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ficcy search!!!!!

 hello all !!! i on the hunt for 2 stories....

the first story, i read really recently, but when i went to save it my computer went weird and i lost the story COMPLETLY! okay what i remember, the initive had come out of the closet, everyone knew about vampires, spike had been recaptured by the initive. xander was in the mall one day and say spike with some comando guys, so he caled giles. and giles some how got spike signed over to xanders custody, he got papers of ownership, and a remote control to work the chip.... they move to england because the initive keep trying to take spike back and somewhere spike gets a piercsing... on well... yeah ;) any ideas?!?!?

 and the second story im looking for is , spikes a piolt, and xander is a air hostess, or what ever u call them, he works on the plane spike flys, he dosent know spike is a vamp, and they hit it off and get it on, then he finds out spike is a vampire and he hates vampires so he says some mean things, then later he apolgieses...
 any ideas?!?!?

 hugs !!! melissa

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