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"Unbreakable: Revenge" sneak peek

Unbreakable: Revenge

At the charity site [info]fire_fic I am offering for sale a chapter of the sequel to my story “Unbreakable.”  It is a sexy scene of submissive Spike comforting an angst-ridden Xander. You do not have to have read the story to completely get it. Rated NC-17, for male/male sex and slave/master role play.

This chapter is completely unpublished, is 1,200 words, and has only been read by my lovely proof reader[info]c_woodhaven

For those who want the sequel written, think of this as a good motivator for my muse.

I will e-mail it to everyone who donates $5.00. It will not otherwise see the light of day until I get my muse in gear and write down the words in my head.

Go here for full details

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