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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 27/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Special thanks to the wonderful and sweet Petxnd for the fantastic banner.

It was a perfect day in California. One of those rare days
when the sun barely showed itself. Dark, gloomy and heavily
overcast, the rain fell at a steady pace from sun up till nearly sun

It was the sort of day that even the living wanted to
spend in bed. It was the best kind of day for the undead who
slept, curled up tightly together, and lulled by the sound of the
huge drops as the pounded against the window pane.

Consciousness eased in slowly, pulling Spike from the depths
of a dream he could hardly remember past the image of his
boy stretched out on a Thanksgiving table with an apple in his mouth.
He chuckled, stretched, and glanced over at his love, still curled
up and tucked under his arm, Bessie at his side.

Spike scratched his head and yawned. He arched his back and felt
each vertebrae as it clicked and snapped into place.
They were back in the sunshine state, no, wait, that was Florida.
He wasn't sure what California was called, but he knew one thing,
it was probably going to be trouble.

He felt conflicted. Part of him wanted to stay right where they were
cuddled, happy, and content. The rest of him was anxious.
He needed to know. He had to have answers to the questions
that haunted him about his childe.

He never thought he would hear himself say it again, but he needed his sire.
He needed to go see Angel. No matter how it affected their relationship
together in the future, he needed the truth.

Lost in thought, Spike wasn't aware that his childe had woken up, not
until Xander threw his leg over and rolled his body to lie flat on top of
his sire.

"Morning Sire. Sure was a good night last night wasn't it? I thought it was
maybe one of the best I have ever had."

The whole time he was talking, his body was starting to move. to roll, to
hump. With their matching erections still wet from the excessive
amount of lotion used earlier, they slid, slipped and rubbed against each
other deliciously.

Conversation forgotten, Xander propped himself up on his hands and using
his weight and hips he ground himself against the heavy cock below him.
The angle let him watch as the purple leaking heads moved against
each other, offering friction and feel.

Spike laid back, hands under his head and let his boy do all the work.
It was erotic to watch.

Xander's strong, muscular upper body straining as it supported and
moved him. His beautiful gentle face contorted in concentrated
The sight of their full, hardened cocks working their way towards
sweet release. The smell of them, musky, heady, masculine.

It was wonderful. It was quick.
It swept up and carried them both to teeth jarring orgasms followed
by Xander collapsing his heavy body down on top of his sire with a


After giving him a minute, Spike shoved at the limp body that was
stretched out on top of him.

"Move yer flabby arse. Ya big moose. We need to get movin' boy.
Places to go, people to see."
Spike pried himself out from under the sleepy, protesting moose and
headed for the shower.

After a quick wash, concentrating on his ass, Spike returned to find his
boy sitting on the edge of the bed, new sweats and tee in hand.

"My clothes are gone. The shirt and britches my mama made me.
It was the last thing I had from home."
He looked up as the tears ran down his face.

Spike sat down beside him and tugged him close.
"I know, Xan, but they were ruined. There was no way we could have
gotten the smell out of them. Tell you what, how about if I buy you a
pair of black jeans just like mine. Plain, simple, and modest. Then you
can be just like your sire. O.k?"

Xander threw his arms around Spike's neck and gave him a big kiss.
"I can keep the tee can't I? I just love the animals, even if it is sinfully
colorful. You always know just what to do to make me feel better.
You must be the smartest sire in the whole vampire world."

Xander jumped up, grabbed his clothes and headed for the bathroom.
"Gotta wash the yuck off my willy. Won't be but a second."

Spike just laughed and shook his head but when he heard the water
in the shower kick on the humor disappeared. He picked up the
phone and dialed information.

Using the scratch pad provided, Spike jotted down both the address
and the phone number of the Hyperion Hotel. By the time they got to LA
he would have a plan, he just wasn't sure yet what it would be.

Leaving the hotel, Spike was glad to see the rain had stopped. The air
smelled clean and felt warm and damp. He handed the parking lot boy
another five in exchange for his car and keys and they were again on the road.

Remembering his promise, Spike whipped off the road and into the first
Walmart parking lot he could find, which wasn't difficult since they seemed
to be on more corners than even McDonalds was.

"No time to browse, love. You wait here. I'll you some
pants and we'll be truckin' on."
Before Xander could protest or question, Spike was briskly sailing through
the automatic glass doors and out of sight.

Xander just shrugged and continued to fuss with Bessie's wrinkled bow tie.

Within a matter of minutes he was back. He pulled the pants out of his
coat and tossed them to his childe.
"Here put these on."

Spike jumped behind the wheel and the car roared to life. He
stomped his foot down on the gas pedal and the car screeched,
tires spinning, and black smoke rolling.

Twisting and flopping around with his pants, Xander noticed out the
back window that three men were running out of Walmart, yelling
and waving their fists in the air. He wondered what it meant.

"Um, Sire, I think these are to tight. I should have tried them on.
Momma always made me try on my pants when she sewed them."

Spike reached over and squeezed his boy's thigh in the snug pants.
Running his hand up the seam he cupped his package and pressed
the heal of his hand against the hardening length.

"I think your Momma and I were looking for different things when
it comes to your pants. I think they are fucking fantastic. Shows
off your strong, firm legs and ass, and just look at that cock.
Makes my mouth water it does. No, I think they are just right."

Xander dropped his head and smiled as he blushed a deep pink.
He didn't think he would ever get used to the prideful things sire
could make him feel.

Satisfied, Spike sat back and drove. He reached in one pocket and fished
out an unopened pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He felt around in another
till he found the chocolate bar he then tossed to his boy.

Yup, that fuckin' Walmart had everything.
They'd have to shop there more often.
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