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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 26/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Special thanks to the wonderful and sweet Petxnd for the fantastic banner.

Spike had hoped to make it at least as far as the state line
of California before they stopped for the day.

Yawning, he noted the huge, looming "Welcome To
California" sign and immediately began scanning for a motel.
With a little extra money in his pocket, he wanted to find
somewhere really nice for his boy's reward.

Besides, once he had the dreaded talk with his own
sire, things may be drastically different. He wanted today to
be memorable, special.

Xander had sat happily in the seat next to him gently running
his hand over the front of his new tee. He had pointed out and
named each of the animals several times, always growling
when he got to the camel.

It was a story Spike would pry out of him later. Or not.
He had kept Bessie tucked snugly under his arm as he counted
and recounted the different species of animal as it climbed the
long gang plank into the boat.

He studied the face of the old man holding the staff and commented
sadly, only once, how much it had looked like his own father.

With daybreak less than an hour away, Spike pulled the DeSoto
into a circular drive and waited while a young man darted forward
to park her for them.

"Checking in Sir?" He rushed over, opened Spike's door and handed him
a claim check. "Luggage?"

Spike took the ticket and climbed out while Xander, Bessie in tow,
did the same on the other side.
"Nope. No luggage."

"Yes, Sir."
The boy jumped behind the wheel and pulled away from the curb.
He had seen a lot since working here and two men checking into
a room at 7 in the morning with no bags wasn't even a blip on his
radar. Especially if the tip was good and Spike had already slipped
him a five spot.

Spike left Xander in the center of the lobby to openly gape at the
domed, stain glass ceiling while he checked in.

The woman behind the counter did her best to bat her eyes, pucker
her lips and stick out her chest, all to no avail.
Spike was not tempted which amazed even him. In the old days he
would have fucked her and gotten the room, with breakfast, for free.
Now he was just as happy to pay and be left alone with his childe.

When he had the key in hand, he retrieved his gobsmacked boy and
headed for the elevators.
Fifth floor and the room stunned even him. Huge, with what seemed
like a double king size bed, the only other thing that dominated the room was
the 48" HD tv the hung on the opposite wall like a mural.

"Wow! Sire! Is this my reward? My prize for finding you? Not that I don't
think this is great and really the shirt and pants were enough, I just thought....."

Spike pealed off the precious black duster and tossed it on the chair.
He secured the heavy brocade drapes that hung at the windows and
blocked a glorious view of the city below.

Slowly and purposefully he started popping the buttons on the fly
front of his snug black jeans.

"Nope. Your prize is me. You're gonna stick that big, thick, delicious
cock of yours deep in my tight little ass. You're gonna fuck me till neither
one of us can walk straight. You up for that boy?"

Xander let out one short little whimper before whipping off the beloved tee
and matching sweat pants. Bessie went flying, landing on the end of the
soft, huge bed.

His cock stood proud and leaking, ready and very much up for it.
He lurched forward, his hands outstretched, his fingers
flexing, grasping and not knowing where to touch first.

"What do I do? I mean if you're really sure. Yea, I could do that.
Do we need slick? You got slick? I think I'm gonna need slick."

Spike laughed.
"Calm down boy, your sire ain't going anywhere."

Handing him the lotion from the night stand, Spike closed the gap
between them.
He held the back of the boy's head as he sealed their mouths together in
a promising, loving kiss.

Xander loved to kiss his sire. It filled a need in him apart and separate
from the sex. It was a physical connection that was very much frowned upon
in the community, even among the married. He coundn't imagine why.
It felt so wonderful.
He sighed as sire's tongue slipped in and moved around
his mouth.

His hips rocked as the kiss deepened and their cocks touched and
bounced off each other.
Finally Spike pulled back and looked into the dazed passion filled face.

"You ready?"

Xander nodded, never taking his eyes off Spike's luscious pink swollen lips.

"Since this is your first time, we're gonna do this as simply as possible, o.k?"

Again Xander's head bobbed up and down.
Turning around, Spike bent over with his hands on the edge of the bed
and his firm round ass tipped high in the air. He spread his legs and
handed the lotion back to Xander between them.

When nothing happened, Spike knew this was going to have to
be step by step.
"Pull me open, Xander. Touch my hole."

Xander did as he was told. He shuffled forward and with shaky hands
separated the firm globes to reveal the pink, wrinkled opening.
He gently rubbed his finger over it and smiled as it winked and flexed.
He knew that feeling.

"Now put some lotion on it and on yourself. Get everything nice
and slippery."

Xander held the cheeks open with one hand and, aiming the bottle directly
at the hole, squeezed. The lotion flew out in a huge, dripping, cold blob
that proceeded to run down coating even Spike's heavy, swinging sac.
It covered everything and dribbled to the carpet.

"Dang, sorry, sorry. I got to much."

"Shhh. It's all right. It feels good. Rub your cock in it. Slide your stuff around
in the crack of my ass till it's all covered and wet."

Xander groaned and followed orders. His cock nestled itself between Spike's
cheeks and he started moving. Humping and sliding, his cock slid down
and quickly fit itself between Spike's legs, the head bumping the back of
Spike's balls on each thrust. He knew if he didn't stop him, Xander would
soon cum just from that.

On the next thrust Spike reached between his legs and caught the cock,
holding it firmly.

"Get me ready, boy. You know what to do. Slide your fingers in and
work them around till you open me up. Put at least four fingers in me
or that big horse cock of your's will never fit."

With the seriousness of taking a math test in school, Xander spread the
slick thickly on his fingers and began to slowly insert them.
Spike dropped his head and moaned. He had forgotten how good that
could feel when it wasn't forced. He started rocking his body. Moving
back and forth with the steady slide of the fingers fucking him.

Breathlessly, Spike stopped him. He stepped his feet even further apart
and rested his upper body on his elbows
"That's enough. Do it. Please Xander, push your cock in me now."

Xander was stunned. He had never heard sire sound so wanton. He
had never heard sire beg him.

After smearing even more lotion on his rock hard cock, Xander lined
it up and pushed. It slipped, sliding down between Spike's legs in
the excessive lotion that it swam in.
"Try again, Xander. Hold it in place till the head goes in."

Doing as he was told, the heavy cockhead popped through and both men
groaned at the feel. When he made no further move, Spike slammed
his hips back forcing the cock balls deep in his body.
That was all the encouragement needed and Xander's instinct took over.

He thrust deep and hard, riding his sire like a prize stallion. The
perfect angle allowed Spikes very happy prostate a pounding he
hadn't known in years.
Gripping himself tightly, Spike began to stroke.

The wet slap, slap, slap of balls on skin was the harmony to the sex
song whose words were
"Yea, Yea, oh fuck yea. Harder, faster, deeper. Yea, so good."

Surprisingly, Spike's sac was the first to feel the tingle and draw up
painfully tight to his body.
"That's it, hell yea, just like that. Fuck, Xander, I'm gonna........"

Xander's hips stopped their movement when he felt his sire's body jerk.
The squeeze and ripple of the inner walls was the final straw.
Four more deep slow thrusts in and Xander's body gave up the
same bone rattling orgasm that his sire was still coming down from.

Spike felt like his bowels were full to overflowing with lotion and cum.
As Xander eased out it ran down his legs and formed a puddle on the
expensive oriental carpet.

Quickly, as his sire often did for him, Xander grabbed a towel and
cleaned Spike up. Still in their reverse positions, Xander threw
back the covers settled Spike in, and spooned him from behind
as they both smiled and dozed off.

Bessie cuddled Xander from behind and the sun rose over the

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