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Never Time Enough # 12

Title: Never Time Enough
Author: Part 1 50ftqueenie… then rngrdead – Ch 2 and beyond
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations
Rating: NC-17 (or MA 15+ or R?) There is violence and sex and vampires, and boys.
Summary: Xander comes back from the past with a secret.

Feeling precious... friend died two nights ago... no comments re this fic anywhere since the chap was posted and few before that... ::sighs:: seems Daisy has lost her edge... pity...


Giles was politely introduced to Adrian Crent’ath and the staff before being ushered into an elegant drawing room complete with antique furniture and exquisite art and the most delicate of tea services.

While they settled, Ms Smith fussed near silently at the door, hurrying the new downstairs ‘man’ Leon to his waiting duties, adjusting his bow tie to straight (again) before he entered and whispering, “This is Master William and Consort!… The human is the Ex-watcher and mage Rupert Giles, a friend of the household… Now remember! Polite, calm and perfect, or there will be no blood for a week!”

The tall thin Leon nodded, hoped his tray would remain steady, given the amount he seemed to be shaking in the presence of such a powerful Master Vampire, but did admirably, served the tea, offered petit fours, and managed to rescue a napkin that fell from Mister Giles’ lap before it hit the ground – garnering a polite and genuine ‘thank you’ from the human. Leon waited in the corner then noted empty cups and knew to offer a second round of tea, but was waved away by Master Adrian. At that he felt he had failed somehow, but collected the crockery and other items from the table as silently and efficiently as he could and wondered if he would be given sustenance himself that night… Had he done something to cause the Masters to lose their thirst?

Tray stacked high, Xander saw the almost disguised look of someone, vampire or no, in distress because of work. He sent love and trust through his Consort link, and Spike/Master William sent back the same. So before Leon had a chance to disappear, Xander had subtly nodded at Master William as the minion collected the consort’s cup. He touched Leon on the arm and whispered, “You’ve done a great job… thanks.” The ten year turned minion nearly tripped as he felt the power of Master Spike’s Consort’s touch… Mrs Bennett had told him stories… but as if… and to be thanked as well?!

Mavis said nothing as the rather overwhelmed footman-come-waiter passed her in a daze and disappeared into the kitchen, a crimson tear of sheer happiness very obvious as Leon tried to keep all the cups and saucers steadier than his hand seemed to want to allow. The Master’s consort had thanked him… *thanked* *him*!

Giles missed the exchange, completely engaged by Spike’s apparent changes.

The Watcher knew William the Bloody from the texts… and the changed texts as it happened… and from personal experience… but this… *now*… Master William was obviously in his own domain… regardless of soul or (Giles still assumed) chip.

Spike and his Consort had returned and William’s Grandsire had even agreed to renew their link, and now Master William slipped observably easily into his Lord of the Manor persona. He was very obviously quietly powerful and very much in control, and Giles was in awe. How *could* they have interpreted this creature, this member of vampire royalty, as some pathetic being to be shackled and suppressed.

Under his breath he muttered, “Injuring then hooding an Eagle before locking it in an aviary that would see it dead; muzzling the alpha male of a wolf pack and trying to train it to heel through cruel ‘lessons’; milking the bile of a moon bear for…” He didn’t realize his voice has risen enough to be heard by all in the room – including Xander… “My G$#d Spike… I’m… ”

Spike had watched the conflict of emotions run across the ex-Watcher’s face, “Ahhh… Don’t get your Y-fronts all tangled Ripper… Didn’t dust me… give ya credit fer that – and the Initiative gave it a better go than the bloody Germans.”

Adrian raised his glass to the comment, with a “Oh yes GrandMamma told me that one – bloody Nazis! And your poor Sire here for all those months! Still at least you knew she was well fed and cared for… and no fear of the sun… GrandMamma even made her some dolls clothes – hand stitched – just to keep her entertained. And there was an old phonograph that she wound and wound apparently… until you came for her. Wonderful story.” Adrian grinned across at Spike then suddenly sobered, “Oh I *am* sorry. My apologies Master Spike. It’s just… such a thrill… and the wine… Please…” He looked desperately toward Ms Smith before receiving a curt nod. “The sun is down and we had the garden lit by some landscape professionals less than a month ago… would you like to…”

The gesture was a welcome relief and Adrian led the small group out onto the rear patio.

