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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 34/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

Warning: The last three chapters contain implied noncon. and what many
consider to be Angel bashing. The Bee does not see it that way, but
consider yourselves warned.

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

Special thanks to the wonderful and sweet Petxnd for the fantastic banner.

Spike curled up into a ball on the back porch. He had pulled his
knees up to his chest and rocked himself, quietly mumbling.

"Please, God, if you are really there, I need help. Show me what to do.
Please don't let him hurt my boy. Xander believes you put him here
for a reason. If that is true please don't let that fuckin' asshole destroy
him. Sorry about the cussin' but, you know. Evil. So, please, God.
Send me some help."

With his head down, Spike never saw the glow of light flash like
lightning behind him. The slight buzzing, too low in the beginning, also
went unnoticed. Slowly it became louder. Almost like the whisper
of voices, Spike sat up, swatted around his head, and looked for
the source of the irritation.

Locked in his vampire body by the distress of the situation, his
enhanced hearing soon sorted and singled out one from another
as they hummed in his ears.

"Help him, Spike."
"He needs you."
"What can we do? Why do you sit here?"

Spike frantically searched for the source of the voices, but they
were as invisible as the barrier that prevented his entrance.

"I can't get in." He called out.
"Angel lives here and I can't go in without his permission. Can
you help me? Can you help Xander?"

The voices spun around him, conferring, whispering.
Spike jumped back to his feet and waited, afraid to hope but unable
to stop himself.

Suddenly, and without warning, the cold slammed into him.
It swirled through him and seemed to touch every part of his
dead heart, body and mind. He could feel the cold fingertips
as they probed his brain, thoughts and memory, then, just
as quickly as it began, it ended.

Spike stumbled when the grip released him. Unsure what had just
occurred, he did, somehow, have the feeling that the voices had found
what they were looking for.

Immediately Angel's voice boomed in the space around him.
"Come in Spike. I invite you in."

Spike knew it was not Angel, but it was so close. The slight, almost
forgotten, Irish accent. The strong, no nonsense tone.
It was all there.
The voices had found it all in Spike's library of information.
Spike knew it was not Angel, but he prayed that the laws of the
demon universe would not differentiate.

Tenuously, he reached out and easily, his hand slipped inside the
doorway. With a whoop, he leaped in, slowing only momentarily to
call back behind him.
"Thanks. Xander and I won't forget this."

The light behind him flashed again as the voices faded.
"Hurry, Spike. Hurry."

The house was huge. Larger than it looked from outside and Spike
had no idea where to begin. He knew it would be a waste of precious
time to search room by room and, for a moment, he allowed the doubt
and fear to seep back in.

Quickly, though, he mentally slapped himself and thought about his childe.
Xander had not collapsed in the face of the panther and he had not cringed
or cried in the grip of his vicious grandsire.
He maintained his strength. He held fast to his faith.

Could Spike let him down by doing less.
'NO'. His thoughts were strong. Suddenly confident.

Shaking his head, Spike slipped into game face and throwing his head
back, sniffed the air. Immediately the scent of his childe's blood
assaulted his being.

Snarling, Spike turned and rushed toward the staircase and the smell that
had reached him.

The second his feet had hit the top landing, the screams had begun.
The first one pierced the silence like a knife through Spike's heart and
he dashed toward it.

Lunging at the closed door, he rushed inside. The sight that was spread
out in front of him was one he had seen before. Candles, red bedding,
blazing fireplace. Fuckin' Angel was so predictable.

This time though there was one huge difference. The victim on the
bed was Xander, alone, and the one screaming in agony on the floor
was Angel.

Spike rushed forward and scooped his beloved childe up in his arms.
Bruised, battered and sore, he was still better than Spike could
have hoped for.

He smelled the blood and knew Xander's body had been violated,
but felt within himself that he and the boy's shared spirit was still
strong, untouched.

