darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote in bloodclaim,

not quite a fic search... but sorta

Many moons ago there was a fic called 'Boy' aka (ETA:) 'The Boxer' (I think), by alice someone or other 'Gay Bar' by automatedalice_. If memory serves, it was based on/around/referenced a song called 'Boy'. I am looking for that song, if anyone remembers who it was by, or a snippet of the lyrics or something, so I can try to track it down.

If someone happens to have a copy of the fic, or knows where it might be located, that would also be appreciated. *hopes*

Thank you! :D

ETA: Score!

'Boy' aka 'Gay Bar', by shannon aka automatedalice_, courtesy of The Way Back Machine and kitane.

Yuo should all go read this! (And the song, btw, was Book of Love's "Boy".)
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