Manicured lawns, well pruned trees, mass plantings of small shrubs and flowers, well planned ‘dry and water features’ designed to draw the eye, as well as various paths and pergolas and seating nooks graced the near three acres in a carefully crafted display of light and shadows with a backdrop of darkness. Tiny fairy lights were wound around certain trees and made structures; spotlights featured a branch or sculpture here and there; and the underwater lighting in the water features had light dancing on strategically placed walls in the most exquisite fashion. There was a tennis court in the far left corner and a classic looking pool surrounded by natural flat rock pavers and spa closer to the house

Master William was heard to take a breath and observed to grasp his Consort’s hand (offered) was taken as though a lifeline. But it was Xander who articulated the emotion of the moment, “Wow! It’s… it’s just beautiful!”

Adrian beamed, “Yes well we took inspiration from the original garden and added a few touches. I had rather hoped the Master – and of course you - would like it, I was quite happy to put the family money toward it – we do so enjoy it here… But it’s so much better with the Master home! Of course we are ever so grateful for the recent injection of funds, but I do rather think it is all worth it… Master?”

Adrian looked over to see the Aurelian Master Vampire fighting to hold back his game face. “Is there...? Can I…? Oh Master… but I thought…”

Xander wrapped his arms around Spike’s waist and spooned him from the back in an act that grounded his Mate and William was able to reply in a rather emotional tone, “’S all fine mate, perfect even… Just never thought I’d see this place again… Not as we are now… not like this… Done your lot and us proud… But then a job worth doin’ and all that… Reckon that’s somethin’… wish you’re Nan coulda seen this… she’d a been right chuffed.”

Spike cleared his throat… “Anyway… Ol’ Watcher here’s a mite fascinated by our connection – care to show your stuff (no pressure mind!)” Mood broken Spike winked and Adrian grinned then shook and relaxed.

Giles had all but forgotten that the thirty something, handsome male, who’s dark refined looks bespoke of aristocracy and the maharajas (and would have seen him an instant hit in Bollywood), was a demon by birth. By Master William’s invitation Adrian breathed a sigh of relief as he let his real form emerge. Instantly dark and light tiger stripes emerged all over his skin, and long, thin, strawberry blonde spines push through his brown black ‘trendy corporate cut’ near black hair, cascading over his shoulders and down his back. The lashes may have been longer but Adrian’s black eyes didn’t change – though as he turned and gave a shy rather than self assured smile to their Watcher guest, Giles fancied he saw them flash green more than once and barely suppressed a gasp of surprise. A well concealed prehensile tail was the last to emerge as striped hands unfastened blind zip at the back of the fashionably tailored linen pants and released the appendage. At that the elderly Watcher could not suppress the “Oh Good Lord!... I’m… I’m… Good Lord”.

Spike pulled from Xander and rounded on Adrian before the young Crent’ath lost his nerve in front of a *Watcher*, throwing a manly arm across the pretty demon’s shoulder. “Boy here is from an upright citizen from the pure line of Crent’ath traceable back a thousand or more years; ‘n from what I’ve heard is a mighty fine businessman… ‘is family ‘interests’ been in Europe since day dot… They’ve never needed to go public in the business sense o’ course! Why bother with branches in Prague, Paris, Brussels and Venice and all the big centers run by cousins and siblings… Had to move around a bit after bloody Hitler started on ‘is crusade, still, since the iron curtain raising – well the last fifteen… twenty years have been a treat. Increased profits tenfold I hear with *this* man the leadin’ the corporate charge, ain’t that right mate.”

Spike winked at the young man whose stripes visibly darkened and Adrian, who was now feeling rather ‘exposed’, initially dropped his gaze as a young child might but then lifted his chin, smiled and nodded. The fact that the Master Aurelian had asked him to relax and change, then spoke of him and his family in such glowing terms in the presence of others found his tail moving almost of its own volition to grip the Master’s ankle and squeeze just a little in gracious thanks, as was custom and good Crent’ath manners.

Xander noted that it wasn’t only Adrian who was somewhat emotional and after Spike squeezed their host’s shoulder a last time and the tail released, he knew what Spike needed so held up his wrist to his Mated vampire.

With but one mouthful of his consort’s blood, the true Master of the House, Spike turned to Adrian with a smile, “Now food and a place to sleep – I reckon you’ve sorted it … shall we?”

Giles declined dinner but graciously accepted the ample ‘care package’ of sandwiches, fresh fruit, petit fours and flask of hot tea hastily prepared by Mrs Beckett.

The farewell at the car was brief.

“Well… um… I’ll report your good health to Willow and I’m sure the message will be passed on.” Spike held out his hand, the gesture accepted (Giles later realizing that the hand had been warm and that the reason was no doubt due to it having been in direct contact with Xander’s) “Taa mate… be sure an’ tell the bit to come visit sometime soon yeah?”

“Indeed…” Despite the car door already being open, Giles accepted Xander’s hand next, then pulled the man into a hug.

