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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 31/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Special thanks to the wonderful and sweet Petxnd for the fantastic banner.

Temporarily tuning his sire out while Angel droned on about
the good work he was doing, the dredges of society he was
saving and thanks to his newly appreciated soul, the cow and
pigs blood he was drinking, Spike glanced around to keep tabs
on his own wandering offspring.

Quickly locating him, Spike smiled as he watched Xander sneak
a peek to see if he was being watched, then reach up and touch
the huge hanging cement cock and balls of one of the garden statues.

Sighing, Spike returned, mentally, to the oaf and problem at hand.
"Look, Angel......"



"Please, call me sire. I know it's not a term I deserve, but it would
warm my lonely heart to hear the word.'

Spike threw his hands up and continued.
"Fine. Look, SIRE, I need some information then we will be gone.
Just 30 minutes of your time then you can get back to your self
flagellation or hair gelling, whatever the fuck it is you do around here."

Angel's hand immediately flew to his hair to assure himself that, yes,
it was properly pointy and correctly ruffled.

Spike shifted, the cold cement made his ass as uncomfortable as the
need to know made his mind. Pretending not to notice, he continued.

"In the old days when it was just the four of us. The family. You
and Darla used to tell stories. Tales to make the long days pass quickly.
Do you remember? Day's when the sun shone so bright, reflecting off
the ice and snow that even the heavy drapes at the windows looked bright.
We would all sit around a warm fire and snack on the near dead bodies of
the peasants from the village. Days that would have seemed forever if
it hadn't been for the stories. Stories that kept even Dru's short attention
span. What I need to know is if those stories were real or bullshit. I need
the truth"

Angel's eyes also drifted to the boy who wandered just out of ear shot.
"Probably a bit of both. Most were true, handed down over centuries.
Why? Why do you ask this now and what does it have to do with that
farm boy you have adopted?"

Spike immediately bristled at the implied insult to his beloved childe,
but he had no intention of taking the bait and inflaming a situation that
so far seemed to be going in his favor.

"Let's leave your grandchilde out of it. This is just you and me. Now,
can I count on you for the truth?"

Angel had to admit that his curiosity had gotten the best of him and he
really did want to know what this was all about.
Besides, it was a slow evening.
No one to save. Wes and Gunn out to a movie, a thought that caused him
to scowl, so he needed the distraction of the present company.

Crossing his finger over his heart then kissing his fingertips,Angel smiled
"Cross my heart, hope to.......oh, well, yes, I promise."

Spike shook his head, but knew he had no other choice but to give
it a try and hope for the best. Leaning forward, he placed his elbows
on his thighs and began.

"One of the stories you used to tell us was about a breed of human
called a True Innocent. I don't remember much of the story, I think
the point of it was to scare us, but I need to hear it again. I need you
to tell me the story."

Angel frowned. When the light bulb did snap on, it all flooded
back to him.
The nights, the days, the family, the blood of endless slaughter,
the wonder of the best life a vampire could ever hope for.

He and Darla had told so many stories during those
early years it was hard to recall them all. Some of them were folk
lore. Tales passed down in the demon community for centuries,
their origin unclear. Some were pure bullshit, thought up on the spur
of the moment to terrify and control two young, naive vampires into
obeying their sires.

He recalled the one Spike was asking about only because it was one of the ones
that had it's base in fact. A precautionary tale given to him by his own
sire, Darla and her bat faced originator.

Revisiting the old days was something Angel spent very little time
doing. His theory of the past, the good times and the bad, was simple.
It was what it was.
The past could not be changed so why worry about it.

It did make a perfect excuse, though, for his new mission in life.
Humans so quickly identified and sympathized with the idea
of regret and retribution.

Spike could see the look of wistful remembrance on Angel's face
and went on.
"Tell it. Tell me the story, Sire."

Angel rubbed his hands over his face as he allowed the details of
the story to come back to him. When he felt ready, he leaned
forward and looked Spike in the eye. His voice took on the light
Irish lilt of years ago and he began.

"It is said among the ancients that since time began, demons and humans
alike come in different species. Demons are easy to distinguish
because their differences are clear. Purple skin, tentacles, tails, horns,
fangs, claws, and teeth. They are easily spotted and it doesn't take
long to know which ones can be eaten and which will rip you to
shreds in the blink of an eye.

Humans are different. Much more dangerous because they all look
alike, but make no mistake, there are just as many species of human
as there are demon, some just as deadly.

Although it is not usually recognized, some species of human are born
without a soul. They are empty shells. Evil from day one. They have no
conscience, no morals. There is no redemption possible for them and
they are on this earth strictly for the purpose of destruction.

Most demons could never compete with their cruelty and cut them a
wide path. It is said they are the reincarnation of a person that committed
a great sin in a previous life and the soul abandoned the body at birth.

Sometimes to be replaced by a demon, sometimes even they don't want
it. This type of human should be avoided. Admired from afar.
Several of them were turned, an experiment of the Germans
during the war. Didn't take long before they realized their mistake.
Too vicious to be controlled, most were destroyed."

Spike listened with an attention he never showed in the early days
of story telling. He knew these humans. He had come across several
in his travels. One very recently. One by the name of Biff.

Knowing he had Spike mesmerized, Angel continued.
"On the opposite side of the scale is a type of human known as a
True Innocent. It is said that their soul has been through all their
reincarnations and they are on their last return to life on earth.

All their sins have been rectified and their journey complete.
They are not God. They are not without sin, however, they are
pure and incorruptible. They can be killed but no amount of torture
can change them. Evil and hate cannot touch them.

They have the power of healing in their hands and their aura and
presence can change a person just by being near them. This species
of human is even more dangerous to the demon community than the

These humans have the ability to change destiny.

Their spirit is stronger than any normal soul and it is told the spirit
of them remains even after death has claimed the body. If you come
across one, they should be killed instantly. If they have the opportunity
to speak, their influence will make it impossible and you will be doomed.
The only problem is they are hard to spot. If you even suspect one, avoid it.
They are death to a vampire."

Spike had listened carefully, hanging on each word. He was shocked
when he finally realized the magnitude of the change within his own life
and the source of that change. What Angel said made sense, he felt
the truth of it. He was the affirmation that the story was more than myth,
yet he still had questions.

"Can a True Innocent be turned? What would happen if he was?"

Angel's eyes shot across the garden to the boy who wandered about
obediently waiting for his sire to call him back.
The horror of it stunned even Angel's jaded mind.

"No! It can't be. What makes you think that half wit is a True Innocent?"

Spike wanted to tell him of the spirit they shared. He wanted to testify to
the incredible changes he had seen the boy cause in people, mostly in Spike.
In the end, he just shrugged.

It should be noted that some people have the impression that the Bee
hates Angel. Actually I just think Angel is very boring where Angelus
is a barrel of laughs. I also think that soul or no soul he is basically the
same person. That is why I usually have fun and portray him as evil.
For those of you that find that lack of Angel worship offensive, sorry,
but the Bee has to go where her wings lead her.

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