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Never Time Enough # 14

Title: Never Time Enough
Auhor: Part 1 50ftqueenie… then rngrdead – Ch 2 and beyond
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations
Rating: NC-17 (or MA 15+ or R?) There is violence and sex and vampires, and boys.
Summary: Xander comes back from the past with a secret.
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Part 14

Their London visit was always going to be fraught with difficulties – but Adrian did a fine job of paving the way.

The return of an Aurelian Master Vampire carried with it a great deal of prestige – though in truth the Master and Consort would be privy to more curiosity than reverence these days one would have thought.

The annual solstice ball was now treated more as a fund raiser for several demon run charities than anything else (though should have been an oxymoron, but for the fact that they had to look after their own). Though as a consequence of history and prestige, the ball, being held every year since 1751, was quite the feature on the midsummer social calendar of ‘must do’s’ for the wealthy and the important of the demon clans all over Europe (and a good number of wealthy, ‘connected’ humans).

As far as Xander was concerned, he had attended with the full London Aurelian family barely a year previously. The masqued ball had been quite the triumph of the season. The Duchess Lilliana Medici, the grand dame of the social set of the time (both human and demon), had even danced with both Master Angelus *and* his pretty Childe, William, during the night. There had been a good number of Europe’s aristocracy in attendance also courtesy of the Duchess’ connections. And as they prepared for the modern day version it was apparent from the guest list, that it was not only the Medici’s who had found wealth and power was enhanced, rather than diminished, by the ‘family demons’.

Spike’s last ball had really not been so much a Medici ball, as a precursor to the most bizarre week of his unlife. It had turned out to be Dru and his last hurrah before heading for New York for a few years.

That year (1970) the theme of the party had been ‘I eat the flowers’ and a rather radical hippy grandniece of Duchess Lilliana’s had managed to convince a fair proportion of the party goers that they should all go directly from the ball to Glastonbury for the Music Festival. They arrived at the cusp of dawn and consequently those of the group who were sun tolerant joined the first of the revelers on site.

After skimming numerous fellow festival goers on the first night, and reeling from drug and alcohol infused blood, Spike had spent almost two days bus-bound alternately unconscious or staring, apparently fascinated, at his own hands, then at the purple and orange and… whatever ceiling, then back at his hands. Thankfully he was at least inside, or it would indeed have been a dusty day at the concert.

It was probably the first and only time Drusilla had been the sanest in the room. Sure, she spent time rocking and crooning to her ‘Sweet Willie’, but for some reason, the drug infused blood had given her the clarity to get them both inside during the day. A wild time was had by all, Spike had spent time backstage, in the hairdressing tent having his dark gold locks bleached white, then in the piercing tent having various parts impaled, whilst Dru took to face painting – and eating some of the later customers. How they had both managed to return to London was anyone’s guess – Spike had no recollection. Shortly after, Drusilla and he left to explore the ‘big apple’ - New York.

Now, just into the twenty first century, this ball would be a far tamer affair with no ‘after party’, and if anything, the whole thing seemed to have a rather corporate feel.

Adrian filled the Master and Consort in as to the ‘who’s who’ of the evening and emphasized the importance of complementing Lady Marguerite in particular (their Glastonbury colleague now following in her Grand Aunt’s footsteps regards hosting the ball).

The theme was ‘Count back – 250 year ball’, with meticulous attention paid to venue, the former ‘city’ house of the Earl of Sandwich, with decorations so accurate as to predate William by a hundred years or so, though exquisitely modern food. The dress was ‘period’ and most had gone all out – including Adrian, who delighted in having pantaloons, waistcoat and a long jacket tailor made in rich gold brocade, with fur edged matching cape, much in the style of George III. The ruffled shirt, flat buckle shoes and knee high stockings would finish the look. He even went to the trouble of procuring a *genuine* kerchief from 1751. The look was perfected by a light wig and large ruby ring from the family collection

Spike and Xander, on the other hand chose the high collared formal long tailed dress coats of the British navy of the time – but forwent the powdered wig look in favor of high boots, long cape and appropriate ‘silly hat’ and black hair tie for both of them. There was initially some objection by Xander to the military connotations (given that they were officer uniforms) but was eventually convinced that fighting for the ‘White Hats’ when in Sunnydale qualified them both to wear the attire far more than most front line commanders of the day – and in the end Xander had to concede.

Oddly after the argument regards the uniform, Spike insisted on a single diamond earring even though it was hardly the ‘done thing’ for officers in the mid to late 1700s, complaining that “Well gotta do sommit! Hair’s that bloody poncy colour again… and long! Look at this! Near as long as when…”

Spike stopped mid sentence as he saw the look of unadulterated lust in Xander’s eyes and had an unruly lock stroked from his from his forehead by his Mate, then finished the sentence, “… when we were together…” Xander turned his partner gently and set about retying the wide black ribbon at the back, admiring the slim athletic lines emphasized by the cut of the waistcoat, the brocade, the cutaway high collared dark naval jacket. He finished by whispering, “You were beautiful then, and even more now… Now… First Lieutenant William, I would consider it an honour to have you let me unfasten your buttons and ties later as I have heard that men in uniforms do need relief after their duties are complete for the day. Good Sir at least allow me that?!”

