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FIC: Becoming Known (33/?)-- S/X-- NC-17 overall

Title: Becoming Known 33/?
Authored by: Tisienne Blue tistoo
Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC-17 overall... R-ish for language, this part
Disclaimer: I am NOT Joss Whedon or anyone else associated with the show(s). No $ made.
A/N: Spike left Sunnyhell early in S7 because he didn't want to endanger the gang. Xander followed when Buffy asked him to take Dawn 'away'. They're both in Philadelphia with Spike and Xander and Spike are involved. Someone from Xander's past is trying to kill him for the insurance money. Spike's not about to let that happen.

A/N 2: MANY thanks to whoever nominated this fic at the Fanf Fetsih Awards! You rock! Also, may thanks to angstpuppy for the fabulous icon! I'm on my spare 'puter, so I don't have the full pic to attach, but it's awesome! :)

Previous parts can be found HERE in the Spanderland

And now, on with it.

* * * * * * * * *

Part 33

* * * * *

Spike woke to the sounds of soft whimpers and Xander’s heart beating faster than it’d been doing while his bloke had been fucking him so right and good.

He couldn’t quite manage to swallow his contented moan, even as one arm stretched across the mattress, looking for stunning heat and smooth, swarthy skin.

It was only when the sounds continued and his hand found nothing that the vampire managed to force himself upright.

His eyes darted worriedly around the room before he made himself focus, and when he did, he managed to trace the sounds and heartbeat to the walk-in closet, and what the fuck was going on?

He rolled quickly from the bed, nearly purring at the ache radiating through his body from his anus.

Yeah, he’d been Claimed good and proper, alright.

The knowledge was only borne out by the matching pleasurable ache of his shoulder.

Still, he’d think about that later because Xander was apparently hiding from him for whatever reason.

Spike pulled the door open slowly and peered inside, his brow furrowing even more when he saw the curled up shape of his Claimed pressed back into the far corner.

“Luv?” he murmured, frowning when he got no response.

“Pet?” he tried again, only to see that body try to become even smaller.

“What th’ bloody fuckin’…” he whispered, but then… then he got it, all of a sudden.

Spike was pretty sure that he’d never moved as fast as he did right then, with the definite exception of the night Xander’d been dying.

Still, he was across the small bit of floor and on his knees, arms around the shaking brunette in less than a second, his mouth buried in the crook of Xander’s neck as he whispered to him.

“Hush… hush, luv… ‘s a’right, yah? You’re a’right… love you, pet… love you, Xander… you’re not your Da…” He swallowed hard. “Fine, I am… better than fine, got it? Loved feelin’ you own me, Xan… been Claimed all proper-like now, I have… not a demon on this earth who’d ever doubt it, luv…”

Xander heard the whispers, but he couldn’t quite manage to make sense of them because… he was worse than his Dad ever was and he knew it!

He’d… oh, God, he’d raped Spike! He was supposed to love the vampire, and he did… except maybe he didn’t because you didn’t do something like that to someone you loved and that’s what made him worse than Tony Harris had ever been because at least his dad had never pretended to love him; had never said he cared even a little bit, and Xander had said it, had insisted he loved Spike and then first chance he got he’d just turned around and done… that, just because Spike said something he didn’t like, and… and he’d made Spike bleed down there, and…

And Xander had liked it! Loved it, even! He’d been entirely uncontrollable, even by himself, and thank God Spike hadn’t tried to stop him because he didn’t know what he might have done then, and…

“Sorry… so sorry… so sorry… so sorry, Spike, so sorry…”

And he’d fallen asleep after with his dick still inside Spike’s abused body and he’d dreamed… God, he’d dreamed about exactly what he’d done and his Dad had been there laughing at him and pointing and ‘I always knew what you were, Alexander… but look at you! You’re so much worse, you disgusting little faggot, you sorry little shit…’ And dad was right because he woke up hard and disgusted with himself and wanting to slide in and out of that tight ass until he came again and…

But there were arms around him.

There were arms around him and there were words… whispered words, but still there, and… and he didn’t know why he’d done it. Didn’t know what bizarre, twisted, sick part of his psyche had decided to rise up and hurt the one and only person he’d ever been involved with who had actually loved him back!

But there were arms around him. And there were words. Whispered words, but still there…

“Stop, luv. Stop. Didn’t do anythin’ wrong, Xan. Good bloke, you are. Gave me what I needed, you did.” A sigh that was nearly a sob penetrated Xander’s haze. “Wouldn’t have let you if’n I’d known how it’d hurt you, luv… ‘s my fault, pet. Can’t bear ta see you like this, Xan. Please, luv… please, pet. Talk ta me, yah? Need you ta forgive me…”

And that was so not what he should be hearing right then that Xander actually forgot to beat himself up for a moment.

