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All Over Again # 11

Title: All over Again
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations (way later) and human boys (for now)
Rating: NC-17 (or MA 15+ or R?) There is violence and sex and vampires, and boys.
Summary: Saving both of them had a bizarre set of implications – not least of which was the chance to start again.
Disclaimer: Characters are the concept of the wonderful Joss and Co. Don’t make money from the writing etc etc.


The following three nights the two men stepped out together, William in black great coat and… black everything, Alexander in old army fatigues he had found at the army disposals and bought when still at University and preparing for an ‘adventure ed.’ Camp. For both men, the attire and the act of patrolling felt surprisingly comfortable and familiar.

Old memories mixed with new as the two strode side by side through the countryside, but in the end the action was… none… No werewolves, no rabid dogs, no feral vampires… nothing.

At two in the morning of the third night, they gave up. They both had work in the light of day - well strictly speaking, afternoon and evening (Alex and William respectively) but still! They were tired and cranky so made their way back to the coven though for some reason William stopped at the border of the property and grinned at his compatriot then looked up at a huge oak that marked their south west corner, his full vampire features at the fore.

In a flash of power and speed, Will hauled himself up a large oak using his new strength and agility, literally leaping vertically up and gaining a higher vantage point than he would have ever dared in his human guise, then threw a hand down to pull his hyena partner, also strong but not quite as agile, the rest of the way up to sit with him.

The trunk was thick and relatively smooth and the branch a comfortable straddle for both men. Alexander leaned back on Will and sighed. It had rained during every night they had ‘patrolled’, and the branch they were perched on was still damp but somehow natural, solid, comforting. As was now usual, they had been greeted by a whine of new electrical equipment monitoring their movements and the prickle of a ward as they re-entered coven grounds.

William had complained to Mistress Willow on the previous night that, “They might as well have collared us both and added an electric tracer for good measure.” To which she answered sadly, “That is exactly what was first proposed. Sweetie, the report has gone to the New Watcher’s Council... We have pledged our support for you and your parents have gone guarantors… but *please* understand… It’s not like when Andrew was in charge… they’re a huge organization with a couple of zealots amongst their inner circle… It’s just a precaution – and might even vindicate you in the end. Please understand… You must fulfil the patrol agreement before they will back off.”

To which William had replied, “No… I don’t, *we* don’t… ‘understand’. There is not a *shred* of evidence implicating us… and I’m wet and cold… and so’s Alex… and bloody hell!! There’s *nothing out there*! Sheep, dog, wolf, I don’t know… rabid fellow on his bucks night rampage and Baaaabara was unwilling so he commits sheepicide! Willow this is *us*!!! Why isn’t that *enough*?”

The speech had been to no avail so now on a clear, much colder night, the two who had given up their wandering, their trying to find signs of life or attack or magic… or anything, and instead surveyed their surroundings from on high, while taking some time to pet and warm and kiss.

William was the first to say what Alexander was thinking as the two finally exchanged a little blood, “Three nights without a decent shag… Reckon that’s against the international law of cruelty to… well any bloke under thirty really!”

“But we…”

“Last night don’t count Luv… ‘twas just a means of gettin’ warm and relaxed remember?!”

“Point… Was still nice though…”

“That it was… mind if I ruffle your fur again, to assist in passing the time on our noble mission tonight ‘o course.”

William felt the hard pointed nails on Alexander’s suddenly changed hands reach up and scrape lightly over his own ridges as the hyena growled, “Go ahead.” It made the night significantly more bearable.

Eventually, around four in the morning, they heard a very worried Trent calling them frantically from the walled enclosure of the coven. Before completely registering the urgency, William found his phone and discovered he had two text messages, Alexander had three, sadly both phones had been on silent.

They pushed out of the tree, dropped to the ground in a single elegant manoeuvre, adjusted their clothing as needed then sprinted for home, both leaping the eight foot high stone wall with ease, and landing mere feet from a very worried Trent’s feet.

Their father was pale, “There’s been another attack.”

The two spoke in unison, “What? Where? Well it wasn’t…”

“You. Yes I do know that for a fact. Your mother warded the oaks on the south perimeter herself… She felt you there. Camera had you placed there too when the attacks happened.”

Alexander could not help but blush a little at the thought that some of their activities may have been watched but refocused as his father continued. “Blanche and Lucy went out looking…”

“*Blanche* went out! What? Were they ordered to follow us? Did the coven just think ‘lambs to the slaughter’ and then just went with the theme as applied to their own members on some bitch Megan’s sayso?! Lucy couldn’t defend herself if she had a full sized automated and magically defended armoured tank!! And Blanche is totally out of practice!! *Bloody Hell* Where are they now?!”

“Well that’s the thing… I’m not sure if they were sent or that Blanche wanted to prove your innocence with a backup witness account! They went out at around midnight, sort of following you… by your magical signature and by two am they seemed to be on to something and reported in that they were continuing with a new line of investigation… then next we had was a garbled phonecall before the mobile went dead. They were just trying to help…”

“But we’d... Dad it was the third night of *nothing* so we kind of…”

“I know Will… and wouldn’t have mattered but um…”

Alexander was calm for a moment… “Has something taken them? Dad *are they OK?? Do you think something magical – or human took them? Do we know if they’re OK?”

