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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 25/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Special thanks to the wonderful and sweet Petxnd for the fantastic banner.

Spike stood on the ground, hidden in the cover of the artificial
willow trees, and looked up. He watched as his beloved childe
stepped triumphantly from the depths of the cave, throw his
head back and let loose.
His heart swelled with pride at the victorious howl the boy emitted.

He could smell the terror in the air as the other creatures of the zoo
recognized that there was a new and dangerous predator amongst them.

Spike had caught scent of the boy's blood during the screams
and screeches of the fight and he fought every urge and instinct
within him not to go help.

But he didn't.
He knew fear was a very real thing. More deadly than a sharp
piece of wood shoved through the heart. More crippling than
a cross or a bottle of holy water applied to the surface of the skin.
It will feed on itself and grow. Left unchecked, it will take over
a life, consume it and ultimately, end it.

Spike loved the innocence of his boy and was thrilled to be the one to
introduce him to the wonders of the world, but he knew he had to
temper that innocence with wisdom.

Spike, who himself had become most world weary, had found a
new life and excitement in the mundane. Everything was new,
shared with his childe.

As sire, though, he had responsibilities, and ensuring his childe's
survivability was utmost on that list. He would not allow that sweetness
and innocence to weaken him, although if what he suspected was true.......

He saw Xander's yellow, glowing eyes scan the wooded area where
Spike hid, and he crouched back. As soon as he saw his break,
Spike was gone.

Xander scaled down the side of the fake cement cliffs till he was
nearly 20 feet from the ground. He then turned and leaped,
sailing gracefully, and landing squarely and cat like on his feet,
one hand touching the ground.

Scenting the air he knew it was game, set, match.

All other smells and sounds were blocked out and he zeroed in on
the only thing now that mattered.

Lunging forward he, started at the spot in the trees he knew sire had
been hiding. Then, facing east, he ran, letting the cool night air sting
his face and ruffle the floppy top of his funeral bowl cut.

Darting through, and out of, the imaginary African plain he circled
around the Indian elephant lot and headed straight for the
Old McDonald's Farm. Skidding to a stop in front of the painted
red barn that had "Chew Mailpouch Tobacco" stenciled on the
outside, Xander knew it was over.

Sire! This was no false positive, no shirt or phantom scent. This
was pure love. This was sire. Taking a step forward, Xander forgot
one of the most important rules sire had given him. He had so successful
blocked out the sight, sound and smell of anything not vampire that he
didn't consider other peril's that could be hidden in the animal

"Xander! Stop!"
Sire's voice boomed from within the barn.

"HA! I found you. You can't stop me now!"
Triumphantly Xander turned to run to the front of the barn and
jerk the door open.
What he saw there caused his blood to curdle.

Xander stood frozen on the spot. Afraid to move forward or even creep
back. He knew from past traumatic experience that any sudden motion
would set off a series of events that, at this distance, would not end well.

With feet wide set and head down, the skunk stared Xander in the eye.
Like every other creature in the zoo, he had recognized that there
was a terrifying new threat to their domain, and this was it.

It was a stand off.
Xander knew his presence was making the skunk feel trapped
but if he tried to step away the movement would scare it more.

Maintaining constant eye contact, Xander saw in his peripheral vision,
the white blond top of sire's head as it slowly lifted till his eyes peeked
out the front open window of the fake weathered red barn.

Spike recognized this to be an area of Xander's experience and expertise
and willingly deferred all decisions to him.

"So what'cha gonna do, boy?"

Xander kept his voice low and his body still. He knew if he just
waited long enough the skunk would relax and eventually move on.
The only thing that could go really wrong was if.............'Oh, dang.
Why did I think of that?'

Spike watched in horror as Xander vampire face started to slip and, at
the same time, screw up. It contorted into strange, bizarre, expressions
that could only signal one thing.

"NO! Goddamn it boy, don't you dare!"

"I'm trying sire, but the more....uh, uh.....I try not to...uh, uh"

Spike's head disappeared from the window as he dashed to the
back of the barn and buried himself in a pile of, thank God, real straw.
From outside, he heard the one sound he prayed not to hear.


Spike slowly emerged from the barn to find his childe rolling and flopping
wildly around on the grass.

Standing over him with his arms crossed, Spike watched as the boy
choked, gagged and tugged at the damp shirt that clung to him like a
second skin.

"Oh for God's sake, stop breathing boy, and I think stop, drop, and
roll is if you are on fire, not skunkified."

Xander sheepishly got to his feet and hung his head.
"Sorry, but, hey, I found you. I did it. I won."

The smile on the boy's face warmed his heart.
"I'm proud of you Xander. You did good. You did better than good.
You faced that cat and beat it. More importantly you faced yourself
and your own fear and you won. You are a hell of a vampire."

Xander held his face high and beamed. He had always shunned pride
as a sin, but he understood that this was different. This was basic survival.
As always, sire was right.

Xander lunged forward to gather Spike up in a congratulatory hug.
Spike danced expertly to the side, dodging and side stepping his
every attempt.

"Let's go get a room, sire, I'm suddenly feeling VERY grateful. Can we
go be grateful now?"
Xander hopped impatiently from one foot to the other.

"Hell No! You are NOT getting in my car smelling like that!"

The mere thought of such an intrusion horrified him. Spike loved his
boy, but that was the DeSoto for Christ's sake. Looking around, he
thought about the park they were in. Finally, keeping himself at a fair
distance, he aimed the boy back in the direction of the elephants.

Pointing at the fake lake that was the center of the enclosed area,
Spike stood back. "Strip,boy!"

Xander hesitated only a second before removing his heavy buttoned
shirt and britches. He tossed them, along with his suspenders and
cotton boxers, to the side and waded out till he stood chest high in the
water. There he stood waiting for his next instruction.

"Stay right there. I saw a snack and gift shop about half a mile from here.
Don't you move till I get back. You understand?"
Spike never waited for the response. He turned and was gone.
Xander shivered, but stayed put.

Within minutes Spike was back. They had everything he needed including
a bit of cash from the drawer. It wasn't that they were broke yet, but one
learns never to pass up an opportunity that presents itself.

Tossing the boy several bottles of tomato juice and shampoo,
Spike stretched out on the sandy beach and watched as his
child scrubbed.

It took the better part of an hour but the smell was finally gone.
Emerging from the water, Xander looked down on his clothes. The last
remnants of his life with the Old Order that he carried with him and
he knew he would have to leave them behind.

Spike smiled and tossed him a sack that he hoped would make the transition
a little easier. Peeking inside, Xander's face exploded in a huge smile.
With bright eyes and a laugh he pulled out the tee and sweat pants from
the gift shop.

When he had dressed, Xander lovingly ran his hands over his
chest, feeling the puffy raised characters of Noah and his ark that was
emblazoned across the front.

"Come on, boy, it's time to go."
Spike threw his arm around his childe's shoulders and led him
back to the car.

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