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Fic search

My first!

Ok, this is a story (a WIP) that I read some time ago. What I remember:

- Spike/Xander with the two of them moving to another small town where Xander had a really good job (possibly architecture thought I may be confusing Repossession into the story, more than likely it was construction)
- The story was in several stages/books
- I can't figure out if Spike's chip was out or not.
- I have a vague memory that Xander was the dominant in the relationship and possibly he had a 'playroom' within their apartment.
- I believe the author may have been on LJ but the story was stored off-site.
- At the time I believe the background of the webpage was pale purple (maybe lilac), making me thinking it was possibly a story by Druffine, but I haven't located it on her site

I can't think of any other aspects, hope someone can help

ETA: Thanks to anxiety_junkie it was Non-Sequitopia by misanthrope7842, which can be found here:
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