“We think it might have been a werewolf… or a vampire… or… well we don’t really know what – but there was screaming during the phonecall and we know where they were at that point. And Willow and the coven are tracking Blanche’s signature… and we’ve called the Council of Watchers – it seemed like the right thing to do… given the number of Slayers these days.”

In full game face William roared the frustration of a Master Vampire then shook much of his face away and growled “Dad if she is bitten and changed they, the bloody Slayers(!), will *kill* her.”

Trent looked painfully at his two sons and said in a near whisper, “Why do you think I called you? She is here.” He held out a tiny homing beacon tracker and almost before he registered it gone from his hands, the two had cleared the wall again and were sprinting for the coordinates. Trent turned to the door of their small home to see Charlotte and Poppie standing arm in arm looking rather desperately at him. He walked past then kissing his daughter’s temple and caressing his wife’s cheek then as they all retreated inside, said in an emotionally rough voice, “The boys’ll find her, and Lucy… I know they will.”

William and Alexander could both hear the snarling and growls of a large animal in killing mode, then yelp and another cry of a dying animal as a shot rang out. They rounded the narrow hedgerow of the local cemetery at full speed skidding to a halt in front of a desperate scene.

Lucy was on the ground dead. Her throat had been torn out, torso slashed and legs were akimbo as though she may have been violated as well. There was a Slayer, they recognised her, Ella lived in the next town and only occasionally patrolled their little patch in the country. She was now standing with a hand gun at her hip prodding a very obviously dead werewolf with her foot, before its form began to change back to human even as they watched.

Ella spun and levelled the gun at the two figures as the sound of skidding feet on gravel announced their presence. In the very beginnings of sunrise she could clearly see that one was in game face, the other covered in fur and growling.

“Good, the rest of the family has arrived – just as well I brought the economy pack of silver bullets – oh and a stake or two… *vampire*.”

William was bordering on going for the attack regardless of circumstance as the ‘Slayer’ prickle aggravated his demon, but managed to shake off his game face instead and snarled “Back off you stupid bint!! Here to find our sister! Blanche – you’ve met… William from the coven… now get the bloody gun down!”

Ella paused for a moment but realised the conversation for what it was as a rather shocked looking pale young man advanced toward her with his hands out in an almost surrender position.

She lowered the gun but remained wary.

William lowered his tone but not his hands, “What happened? Where’s Blanche? Tall, slim, thirty somethin’ – You guys met at that ‘collaboration’ meeting three months ago. Friend of the dead one here. Did you see what…?”

Ella shook her head then looked back to the bloodied body of Lucy, saying sadly, “Didn’t get here in time to see most of it, but she was already dead… I know that… he was still ‘going’ but she was already out of pain. Didn’t see anyone else…”

Almost as though the wind had been taken out of her sails all at once, the seventeen year old slayer looked rather pleadingly at William. She felt his signature and knew the story (it was the coven’s least kept secret as far as the magical community went!) “What do we do now?”

With a nod to his Mate, Alexander left William to do the talking and began to comb the area for *any* signs of his older sister using every soldier and hyena memory and faculty at his disposal.

There had obviously been a violent struggle with the scents of blood, broken twigs a japara half torn lying on the ground and the shredded remains of a woman’s cardigan. Alexander wished he didn’t recognise it. As his own fears began to mar the efficiency of his frantic search he felt William, instinctively knowing without looking that it was his Mate approaching.

William had convinced Ella to call the police – or rather one senior sergeant who was known to the coven. The deaths would be listed as murder/suicide and both bodies would be treated with respect. An autopsy would show that (apart from the gunshot that killed him) the murderer was suffering severe hormonal imbalance and abdominal haemorrhaging. It also showed signs of bite marks and torture, and an extremely high level of amphetamine possibly being used to quell symptoms caused by the internal changes that the coroner later reported, were quite capable of creating paranoia, delirium and violence even without drugs in the mix. Sadly the assailant (werewolf) was later identified as a young constable from Oxford who had gone missing almost six months previously whilst on a standard patrol.

With no trace of where he had been or what had happened, his family was assured that he would have been virtually unaware of what he was doing and that the matter was put to rest.

Lucy’s great Aunt was her only family, and a wiccan. When she learned the truth of the attack, her only words were “Better dead than one of those *creatures*!”

With William at his back, Alexander followed the faintest sound of frantic panting and slight whimpers coming from a thicket of brambles. Despite fur and clothing being snagged, he pushed his way into the centre to find a terrified animal curled in on itself, shivering and obviously bleeding from somewhere on its underbelly. Hyena to the fore, Alexander growled then pushed himself to a position where he could nudge the injured form very gently.

Pale blue eyes of a werewolf snapped open, and the weakened animal tried to snarl a warning. William felt the annoying sizzle of the moment the sun peeped over the horizon and the birds heralded in the dawn. And both he and Alexander gasped in horror as the figure before them changed.

Seconds later William had a nude and bleeding Blanche wrapped in his great coat as her two brothers raced her back to the coven and the men tried to think of how to break the news to Charlotte and Trent.

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