked the fine pelt in the direction of the nape then moved forward to kiss her son’s handsome face on both his now slightly furry cheeks.

The moustache was familiar but the patterning and blending of it and other facial hair was not, nor was the fur that covered his ears, ending in large black dots at each peak.

As she repeated her kisses, Alexander lifted his left hand in an attempt to touch her with gratitude – belatedly realising that it was now dappled and had a sharp pointed, curved claw on each finger, rather than human nail. “Oh Ghods! I’m a freak… Mum I’m sorry… I’m… we didn’t… Oh…::hic::… I can’t… I just…”

Alexander made a valiant attempt at escaping, but hardly made it to his knees before he was stopped in his tracks by the Mistress Willow’s commanding voice.

“Alexander! You will not abandon your family, your mate, your duty, or deny what you have become. Now face your mother, and needs be, ask to hear what you already know but are so willing to deny.”

Alexander pressed his forehead to the floor and begged, “Please… please… accept what I am now… I will understand if you can’t but… Will too please…?”

William watched as his Mate, his until only days ago, adoptive brother, prostrated himself in front of their mother then raised his torso and chin and with tears streaking through still obvious fur, begged her acceptance and pledged his love to William, father, mother, sisters and coven. William dropped down beside his brother grabbed his hand and joined the plea.

Charlotte was intensely moved but was now taking her lead from the Mistress Willow, so waited before even daring to respond.

Willow spoke only once more, “The two coven members, our changed sons, are partnered – for all time. There is no way of reversing the spell, indeed it would end their existence. The Old One Illyria has blessed and cursed them. Let us rejoice in her blessing, for they are now timeless and strong. Let them live in society for as long as is possible but be *always* cherished by the coven. Charlotte, Trent, your sons… and they are truly that… Your sons may well prove the only hope for a human race fraught with deadly strife and be the leading light for a demon world also about to be taken down if Gaia should falter. It will mean pain and sacrifice but the two as one will endure.”

Charlotte’s breathing hitched as she heard the prophesy put into such stark relief. She was on the very edge of collapse when three sets of strong male *human* arms enveloped her. Her sons eventually kissed her then their father in turn and Trent carried the exhausted Charlotte to bed.

William and Alexander were both still fairly emotional, but Mistress Willow was not about to let them off the hook.

“Right Misters! No more hanky panky in front of me, training at 6pm sharp and I do expect you to start patrolling with the trainee wiccans and slayers. Kapisch!??”

Both men grinned a little sheepishly but the light hearted tone was a welcome change from the intensity of the night, so in unison they replied “Kapisch” then kissed passionately before avoiding a slap from the High Mistress by blowing her a kiss and sprinting into the night.

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