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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 33/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Warning: The last three chapters contain implied noncon. and what many
consider to be Angel bashing. The Bee does not see it that way, but
consider yourselves warned.

Special thanks to the wonderful and sweet Petxnd for the fantastic banner.

Spike's whole body pressed tightly against the invisible barrier
that separated him from his bastard of a sire and the sweet
child that he had personally thrown to the wolf.

He knew if anything, all his pounding, begging, crying and
shouting only made things worse, but he couldn't make himself stop.
He had long ago recognized, when he was in the position Xander
is now in, that Angel fed and fueled on the cries and suffering of
his victim, but it was all Spike had.

Nothing his sire had ever done to him, no beating, no rape, no cruelty,
could compare to the pain of this betrayal. He watched as Angel
crushed Xander's body tightly against him, his childe struggling and
wriggling in Angel's arms.

He wanted desperately to tell the boy to stop moving. That fighting
and squirming would only make it worse. He saw Angel smell the
clean, soft hair of his boy's Amish bowl cut.

He saw Angel lean in and whisper into the boy's ear and the boy
stopped struggling. Even though his voice was too low to detect,
Spike didn't need to hear the words.

He knew by the sick, shocked look on Xander's face
and his own past experiences, just what his sire was saying.
Xander's body went still as the most vile shocking things he had
ever heard flowed through his ears and into the rock that has settled
into the pit of his stomach.

Angel threw his head back and roared his laughter at the stunned,
repulsed reaction his promises had caused both members of his family.

"Oh, Spike. This one is a prize. I can't wait to break him in properly.
They say you can't corrupt the uncorruptable? I'll just bet that
isn't true. Let's find out. Hmmmm?"

Spike's brain floundered. There had to be something. Something he
could do or say that would stop this. Even if it was just to buy some
time till a solution came to him.

Taking a deep calming breath, Spike decided to try the only thing he had,
"Angel. Sire. Please, take me. Let me trade places with the boy. You
can do anything you want to me, just let him go. I know the things you
like. I can do what you want. The boy there hasn't even heard of half
those things. He can't give you what you want. Not like I can. Please,
let him go. Take me."

Spike avoided looking at his childe for fear he would break under the
look of betrayal he knew would be there.
He should have trusted. He should have looked into the face of the
boy who held nothing but love and respect for him.

Angel frowned and tipped his head slightly to the side, appearing to
think over the offer that had been placed on the table. Finally he scowled
and looked Spike in the eye.

"First, I gotta say it turns my stomach to see what this boy's influence
has done to you. He has changed a strong vicious vampire into a whipped,
self sacrificing pussy and it disgust me. It took me over a hundred years
to created the perfect killing machine and he has destroyed that in less
than a month. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't end this little romantic
encounter with a piece of wood through his heart."

Angel roughly shook the now limp body in his arms.
"Secondly, fuck you instead? Hmmmm. Interesting offer, but, no.
As they say, been there, have the tee shirt. And lastly, the chance to fuck
a True Innocent? Well, now, that's a once in a life time.
Even if that life time is forever."

Angel's arm, the one that had kept Xander's arms locked to the sides of
his body, now slid lower and cupping the boy's crotch, slammed his butt
back and ground it slowly against the raging hard on in Angel's pants.

Rolling and swaying his hips, Angel seemed lost in the heat of lust and power.
He humped his cock against his grandchilde's firm round butt, quickly
becoming frustrated by the feel of the fabric that separated them.


Spike's voice snapped him out of his haze and brought Angel's attention back
to the situation at hand. A situation he had suddenly grown very tired of and
was ready to move this to a more enjoyable, for him, level.

"Enough talk, Spike. You still haven't answered my question. Do you
want to watch or not. Your choice. I do it here or I take him upstairs.
Makes no difference to me."

Spike sobbed. How could he answer such a question? In the end he
didn't have to.

"Take me upstairs. I don't want my Sire to have to see."

Xander's voice, so calm and quiet, came as a shock to both the other
vampire's who had almost forgotten about him. Dropping his gaze, Spike
finally looked his childe in the eye.

There was nothing there that Spike expected to see. No hate, no
recrimination, no sense of betrayal.
Only the same love and devotion he saw on the boy's face every evening
when they woke up together.

Ignoring the hulking monster that held his boy, Spike slid to the ground,
and gave all his attention to his childe.
"I love you, Xander, and I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"

Xander smiled,
"There is nothing to forgive. The only thing you did was trust and love.
I'm proud of you for that. We will survive this and move on. Seems like
I am always asking you to wait for me. I love you Sire."

Before Spike could respond Angel screamed his fury.

"ENOUGH!! You two turn my fucking stomach. You're supposed to
be vampires for fuck sake, not Romeo and Juliet."

With that he turned, jerking the boy roughly around and disappeared
off into the interior of the dark, dank mansion.


Spike slammed his sore fists again against the clear wall that prevented
him from entering. He knew it was pointless, but what else could he do.
Finally, exhausted and defeated, he slid to the ground.

The house was huge, dark and confusing. It was a maze of hallways,
entry rooms and corridors that led to open areas and large sleeping and
living rooms.

Angel navigated the maze expertly, goal in mind. Up the staircase and
down the hall, he stopped at the third room on the left, kicking it open
with a firm boot to the solid wooden door.

Stepping in he tossed the boy's body onto the king size bed that
dominated the room. Xander looked around and was amazed.
The bed was covered with a blood red satin spread and mountains
of matching pillows.

The dark angel apparently liked his comforts.

The room glowed in the flickering light of a hundred candles placed
on ever surface of the room.

Turning his attention back to the man who was now kicking off his shoes
and jerking off his clothes, Xander calmly commented.
"You should get electric. My sire always makes sure we stay in a place
with electric. It is much nicer."

Angel paused, his turtle neck stuck on his head. With a snap of his
hand he freed himself and turned his wild haired head in the boy's direction.
Before Xander could see it coming, Angel swung, slapping the boy
firmly across the face and cutting his mouth open.

"Fuckin' insolent brat! Your sire has failed to teach you respect."
Anger gripped his angry looking cock in his fist and grinned evilly
as he stepped forward.
"An unfortunate oversight that I plan to correct immediately, and repeatedly."

Xander watched him approach, but remained calm. This was no different
than the panther he had defeated in the zoo. He may not have the strength
to physically challenge this predator, but in the end, the goal and result
were the same.
Survive and return to Sire.

Sire said he had proven himself. That he was a strong vampire. He
would show sire it was true. He would survive this.

Xander knew in his heart that there was nothing this dark angel could
do to him that would change him. His purity and innocence were bigger
and stronger than one vampire.

Closing his eyes, he waited.
The first punch came quickly.

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