“I’ve no idea who you are any more do I? But… please take care of yourself… my dear boy…” There was a pause then a manly pat before the two released and the old watcher was seen to wipe his eyes with the back of his hand before starting the engine of the compact Volkswagon and drove off.

Master and Consort turned back toward the house, both quietly contemplating how quickly their lives had turned yet again, and as Master William took his Consort’s hand and squeezed gently both remembered the very first time they *really needed* their haven and walked hand in hand up the gravel driveway to sanctuary and mutual consolation.


It had been a hard two weeks since Angelus had approved their new residence, but the Aurelian High Master was in town for the first time in a hundred plus years and Darla was ecstatic, insisting that the family be ‘up front and central’.

Xander had been briefed on the implications of being formally presented to the Master – something that usually involved the Master demanding that the *human* be bitten savagely then mounted by his vampire in front of half the court.

Uncharacteristically, Angelus had warned them both of the Master’s varying tastes, advising preparing not just Xander, but also William. The young vampire’s Sire by proxy, making his own experience with *the* Aurelian Master *very* clear. It was a warning heeded, and post event… gratefully so.

As the two approached the High Master’s ‘throne’ both William and Consort bowed low. Xander could see Darla and Angelus amongst the crowd, Drusilla no doubt restrained in her room so as not to ‘compromise’ proceedings – the Master never quite comfortable if she happened to begin to rant.

So no the Master grinned hungrily, “Ohhh how delicious – would that I could still bend that far… And how delightful that you brought your *toy*… and yes yes I have heard the rumors… but really! Nothing is as it seems until it is proven… Not in my Court anyway!

“William! Show proper respect… I know my darling Darla has taught you that at least! Present yourself in front of your Lord and Master!”

Xander felt the jolt of anguish through their link but remained stationary as William stood, walked forward and knelt in a fully down presentation, head on the ground and backside skyward, his rear wide open to the Master.

“Angelus! This is your progeny by proxy… now come… Surely you are not averse to indulging your taste for boys with your pretty ‘family’?!” The mirthless laugh said it all and both Angel and William shored up their defenses ready for the worst.

Xander, Mate and Consort, felt William’s hurt but knew not to move. The Mated human knew that William had been serviced by his GrandSire before, and knew to watch, apparently inanimate, as Angelus stripped his Grandchilde with emotionless efficiency, forced him to the floor and began to undress himself until the Master commanded “*Stop!* I’ve changed my mind… Have him service you by mouth… Here…”

The permanently game faced Aurelian Master moved faster than even the vampires in the room could see, grabbed William’s hair and literally pulled him forward until his mouth was on Angelus’ now exposed – and still rather flaccid – penis. As soon as lips touched skin the Master hissed, “It seems your Grandsire is struggling to perform… I do hope you have the skills to provide me with a decent warm up act. The consequences of failure are somewhat deadly, you see…”

William knew instinctively that the Master was talking about his mated Consort, so took Angelus’ member in his mouth and sucked and swallowed as only one not needing to breathe might. For his part Angelus didn’t move but for a hand on his Grandchilde’s neck just over the turning mark. Unseen by his audience he stroked the mark gently – it was the only solace he was able to provide without being seen. They had done this before, but *never* forced and *never* with the entire Court as witness.

Just as Angelus’ felt the start of climax, the mouth disappeared and a cold iron like set of fingers clamped around the base of his erection, cutting off all hope of completion and causing not a small amount of pain. The Master hissed, “Enough…” then shoved him unceremoniously backwards. Angelus forced to ‘tidy himself up’ without conclusion.

William was still on his knees, lips slightly swollen and nose a little red from contact with Angelus coarse pubic hair. He made to stand but was given the sharp instruction, “Stay down *pup* we’re not finished the entertainment yet…”

William wondered if he was to be the entrée for however many minions the Master allowed to breach him, or whether the Master himself wanted to… he had heard what had happened to Angelus the first time and began to hope it was the former not the latter. He consoled himself that at least Xander had escaped the Master’s notice, until the dreaded announcement, “Now where’s that human of yours? Hmm? Come here… don’t be shy…”

William knew the Master could and would kill his Consort without second thought and sent all the love he could muster in the circumstances through their emotional link.

Xander stepped forward, then dropped to his knees in the Master’s presence as he had been instructed to do. ‘Old bat features’ gave a feral grin toward Darla, who appeared pleased with proceedings thus far.

“A mildly amusing show! But then I would expect nothing less from the apple of my eye… Darla my darkest angel – come observe – the product of the deranged one seems to have learned one or two things under your tutelage… how touching. I do hope his *Mate* has been similarly schooled as I am quite inclined for a proper show.”