Xander finished his taunting with a feather light brush over Spike’s arm and torso from behind before grabbing his hat and cape and making a sprint for the door.

Spike was quite ‘in the moment’ then realized he’d been played as tight white pantaloons became impossibly tighter, he too took off at a sprint with a “You right bastard – I’ll have you scrubbin’ decks nude just to enjoy the bloody view afore…”

He crashed into Xander at the bottom of the stairs and pinned him to the wall with a rather juvenile, mock show of annoyance before kissing him soundly – much to the amusement of Adrian who simply said, “Too much of that and it will be everyone in the room swooning over you two – not just the ladies. Ghod… you look amazing! Well done.”

Spike, still pinning Xander to the wall turned with a wide grin, “Not s’ bad yerself – fancy a bit of a snog too? Only the boy here’s off limits.”

Adrian gave an over emphasized wink, said, “Why would I want either of you when I *know* I’m going to be picking up the distressed ladies when they realize in full colour, just how your bread is buttered! Now can you two *please* get in the car!”

For the ‘grand entrance’ Adrian had arranged to be driven to the Albert Hall after which they were picked up by a horse and carriage and rode to the party in style.

After surrendering their outer attire to the doorman, the gasps as the three entered were worth every moment of angst as they had dressed.

The Aurelian Master and Mated Consort let Adrian ‘take point’. The Crent’ath head of household waltzed in with all the confidence to which he was entitled. Adrian looked absolutely like a royal guest of the period, and was known, in business and socially, to the majority of the room. After greeting their hostess and her brother, he sauntered in to join a group of equally well dressed old school chums, happily including, by association, a certain Countess Lottie.

She was a minor royal of Austrian descent, recently divorced… Spike noticed and couldn’t help but admire the daring of their cohabitant. He was handsome, charming and obviously… well connected, though did not have a ‘title’. Still, his pedigree was flawless and, Spike hoped for his sake. But there was the immediate matters to be attended to as he and Xander were formally introduced.

Spike stopped in front of the appropriately powder wigged, perfectly coiffed and coutured Lady Marguerite (who also looked decidedly older and plumper than he had remembered from 30+ years before!)

He gave a formal bow appropriate for a 1750’s gent, took her gloved hand and kissed the back of it, then introduced his Mate to their hosts. “Lady Marguerite, Viscount Richard. May I, Master William Aurelius, present my Mated Consort Alexander and thank you for your kind invitation to this fine event, and I purvey the Aurelian Court members’ abject apologies for lack of attendance in recent years.” He bared his true face for a moment before nodding and giving the floor to his Consort.

Xander stepped forward and bade his welcome in the similar fashion as his partner, even momentarily letting his tiny fang’s show – though he had not expected to do so.

Lady Marguerite was charmed by the proper greeting by the very handsome Aurelians yet, as much as she tried (for her own curiosity rather than confirmation as she could feel the ‘prickle’), neither she nor her brother could spy the Mating mark under the high collar. However, the matching uniforms and the ease with which the two stood near touching was an unmistakable mark of partnership. The hostess smiled with triumph to her brother. This was indeed a coup for her – one of the last of the Aurelian clan, an *old* Vampire Master, and his Mated Consort were joining them again, Master William’s reputation preceded him and the rumors of the charming Consort’s miraculous return was simply… well the talk of the town!

As a consequence, the Lady Marguerite greeted the next few guests distractedly preferring to watch the two ‘work the room’.

She vaguely remembered… OK, not so much vague but had been told post drug hazed event… that she had met the Master William in that wonderful first Glastonbury year, but the individual she observed now seemed different. There had been rumors, demon trials and capture, and *everyone* had heard of the years with Drusilla and in government custody (at that she almost spat!) but this Master was confident.

They entered the enormous ball room to Chopin’s Nocturne in E Flat played by a stunningly beautiful woman (who Xander later realized had a long prehensile blue tail!)

Xander’s hand was touched lightly and the Mate knew – he was on his own for a time and remembered again how his beloved William (now ‘Spike’) engaged people so easily – cultured and switching demon languages and human ones with apparent ease, plus apparently having a flawless memory. Xander was again reminded of the extraordinary person that was William of a hundred plus years ago.

Xander simply watched him for a time, but then was drawn into idle conversation by a couple of extraordinarily attractive, ‘twenty something’ twins - that he later was told were fauns wearing a glamour. Nevertheless, they were charming, and he was having fun and ‘networked’, and afterward was surprised at just how much of an impact he and Spike made by their arrival in back in England, apparently they were quite the ‘featured celebrity couple’. An hour or so on, as the last of the *un*fashionably late guests arrived and as the music of Mozart’s ‘Souve sia il vento’ played, the Master and Consort sought each other out. It did not go unnoticed.

