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Fic: Hours of Forever

Author: cobalt_mystic
Title: Hours of Forever
Length: Mys is considering it completed at 3 parts...
...the first can stand-alone, the second and third need at least a knowledge of the first, and unfortunately, I already know there will be follow-up fic(let)s- the bunnies are already overflowing the HoF-hutch
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG-13 heading towards a soft R, unless you're my gran then you'd prolly consider it XXX
Feedback: Feel free, just don’t do any permanent damage, k.
Summary: This is Spike. Spike got a soul. Spike wants forgiveness.
This is Xander. Xander is human. Xander doesn't believe Spike.
This is Willow. Willow is a witch. Willow wants the boys to play nice.
See Spike prove himself to Xander.
See Spike and Xander become friends.
See Spike and Xander become more than friends!

Many, many hugs and thanks to the lovely estepheia *shamelessly pushes ppl towards Estepheia's fic archive* for allowing me to abuse her 'sixty minutes' challenge!

Disclaimer/Warnings/ANs/Pt1 Crossroads of a Minute
Pt2 Never Saw it Coming
Pt3 Seemed Like Forever
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