Xander had assumed it would be him that was breached, but it seemed that the Master had other ideas. “William – present yourself to your *chosen* human.” The word dripped with venom. Xander paled. He had thought as he knelt in front of the Master, that it might have been worse had the pair not made passionate love earlier (Xander still ‘slick’ from the encounter) but now it appeared that it was not him being entered.

William was on hands and knees in front of him. The Master glared at Xander, “Well??? I’m on a schedule here! You stupid dolt! *F#$%* him*! Now! Come human, Consort… He openly begs for your attentions, *surely* you would not fail your young Master in front of family!” The last statement dripped with such venom that Xander feared for them both. If he failed in some fashion, their lives (or unlives) would be forfeit.

Xander had no choice and no lubricant. He wished he could apologize William but had no opportunity, so did the only thing he could as he shuffled forward and into position.

Xander’s hands had been behind his back as was custom in a formal kneel. With two fingers he did his best to collect some of the lubricant from his own opening without being seen and as he now took the sweet round buttocks in his hands, he smeared as much across the opening as he might and the rest down his own erection as he held and angled it toward the target. It was still not be enough to make for a smooth entrance – but it was something.

Xander could see Angelus’ eyes glaze over, looking but not seeing, protocol dictating that he watch a scene the much feared dark vampire wished was not happening. Xander had heard enough to know that Angelus had nothing but loathing for his Grandsire, and that debasement of this variety was the mere tip of the iceberg for ‘old bat face’ who was more often than not, happy to participate and by all accounts, *literally* hung like a horse!

Darla grinned and clapped at the public humiliation of the two on display, and audibly whooped as William fell into game face and traces of blood were scented after two or three thrusts by his Consort.

Xander tried to block out their surroundings and hold back his tears. Despite trying to be careful he felt William’s passage give a little and saw the blood. His erection was all but lost at that point, but William pushed back, knowing this was their only way of surviving the encounter with the Master. Xander felt the press back and gave his failing erection a couple of hardness renewing strokes then pressed back in, this time determined to find and work William’s prostate.

The Master pulled Darla to him as he watched the two male figures move together. She lifted her skirts and sank onto him with all the knowledge and practice of her three hundred and fifty plus years. Even for Darla the Master was long and large, but the reward, her Sire biting her, being happy with her… it was all worth it.

The Master was ecstatic at his Childe’s wanton display but still had the wherewithal to control the amorous display he had ordered centre stage.

“Angelus! Make yourself useful! Your Grandchilde looks hungry… *feed* him with that you would have filled my dear Childe with.”

Angelus’ erection was no more, but he knew better than to defy the Master so moved over to William, knelt low, and fed his flaccid phallus into his Grandchilde’s mouth.

William flashed begging blue eyes at his Grandsire, but they both knew. Angelus touched Xander’s hand, the Consort felt his Mate’s resigned sadness through their link and felt Angelus’ contrition and resignation through the quiet touch. This was about survival, not pleasure, and the message was understood.

Their rhythm fell into synch and they slowly but surely found quiet completion, Xander even managing to slide a stroking hand under William to assist his coming… just as the Master pumped his dead seed into Darla, roared his own satisfaction and bit down hard into his favorite Childe’s neck.

‘The boys’ were dismissed mere seconds later… all restraints removed and clothing left behind to be discarded as the Master began his ‘second round’ with Darla. Post dismissal, the minions effectively left the three to their own devices. Angelus gave William a rueful look, curt nod then retreated to rescue Dru from her bindings and bring her some relief from her Sire while Darla was ‘otherwise occupied’.

William and his consort needed no further prompting. A nod from Angelus saw Xander half carry a distressed William to the carriage and the master order the return to their Surrey home.

That night Xander wished for the oblivion for both of them either that or being permanently baffled like Drusilla – because somehow debauchery and torture would work so much better in that situation. His William was a vampire, yes, but no more monster than a predator needing to kill for survival…

The two nude males, vampire and Mate, alighted the carriage and were collected by the Josephine Crent’ath and her staff at the door. Wrapped in heavy blankets they were led to their private bathroom and provided a hot bath, fresh robes and a meal – both human and vampire.

Xander wanted to apologize and began as they sat together in the blissful warmth of the huge cast iron bath, only to be stopped by a cool hand and sad look.

“Please don’t Luv… Please!... Let’s just… Thank you for making it…”

“But you bled… I made you bleed! And I never… Oh Gh@#$ I’m…”

“T’was only a little pain… the rest was… Just… can we just…”

They adjourned to the huge bed that dominated the Master William’s rooms, lying intertwined, simply touching and kissing until both gave in to slumber.

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