Angel was right about one thing, his childe's innocence could not
be altered or diminished.

Xander clutched his sire tightly around the neck, doing his best to climb onto
Spike's lap. The pain of his beaten, bruised body as well as the torn skin
of his anus meant nothing. He knew he would heal, and he had survived.
A situation both vampires comforted themselves with.

When Spike had satisfied himself that his boy was, for the most part,
all right and would recover, he then turned his attention to the screeching,
writhing mess on the floor.

Pulling back slightly, Spike kissed his childe lovingly on his closed lips
then asked.
"What happened, Love? What did you do to him?"

Xander looked over at his grandsire as he rolled about
clutching at his cock, and shrugged.

"I don't know, Sire. He forced me onto my stomach and tried to enter me
but he didn't use any lotion. You know like you always do. Anyway he
couldn't get it to go in and he got really mad. Said it was my fault and I
better quit fighting him, but I wasn't fighting. I just laid there so he would
finish and go away. So finally he just pushed as hard as he could and
when he put it in he tore me. He said he liked that and the blood would
slick it up, but as soon as he got his willy all covered in my blood he started
yellin'. Pulled his thing out and started screamin' that my blood felt like
holy water and it was a burnin' him."

Spike slid off the bed and went over to where his sire was crying
and rocking. Kicking Angel's hands away from his cock, Spike
got his first glimpse of the red swollen, almost indistinguishable
piece of meat.
Covered in seeping, bursting blisters, It appeared the end was
melting and destined to fall off.

Spike cringed, hissed and shook his head.
"Damn, that looks painful. Oh well, you are a vampire after all.
Might take a while, but it will probably grow back. Probably."

Angel groaned at the prediction and pain.

Turning, he returned to the only thing that mattered. Lifting his boy
off the bed he was careful to avoid any injuries as he helped the
boy dress. He lovingly murmured and kissed him gently and

Spike couldn't have cared less that he appeared weak or changed
because in his own dead heart he felt right. He knew unconditionally
that whatever Xander's purpose as a True Innocent Vampire, Spike
now shared in that destiny.

"Why do you think that doesn't happen to you, Sire? I mean when you
turned me you drank all my blood and it didn't hurt you. Why is that?"

Spike ran his fingers through the boys hair smoothing and straightening
"I think it is because your spirit had already accepted me. By the
time I turned you it had joined with my demon and we shared
them both. So I guess it is like an immunity. Good thing. Shit.
I would hate to think about what would have happened otherwise."
Spike shuddered.

Taking one last look at his past on the floor, Spike embraced his future
and walked them toward the door.

Watching them start to leave, Angel grabbed at Spike's legs desperatly.
"Wait! Wait! He can heal. If he puts his hands on my cock he
can heal me. Touch my cock! Touch my cock!"

Spike looked down at him and without reply turned back to his childe.
"Let's go, Love. I think Bessie is missing you. I don't like to leave her
alone this long."

Xander, whose nose had crinkled at the thought of touching the icky, ooky,
thingy that had definatly lost it's hard on turned to his own sire and lit up.
"That's right. You know how cranky she gets if I don't keep her tie straight."

He took Spike's offered hand and clutched the fingers tight. Tighter than the
boy's calm attitude would indicate.

"Hey, how did you get in here anyway?"

Spike squeezed his childe's hand and chuckled.
"Apparently you have friends in high places, Love. I'll tell you all
about it later."

Together they walked away. Neither heard or cared about the screams
for help and mercy that filled the room behind them. Not even
when those cries turned to threats and curses.
Promises of punishment and retruibution.

Spike still had questions and doubts but none about the young
man at his side.
And none about their future together.
One thing was sure. Angel now had some competition
in the game of changing the world.

The End


Thanks to everyone who stuck with me so faithfully.
The comments encourage and fuel me to go on.
The next story will probably not be up till the end of
September due to continued RL issues.
See you then!
Big hugs from the Bee.

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