and then we lit it on fire (electricalgwen) wrote in bloodclaim,
and then we lit it on fire

FIC: Every Claim You Stake (S/X, R)

Author: Gwen
Title: Every Claim You Stake
Rating: R
Words: 3737
Feedback: Oxygen to the flame. Concrit and typo identification also highly welcome.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. Full disclaimer here.
Warnings: None

This was started for my 10_cliche_fics table, dug up and worked on again for lynnevitational, and has finally been finished for cordelianne's birthday. Set in AtS season 5, around the episodes "Unleashed" and "Hell Bound", in an AU where Xander joined the W&H crew after Sunnydale's collapse. A couple of snippets of dialogue are taken directly from canon, and I have altered a couple of minor canonical details to fit my purpose. Many thanks to savoytruffle for reading it over and offering helpful comments.

Xander can't shake the feeling someone is watching him.
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