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Fic: Ignorance Is Bliss 10/??

Part: 10/??
Summary: Xander was in an accident, and he wakes up to find his loved ones by his side
Spoilers: None really. Takes place after season 7 except that Xander still has both eyes (they’re just too pretty to spoil), Sunnydale didn’t turn into a hole in the ground, and Spike came back there—not in LA.
Previous parts: They can be found over at Bloody Bad Poet Fics or tagged here

Many great thanks to electricalgwen for the beta!


Make up your mind right now Spike, me or him. If you walk out that door, don’t bother coming back!

It took him a moment to realise that the words hadn’t been spoken out loud. The argument was picking up speed, soon they would be yelling about the First and who really killed it. Spike and Buffy always argued with a passion and they hadn’t had a good argument in over a year because….

Because Spike had left the little voice dutifully informed him.

* * *

Link to insanejournal: Wherein we find out more about the break up.
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