tabaqui (tabaqui) wrote in bloodclaim,

By permission....a pimp! Someone needs our help...

...and we're doing our best to give it to them! On August 13, a good friend and co-worker of sweptawaybayou lost *everything* in a house fire. She and her six boys are currently living in an apartment with *no* 'fridge and *no* stove. A woman with a year-old baby!

So Snow and lostakasha have created a community where artists, writers, coders - anyone - can offer up their services to the bidding public, or simply donate if they so desire. The bidding is open until the 31st of October, and there is a ton of talent to choose from - even *hand made truffles*! So please, come over and look, bid, give, pimp - whatever you can do!

fire_fic! fire_fic! fire_fic!
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