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Overdose of tomatoes

 I sat down and opened word this is what happened, please comment and leave critisism of any kind so that I get better.
Overdose of tomatoes
Rating pretty PG maybe PG-13
Disclaimer: not mine!
Paring S/X
Summary: Spike and Xander have a discussion over Xanders adiction
Archive: ask and ye shall receive

Spike was speechless. In front of him stood Xander Harris happily munching on a piece of charcoal.
“What on earth is that?”
The almost scream caused Xander to jump a little before answering:
“A tomato.”
A scared eyebrow rose
“A tomato?”
Xander finished his treat
“Yeah I saw this movie….”
He never got to finish as Spike realised how it all fit and abruptly shouted
“NOT AGAIN! Please I asked you not again at least a thousand times. Yesterday you saw it…”
Xanders yaw tensed
“I only saw it nine times yesterday.”He protested
Spike was pacing almost shouting his response they had had the same conversation everyday the last week.
“Only nine! How can you say it was ONLY nine? One is one time to many!”
By this time Spike had come to hate it.
“Come on, everyone loves Kathy Bates.”  Xander just shrugged as he answered.
Spike stopped and looked at his lover sprawled out on the sofa.
“I prefer Norman Bates…”
Xander smiled towards him, psycho had been one of Spikes favourites lately.
“You would. Anyway I have seen it only twice today, that is less than the cigarettes you’ve smoked. “
Xander pointed out.
“True but I didn’t OD ‘em!”
The fierce anger he had had when he saw Xander and started to discuss the movie was leaving his body fast.
“Excuse me?”
Xander sounded very affronted.
“You have OD that bloody film!”
Of the tone of Spikes voice Xander could tell he was just teasing him and with a short laugh he answered
Spike smiled towards him and flipped down next to him and snuggled into his side.
Later that night they sat in front of the tv snuggling, making out slowly and just enjoying each other.
“Want to watch TV?”
Xander asked between kisses, knowing that while Spike loved to have sex with him, he enjoyed this time they had together even more. He felt more appreciated during those times.
“Sure luv. Whats on?”
Spike knew why his lover asked what he did, and loved him just a little more for it.
“Fried green tomatoes…
Xander said with a smile in his voice.
“No absolutely not!”
Spike frowned at the title, he hated the movie and when Xander had started to obsess over it there had been a minor bump in their relationship. Now it was more of a joke between them even if Spike still didn’t want to see the bleeding movie.
“But just once, we’ll watch psyco later?”
Xander pouted prettily knowing that it made Spike lose that stubborn streak he had and concentrate on Xander.
“Alright then, but pet?”
Spike slowly bent down towards Xanders lips
It was basicly nothing more than breath that came between Xanders lips.
“No more of this wearing cellofan shite, okay?”
Spike finished before kissing his lover.

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