None of the ladies who had William or Alexander as dance partners on their card, objected as they noticed the two coming together, their stunningly handsome forms complimented by the well cut matching uniforms seemed to meld as they danced an effortless and elegant slow four step. Whispers regards their past spanned the room. But by the time the first piece finished and the initial few glorious bars of Verdi’s “Va pensiero” (the full 17th century orchestra and choir hired for just the purpose) began, others took the floor in the formal variation of a waltz. In the end it became a triumphant swirl of colour evoking enthusiastic applause from all onlookers. The rest of the night was a variation of dance pieces from the ensuing two hundred or so years since 1751 – though most (at the organizers’ request) were romantic.

Inevitably Spike and Xander had to partner others, but whether they danced together or apart, all became rather a blur. Happily, when the Lady Marguerite called the night to a close with the last song and invited all the ‘stayers’ to avail themselves to the local demon bar, the Master and his Consort… consorted by dancing, very close, and very lovingly, to Louis Armstrong’s slow, “Home Fire” before taking their leave and alighting their transport (a classic London taxi rather than the horse and cart!).

Consort and Master left the building the talk of the town but returned to their home (with a ridiculously expensive cab charge!) quietly and satisfied that the Aurelian presence had been ‘noted’.

Adrian on the other hand, came home a day later empty handed despite several dances and an 'after party' in the company of the Countess Lottie and friends. He had engaged with a rather lovely Spanish born aristocrat, Princess Christina, early in the night. Spike had immediately recognized her from fashionable parties in the late fifties during Dru and his time in the Italy. He made a point of following the starry eyed Adrian to have a quiet word in the men’s private WC. Spike cornered their lovely caretaker of ‘Kyldman House’ to at least warn off Adrian - vengeance demons were best left alone.

Thankfully, Adrian heeded Master William’s advice and left well enough alone, though in the end needed little help to pass off the lady in question as she had more than willingly turned her charms on an ‘interesting’ candidate whilst Adrian had been off relieving himself.

Spike noted that by the end of the night Princess Christina was quite thrilled to opt for the arm – and ride home - with the amorous son of a head of a notoriously violent human drug cartel from… somewhere in China (?). She was seen to enjoy his attentions at two other functions that week though rumor had it that she was being passed to be used by his second in charge within a week, as was the womanizing Joe Wang’s habit with his discarded lovers.

Adrian conveyed the rest of the story a fortnight or so after the party. Apparently she had borne the humiliation admirably but retaliation by a vengeance demon was never very pretty. Shunned she still seemed to play his game, but met with some of his other female conquests and two days later (if reports were correct) the gent in question’s boast of being ‘hung like a horse’ was *exactly* that, said stallion sporting an admirable fully functioning equine member on his human body and needing to seriously revise both his partnerships and his wardrobe to accommodate the now ridiculously huge phallus.

Adrian would be forever grateful for giving up his ‘prize’ to another – though was very careful to remain friends with said lady… at a distance of course.

All in all the evening was a wonderful success, Lady Marguerite utterly charmed as she danced with the handsome Master William then Consort Alexander in turn. Xander had never been more happy for William and Dru’s rather frenetic dance lessons before the first time he had to attend a ball at Darla’s insistence, as he expertly guided various partners around the floor, his status as Master Vampire’s true Consort apparently confirmed by dancing ability.

Following the cab ride and sprint up to their rooms, the deliberately slow undoing of all those buttons on formal coat and waist coat had both of them so aroused as to be painful; careful untying of bows on shirt sleeves and neckties and removal of britches found both dripping pre-cum. Finally, dressed in only their now loose white cotton shirts, they divested each other of boots… and ever so slowly, shirts before Spike rolled onto his Consort as Xander pulled himself open and felt the thrill of being filled in a single stroke (blessing the ‘lube fairy’ who seemed to have found Spike’s erection though Xander had not registered when his partner had found the time!)

Spike drove into him with care, the waves of joy and love flowing from one to another with each increasingly urgent entry until climax claimed them both and sleep ensued.

The following day, mid afternoon if the clock was right, Xander untangled himself from his heat seeking lover and reflected on the evening. It had been perfect… really all of it had been… and the last time that happened… at least the day after…

Panicked Xander pulled the (again darker blonde) Master Vampire to his chest, and held on tight… there had been something… he knew there was something he had missed in the back of his mind…

In his sleep Spike began to instinctively seek out Xander’s mating mark and as it was licked again and again he came back to an old worry. Where had his essence gone and would it happen again?

When Spike, still only semi conscious, fell into game face and bit his mate hard, Xander welcomed the sting and almost wished for oblivion – instead he found climax and a few moments of sated black…

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  • Hot Chocolate

    Title: H ot Chocolate Author: Forsaken2003 Pairing: S/X Rating: PG Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon Comments:…

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