Fortunately, a moment was all Spike needed.

“Look at me, pet,” he murmured, pulling back just enough to allow that motion. “Let me see th’ bloke what changed my world, yah?”

And if Spike was surprised by the slightly orange eyes and still-elongated teeth, he didn’t show it.

Instead, he smiled and cupped one tear-stained cheek before pressing a deep, soft kiss to swollen red lips.

“Yah… there he is. Th’ love of my life, in th’ flesh…”

And while it didn’t make everything all better, Xander swallowed hard and admitted silently that he might have overreacted… just a little.

It was close to half an hour later—after he had Xander back in their bed and not crying anymore, thank bloody Christ—that Spike knew it was time.

He would make the call later that night and Rocko would do what he was told; Spike was sure of that much. The man wanted the fucker who’d hired him to be dead badly enough that Rocko would likely cut off his own left nut if Spike told him to.

His boy wouldn’t ever be free of his history, but he could for damned sure be shut of his fucking so-called ‘family’.

So, yeah.

One more of the Harris clan was going to die.

And as that death would more or less ensure that nobody would be out there gunning for his boy, Spike—demon and soul, both—could live with it.

* * * * *

It was entirely due to poor timing that Dawn and Bailey ran into Spike… and some guy Dawn didn’t know who looked kind of dangerous.

And okay, maybe she shouldn’t have been out after midnight patrolling with Bailey, but… damn it, Xander and Willow and even Cordelia had patrolled with Buffy when they were younger than Dawn was now, and they hadn’t had anything like the experience Dawn had just by virtue of being the sister of a Slayer! So Spike had no reason to be so upset, to her way of thinking.

Of course, that didn’t change the fact that the blond vampire was stalking back and forth in front of her and Bails, ranting like he’d caught them selling themselves on some random street corner for spare change.

“… and you’re only a bloody child! Both of you!” he went on, features shifting back and forth from true to human repeatedly. “Soddin’ children, out ta prove… what, exactly? That you can die just as fast and easy as bloody grown-ups? You don’t know half of th’ things that’re out here! You’re bloody well dangerous ta yourselves, you moronic. ignorant. pathetic little bints! Now stop with th’ poutin’ an’ figure out what you’re goin’ ta tell Xan, yah? Because I’m for bloody damn sure not sendin’ you back ta Bailey’s! It was her Mum what let you sneak out, this time of night!”

In the end, Dawn counted herself lucky that Spike’s attitude got Bailey all riled up. Otherwise, she might have said some things she would have meant in the moment but not overall.

As it was, her very petite blonde friend flung herself from the crate she’d been sitting on, and fast as that, she had a ruler pressed against Spike’s chest, just over his heart.

“I could make you dust in like a second,” Bailey announced, “but I really don’t want to because I like you, Spike. And Dawn loves you and she’s like the sister I never had.”

Bailey’s eyes followed Spike’s down to the ruler and she gave him a cheeky grin. “Just because it’s not super-pointy doesn’t mean it won’t go in, you know. In fact, I’ve calculated the levels of resistance between a traditional stake and a ruler just like this one, and because of how thin this is, plus the small point at the edge of the rectangular shape, it’s actually easier to drive a ruler into a vampire’s chest.” Bailey smirked. “And there’s the added benefit of a high school girl with a ruler being way more acceptable than one with a big pointy stick. Do you see where I’m going with this?”

Dawn couldn’t help the smirk that spread across her lips at Spike’s stunned expression.

Yeah, Bailey had never acted very forward around him or Xander, but now that her friend had embraced her Slayer-ness, she was opening up. And in this case, that was possibly a good thing. Depending on how Spike took it, anyway.

In all honesty, she figured there was about a fifty-fifty chance of being locked in her room for the next twenty years, at least.

Fortunately for Rocko, he actually had a functioning brain that was capable of putting things together, and…

Okay. The girl who lived with the… vampire, and why hadn’t he figured that out earlier, what with the freaky teeth and stuff, but never mind… this Dawn knew what the blond was, and that had to mean the guy he’d been in on trying to kill knew, too… and the little blonde girl was apparently some sort of warrior or something. She fought against vampires, but strangely, not against the one who was going to kill him, and Rocko was pretty sure her attitude had something to do with Dawn and the Harris kid, but he supposed it didn’t really matter.

“Uh, boss,” he finally said, still eyeing the girls dubiously, “I think…”

Spike snorted, giving Bailey a dark stare even while he answered his… minion, he supposed. “When I want you ta think, mate, I’ll let you know. ‘til then, you can keep your yap shut!”

