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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 21/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Xander was flying, his feet skipping several inches off the ground
as the walked.
His excitement showed no signs of abating as his sire led
him briskly away from the crowds and teeming activity of
the county fair.

His conversation a constant litany of "I won! I won! Did
you see me win? That little girl next to me was close, but I
beat her. That clown didn't stand a chance. I blew his head
off! I told you! I told you I could do it. Bessie is mine!"

He waved his prize cow high in the air then pulled it in hugging
it tightly against his chest.
He babbled on at such a constant distracted pace that he barely
noticed his sire had not responded other than the continued pressure
on his elbow leading him further and further into the shadows.

Spike had been aware of their stalker as soon as they left the midway.
In fact he had counted on it.
He had toned out Xander's voice and focused his hearing and
concentration on the human that was trying to creep up behind them.

He gauged the distance by the crunch of a dried leaf or the snap
of a twig. On they walked, Spike being the one to choose the
place for the human to launch his surprise attack, thinking
his victims to be woefully pathetic gays who had no right to live.

Biff just knew they were slithering off to a dark corner to engage
in their sick, twisted, sexual perversions. Well this time they
would get more than they bagained for.
Biff tightened his grip on the wooden bat.

Finally slowing, they reached the furthest perimeter of the fenced in
An older unused part of the lot that contained several abandoned,
ramshackle livestock barns and equipment sheds.

The bulbs in the security lights had long ago been shattered by the
rocks of teen vandals and not replaced. Even the moon light seemed
to have forgotten to shine down on this corner of earth.

The excitement, life, light, and color that was exploding so near by
seemed miles away.

When they reached the barrier of the fence, they stopped and Xander
looked around, noticing at last where they were.
"Hey, why are we........"

With all his strength, Spike shoved his childe aside. The sire's strength
causing him to fly up off the ground and land clumsily in the dirt and
sawdust by the barn, Bessie tumbling from his hands.

At the same split second, Spike spun around, threw his hand up and
caught, in mid air, the baseball bat that was careening toward his head.
Holding it solidly in his grip, Spike jerked it toward him causing the
attacker to be pulled off balance.

Knowing he easily had the advantage, Spike then came across with
a round house kick to Biff's stomach, knocking the air out of him
and forcing him to release his hold on the weapon.

As soon as he hit the ground, Spike brought down the man's own
ball bat to the back of his head instantly rendering him unconscious.
Standing over him, Spike looked down on the piece of shit that was
about to be their dinner.

Without taking his eyes off the beaten man, Spike threw down the
weapon and snapped his fingers in Xander's direction.

"Come here, boy."
When he didn't get an immediate response, his face, now vamped out,
snapped in Xander's direction.

"I said COME HERE!!"

Xander quickly scrambled to his feet and rushed to his sire's side
waiting silently.

As though he were lifting an empty shoe box, Spike snatched the unaware
man up off the ground by the front of his shirt and ordered,

Xander hesitated. This wasn't like any of the blood experiences he had.
There was no conversation, no consideration, no cooperation, and he
had a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach that there would also be no
live body left to wave good by.

Spike was rapidly losing patience as he shook the limp body in Xander's
"Damn it boy. I said BITE!"

It took some struggling and concentration, but Xander was finally able to
change faces and drop fangs. Stepping forward reluctantly he knew there
was no option but to obey his sire.

With great reservation, he bit, Spike sinking his fangs in on the other side.

At the first big swallow Xander's eyes grew huge in horror. Spike reached
over and held his childe's hand reassuringly as they drained the
carney of the very last drop of blood in he carried.

When there was nothing left but a dry shell Xander pulled out and
with tears streaming down his face stepped back. Spike followed suit, tossing
the body to the side, letting it land in a patch of high weeds and poison ivy.

Xander's body was frozen in shock. He shivered with a cold he thought
death had given him an immunity to. Involuntarily he gagged, threatening
to vomit.

Grabbing him by the arms, Spike shook him roughly.
"Don't you dare throw that up! That's good blood and you bloody
well better keep it down!"

Xander struggled to do as he was told.
Spike pulled him toward the barbed wire barrier.

"XANDER! We need to get moving, boy. Now! We can talk
about this later, but right now his mates are gonna come lookin' for
him. We have to go."

Snatching Bessie off the ground where she had landed, Spike leaped
six foot straight in the air, over the back fence and landed gracefully
on the other side.

Clumsily, Xander climbed up the side and tumbled down to land
at his sire's feet.
Pulling him up, Spike jammed the cow in his boy's arms and quickly
led him around to the parking lot where they had left the car.

Neither man spoke as they tipped the boy in the lot and reclaimed the
"Great old car ya got there mister."
Spike managed a strained smile and gave the boy another dollar as
Xander climbed in. In silence they wound their way back to the highway.
Neither noticed the smells and happy sounds that quickly faded off
in the distance.

Two hours and a hundred miles later, Spike felt it was time.
What needed to be said needed to be said before they went any
Locating the dark parking lot of a closed grocery store he pulled
off and shut down the engine.

With a deep sigh he turned to his childe.

"How did you know, Sire?"
Xander's voice was so low even Spike's hearing barely caught it.

"Oh, childe, when you have walked the earth as long as I have you begin
to read mankind like a book. You know them by their smells. You can
read their secrets in their eyes, and see their joys and sorrows in the
way they move, the words they don't say."
Spike lovingly brushed the hair from his child's forehead.

Xander turned his face to his sire's, tears streaming down his cheeks.
"I saw it. When I tasted his blood I saw what was in his heart. All the
evil vile things he had done to all those children and worse, the things he
wanted to do. How can that be, Sire? How can he be like that?
Why didn't the law stop him? Arrest him?"

Spike wiped the tears and hoped he could explain, though he
had no explanation.

"I learned long ago, Childe, that there is a big difference between the
law and justice. An evil man can hide his deeds from the law, sometimes
even if they catch him. Justice is another thing. It is the righting of things.
The death of one evil man is so insignificant in the face of all the children
we have just given justice and all the one's we have saved from pain.
Don't waste anytime on pity for him.
Don't waste anytime on thinking of this at all. We chalk it up and move
on. We have bigger issues to deal with."

Xander's total faith in his sire had been restored and he vowed he
would never question it again. Everything he had said felt right.
His spirit was at peace.
Hugging Bessie close to his chest, Xander wiped his tears and runny nose.

"What issues?"

"You, boy. And the fact that you let a human with a large piece of
wood creep up behind you. I think we have some lessons to learn."

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