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Tribute To Tamakin

I just want to acknowledge Tamakin for the fantastic art ability!  I have so enjoyed every piece of work and wanted to give a little back as a thank you.  I have no artistic ability.  I am lucky to even draw stick figures but at time I do have a small skill with words.

While I was taking another stroll through these wonderful image this took shape.  Hope you like it!

To An Artist
(For Tamakin)

You share, through daub and stroke
What in me is mute to expression
Save through words.

With inner-visioned eyes you see me in my indelibly,
Recognizing my pain as bounty of the gods
Given to wring from me my feeble words
And so induce to share a heart which is too
loving - sorrowed.

You see all as naked and exposed,
Yet encourage that exposure
As a path to peace;

For beauty is a sharable truty,
And this truth you share with us.

I am still a bit new to Live Journal and how the friends, communities etc. link up with posting.  So I am posting to my personal journal and in Bloodclaim (favorite community).

Thank you again for sharing your talent with us!!

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