The worst part for Spike was that this was clearly not the first time his Bit and Bailey had gone out a-roaming together. Bailey had been entirely too calm when she’d sensed him for it to be her maiden voyage.

Part of him was proud of Dawn for taking responsibility and trying to help her friend, but the rest of him was… worried and frightened and scared and completely bloody shattered!

What if something had happened to his Nibblet on one of their outings? What if she and her Slayer had died?

Would anyone have even known or thought to find out who she was, because Spike knew for damned sure that Dawn didn’t carry ID…

Or would he and Xander have gotten a call one morning from DeeDee, saying that she’d gone to wake the girls and they’d just been… gone?

Either option was unacceptable. His Bit was his Bit, damn it! And regardless of whether Bailey was a Slayer or not, they shouldn’t be out patrolling without him and Xander, and the girl didn’t have a bloody Watcher to tell her as much, and…

Spike groaned.

“Right, then,” he growled, one hand moving as fast as only a master vampire’s could, snatching the ruler from Bailey’s grip and hurling it deep into the alley, “I’m hailin’ you two a taxi an’ you’re goin’ home. Not,” he added, meeting Dawn’s guilty gaze, “ta Kent’s, mind you. You’re goin’ ta our place, Nibblet. Then you’re goin’ ta call Bailey’s Mum an’ tell her you chits snuck out. Make up a reason an’ me an’ Xan will back you up. After that, you go ta sleep.”

He added a glare at Bailey for good measure. “Tomorrow, we’ll sit down and talk about alla this, yah? Figure out what you know an’ what you need ta know. After that…” Spike shrugged a little bit sheepishly at Dawn. “Guess it’s goin’ ta be you, me an’ my bloke actin’ as Watchers an’ backup for our girl, here. Havin’ family an’ friends worked for big sis, so I’m guessin’ it’s goin’ ta work for Bailey, too. Got it, snack-packs?”

Spike could feel the human’s eyes on him after he put the girls into the cab for home. “What?” he demanded angrily, his relief at finding the girls and his earlier worry coming out as irritability. “Fine! Tell me how you woulda handled things differently, mate! Always good ta hear a dead man’s thoughts, though my Dark Princess had the patent on that, back in th’ day.”

Rocko sighed and shook his head. “It’s nothing. Just… can we get this shit done already?”

And Spike found himself having to force a chuckle. “Never met a human so ready an’ willin’ ta die, mate. Thought you lot had that whole self-preservation thing down pat.”

Another sigh from the big man had Spike frowning. “What?” he demanded, this time letting his tone make it clear that the question was an order, rather than anything else.

The human shrugged slowly before answering.

“I never knew there were… things like you, okay? I mean, every once in a while someone with my unit would come back with a story about seeing something… weird… but I never believed it. But now I know better and…”

Rocko shrugged, his heavy shoulders rising almost to his ears with the effort. “I just wish I’d known sooner. That it was all real.” His eyes closed for a second and then he shrugged again. “If I’d known… well, I guess it doesn’t matter, right? I made my choices and now I have one last job to do. So… let’s do it, okay?”

His tongue crept out to wet his lips a few moments later, as he followed the bleached blond along the cracked sidewalk. “Uh, if you don’t mind… I’d really rather you just killed me, okay? No… coming back like you. If the stories are true, I mean. I might not be a good man, but I’d really rather not go to hell. Uh, no offense.”

Spike snorted, amused by the guy despite himself. “What makes you think you’re headed anywhere else, mate?”

Of course, that was when Rocko told him about the rest of the plans his former co-workers had had for both Bit and beloved, and…

Oh, this Harris fucker was going down… only Spike was starting to think that a quick death was too good for him.

He was still thinking that when he walked into the bar, and when he saw the shadowy form lurking in the far corner and felt the odd but familiar sensation of something ruffling at the edges of his mind, he… grinned.

Oh, this was just too perfect.

“Wait here,” he ordered his human minion as he tossed a few tens at the barkeep. “I’ll be back.”

Rocko sighed and shook his head, but… the vampire was the boss, and with any luck at all, maybe he’d decide to keep him around.

Either way, Rocko won.

He’d know the shitwad died before him… or he’d know the shitwad died years before him.

Yeah… either way, he’d win.

“Club soda with lime,” he announced to the bartender’s expectant look, “and keep ‘em coming.”

He was working, after all, and he had a feeling that the vampire would frown upon drunken muscle… unlike the guy who’d hired him to kill the Harris kid, and just look at how that had turned out.

* * * * *

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