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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 28/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Special thanks to the wonderful and sweet Petxnd for the fantastic banner.

"So what are we going to do in the city, sire?"

Spike never took his eyes off the road. It was a question that
he had been expecting for some time. He was actually surprised
that it had not come up before this.

Pausing to give himself time to think, he fiddled with the dial on the
car radio, ran his hands lovingly around the leather cover of the
steering wheel and finally took a deep breath, deciding that truth,
or at least part of it, was the best answer.

"We are going to do what every one does in a big city, love.
Live, so to speak. LA has a waterfront full of abandoned warehouses.
Perfect condo complex for a vampire community, and the docks provide an
unlimited supply of happy meals on legs. We are going to make a place
for ourselves and I am going to teach you everything a childe needs to
know to become a strong vampire.

You've already proven yourself to be exceptional back there in the
zoo, you just need to learn technique.
As a master vampire, and your sire, I can teach you everything
you need to know.
Remember, rule one in the vampire handbook says 'always
obey your sire. Especially if he is a master vampire'."

Xander sat silently, appearing to absorb all this and accept it
unquestioningly. After all, his sire had been right about everything
so far. When he finally did speak, it was with only one question.

"When do I get to read this handbook, Sire? I think I could learn
faster if I could see the book. I finished grade eight so I'm a
very good reader."

Spike sputtered, caught off guard at the request.
"Oh, um, well, I think I lost the copy I had, but maybe we can pick one
up later. maybe. Anyway, when we arrive we may have
to go places and do things that you don't understand, but it's important
that you trust me without challenge, can you do that?"

Xander turned his head to watch out the window. His sire's
comment was more of a declaration than a question and Xander
didn't feel like it really required an answer.
It was what his father had called rhetorical when he gave an order
and did not want a response.

The night sky was clear. The rain clouds had drifted away and the stars
shone bright, floating high overhead along side the fingernail shaped sliver
of moon. Xander watched out the tinted, smoke coated glass
as they roared on.
He had a funny feeling in his tummy.
Much like the one after he ate all those snacks.

He had felt this way back home sometimes. It had confused him
when he was very young and first started happening. Everything
would be wonderful, then for no reason the black cloud tummy
feeling would come over him.

The first couple times he would run to his mother complaining of a
sick tummy. She asked him if he ate too may green apples or drank
too much milk.
Either way, her cure was the same.
Two tablespoons of castor oil.

He quickly learned that the feeling had nothing to do with what he
ate or the regularity of his bowels.
Within just a few hours something very bad would happen.
A calf would die, a horse come up lame, a relative pass.

In the beginning he wondered if he caused the trouble with the
bad feeling. If maybe he was cursed and things that happened
were his fault, but he had prayed on it and asked for forgiveness
and guidance.

His prayer was answered with clarity one day when the
dark cloud had come over him so quickly and with such strength
that it nearly crippled him.

Rushing to his mother for comfort he found her passed out on the
floor and the wood stove open and burning. After extinguishing
the flame, he revived her. The doctor that came said she was
all right, just exhausted and needed a rest.

His father hugged him and said what a lucky chance it was that
Xander had come to the house just then or the kitchen might
have caught fire and mother may have been burned.

That was when he understood. The dread, the bad tummy feel
was not a curse, it was a gift. It was sent to him, through him, to
help. It had seemed an odd malfunction that the feeling had not
come to him in the least before his own death, but, he decided,
God's will was not to be questioned.

He had talked to Willow about it. He knew she would understand
because of her own special gift. His was nothing like the size, strength
or power of her's but it made him feel closer to her.

Entering the city limits, he noticed that their direction did not seem
to be random.
Xander watched as several times they would slow at a street
corner then purposefully turn right or left.

He trusted sire, but didn't think he was getting all the truth.
Sire was headed somewhere, destination predetermined, but wouldn't
say where or why. Xander was certain of one thing though, it was
not in search of some unspecified warehouse.
Sire wanted to see the dark angel. Xander worried that this was what
they searched for.

Xander sighed. All this was so strange. So unsettling.
He missed the farm, the animals, his family, and the security and
knowledge of what his life was.
He stared up at the twinkling shapes above and wondered what
his sister was doing and if she ever thought of him.

Lost in his own plans and thoughts, Spike took Xander's silence
as agreement and he went on to plot out the best method of getting
what he wanted from his bastard of a sire without a repeat of
their last meeting.


Angel paced restlessly. He could feel Spike as soon as he entered the
state. The feeling had grown stronger with each mile and his curiosity
had peaked with the question of why he was coming willingly toward
a sire he claimed to hate.

He growled low in his throat at the thought that he was accompanied by
a whelp. An intruder to the family. It wasn't that he cared that Spike
had made a childe it was just that as head of the clan, Angel should
have been the one to pick him out, drain him, approve him, and
possibly break him in.

It was just presumptuous of Spike to take all that upon himself.

Of course things were different now. Angel was sure Spike was
not aware of his sire's new position as savior of the city.
Spike never did show the proper amount of respect for the soul Angel
carried in his back pocket and waved around when the benefit presented itself.

It was the primary reason he left Sunnydale and Buffy behind.
He could not really be himself there. Too much baggage.
But here in the city he could spread his wings and really be the hero
that he was destined to be.

He had a base, the Hyperion, a purpose, humbly save the world, and
best of all his own set of flunkies, um, minions, um, toadies.
Friends to their faces.

Collectively they worshiped him, ran his day time errands and generally
served as Egor to his Dracula. He hadn't actually fucked any of them
yet, but he had his eye on Wesley maybe even Gunn.

Hell, maybe Wesley and Gunn if he worked them just right.
He was no longer shackled by a watcher or slayer that didn't understand
the magnificence that was his soul.

It was just becoming a really good set up.
Now out of the blue here comes his wayward childe.
Angel reached down and adjusted his half hard cock in it's
silk boxer nest.

It was just like that little shit to show up and distract him. Tempt
him and lead him astray with a teasing shift of the hips or a lick
of his pink soft lips.

Angel paced the lobby of the dusty, abandoned hotel that now served
as his office and home. Back and forth. Back and forth.
He knew whatever the reason he wouldn't have long to wait.
Spike was so near he could almost smell him.

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