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Wet - 1/1 Spike/Xander

Some time after the events of Chosen the world ended. Spike and Xander didn't. Neither did humanity. Or Denver. Life - regular or un - goes on.

Warnings: Post-apocalypse, rallying humanity, mules, goats, boats, eels, a sense of humor, steam, a train, a tent, word games and a lot of rain.

Additional warnings: Xander's undead but don't hold it against him. It kept him alive - or whatever - through the end of the world and Spike's pretty glad about that. Most of the time. Since dying pretty much just concentrated the Xanderness of Xander. If vamp!Xander usually drives you off, give this one a chance - his road test was a complete success with fans of human!Xander.

In which the world is a much soggier place.
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