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A little Loyal and Gentle drabble

Title: Loyal and Gentle Author: rngrdead
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – this bit G!
Summary: Petxander is very childlike purpose bred and pampered... and yet... when a dimensional shift pushes the two between their realms... Poor Master? Poor Pet!!? .
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here! Not BDSM but slavery of sorts
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

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This bit is just a drabble brought on by seeing two very old dogs lying together in their driveway waiting for their masters to arrive home:

The visit was ostensibly to mark the occasion of S!Xander’s ninetieth ‘death day’ – The ex Sunnydale Alexander Harris’ one hundred and thirty fifth day of existence as human or vampire in any realm acknowledged by dimensional travel and Masters reacquainting themselves.

Two timeless Pets lay together, one vampire and one human, a pigeon pair, the former looked older, with the mature muscles of a well toned forty something and a swatch of white in his hair, the other with the same sable locks he had been born with.

They were both lying relaxed at their Masters’ feet on the new sheepskin covered resting bean bag – these days filled with a rather strange synthetic fluid that was always at ‘ideal human body temperature’. According to all the advertising it was “The ultimate indulgence, guaranteed to calm and please – our unique “Reactonate” fluid provides the perfectly controlled warmth for maximum relaxation, and soft (replaceable) wool covering natural comfort reassures your devoted Pet that Master loves them so much they gave them the Petable Pamper Bed.”

Despite their difference in age, pedigree and (now) status, both pets agreed, for once, the advertising was true. Even with one warm and one cold, their bedding adjusted to perfect temperatures, and the surface felt like Pet!Xander’s favourite teddy when he was new!

They snuggled down together, content to enjoy the feel and listen to the conversation between their two Masters. (And Pet!Xander would smile for many days hence as Master S!Spike settled him on his own version of the bag - a take home present from his brother’s AU!Master!)

Pet!Xander had been happily stripped for the visit and the wonderful (now quite portly due to good feeding, and aging) minion Panna, shaved him as soon as they arrived, though there was little need, his Master kept him ‘chemically nude’ in the critical places. But Pet!Xander did appreciate the compliments, the careful touch and the oiling… and Panna’s pleased grin when Pet!Xander gave him a special kiss on the hand to thank him was a reminder that good manners were everything.

Pet!Xander now sported a *new* darker, ‘more sophisticated’, pink collar with a soft, natural silk lining. He had been exuberant that they were visiting his brother on such a significant occasion – and Master had taken him to buy a present (though in truth relied on one of Dawn’s grandchildren to help them with the selection) but knew to control his enthusiasm as he hugged his colder brother close, and tried hard not to luxuriate too much in the presence of treasured family. He would meet with several great grand nieces, great great grand sons and even their offspring the following day but for now there was just…

The visit was made particularly meaningful by the fact that this time, his own Master’s ensouled Grandsire had come with them on only the second occasion.

They had all tried to encourage Master Angel to take someone after Cordelia died, and even more so when S!Angelus ‘just a friend and companion’ Wesley passed on… Even now Pet!Xander was most careful to listen if Wesley was mentioned…

Mistress Clarissa had been very strict about that sort of thing – Pets were family… and needed to be treated with respect. Actually there had only ever been one or two times when they visited and Grandsire brought it up directly himself and conveyed a ‘good times’ reminisce. Pet!Xander thought he would have liked Wesley.

From his place on the bag, S!Xander noted Sunnydale Angel’s tired look – a far cry from his own Master’s Grandsire, and resolved to quietly recommend that Mistress Clarissa arrange to take back one of his own great great… offspring as a Companion…

As the now more than century old pets relaxed comfortably together, the Masters and the Grandsires went off for a run and a feed. Mistress patted and praised the vampire!Pet and Pet!Xander in turn letting them know that the lovely, level headed twenty year old Leona had been arranged for Angel to take back.

The vampire!Pet's demon and remaining Sunnydale White Hat sensibilities were pleased. Leona had a penchant for literature (something his Master encouraged – and now so did Clarissa despite modern theory regards blindness), and had an intelligence went far deeper – and given the chance, she would develop into a perfect companion for the older Angel. Both the Mistress and S!Xander expected that Angel would be kind and protective and eventually loving, if one so bright, pleasing to the eye and ‘companionable’ were at his side.

As a consequence Pet!Xander and the Vampire!Pet relaxed as Mistress Clarissa quietly led a perfectly trained dark headed girl into the room as the four Master vampires returned.

Both Spike’s growled a little as they returned, high on the thrill of the run. It caused the girl to flinch a little, but a space for the twenty something girl was swiftly made so she might rest her head on the warm bag and be reassured by her older relatives.

The three rested as two Spikes (Au! and S!) and LA!Angel listened to AU!Master Angelus’ account of his latest holiday and all five audience, along with Mistress Clarissa, expressed their very deep concern over his current pet, the very pretty Jason who was currently lying listlessly in Angelus’ lap.

Angelus was well known for his ruthlessness and strictly training of his pets, however there had been one or two favourites over the years, and when one was well into one’s sixth century, a few indulgences were acceptable.

Luca had been the first devoted darling that he had and lost, others had come and gone – treated fairly and well but not quite adored… but his latest Pet, Jason was simply… spoiled!

Angelus had even engaged a special chef for the boy… and a personal ‘pet-exerciser’. If the lad even sniffed or made the simplest complaint, there was a magical physician on site to determine the reason and solve the issue!

Au!Angelus left hand tenderly combing through the long, loose, brunette curls as he talked and conveyed his concern.

The youngster was one of seven of S!Xander’s great, great grandsons, and was only now recovering from his ‘ordeal’ (and though empathising, even Pet!Xander would later disapprove of the fuss).

Apparently Angelus had just returned from a week away on business only to find his dear Pet had pined for his Master terribly, despite being carefully cared for by Mistress Clarissa’s staff. Even after being home and literally coddled by his Master for twenty four hours, he still looked pale and drawn.

Despite his slight annoyance at this Jason’s rather pathetic nuzzling and whimpering, Pet!Xander remembered that feeling… Abandonment was something every Pet feared!

Years ago, his Master had left him with Witch!Willow and Key!Dawn for five days while Master and Grandsire (apparently known as ‘a silly old ponce’ (?) in these new times ) bonded and killed some LA ‘baddies’ during Pet!Xander’s fifth year with his Master since the shift.

Pet!Xander remembered being very brave on the face of it, even smiling as he was kissed goodbye, but knew he had been beside himself with panic. He had been told why Master had gone and Key!Dawn had kindly put a thing called a calendar on the coffee table – explaining that the black pencil was for him to mark off the days… but it really didn’t help.

By the third day he took to his beanbag and cried into his teddy at least twice, and simply couldn’t stand the thought of food.

By the fourth day Witch!Willow had been on the phone to Master – even held it to Pet!Xander’s ear. It helped for a little while… that beloved voice! Master saying he was worried about him, and missed him, and loved him, and was coming home very soon and that he should try to be good… but then Master said goodbye and the phone went quiet. He remembered asking Witch!Willow for permission then took his teddy back to his beanbag, curled up and tried not to cry again, but failed, unable to stall the thoughts… ‘What if Master *never* came back what if something happened and he *never came again*’.

And when Master did return, it took almost three days before he could obey and stop trying to touch – just a little touch… just to make sure.

In the end Master had made love to him until he passed out – then did it again… for a whole night and day. When Pet!Xander had tried to stand the next evening he was so wonderfully sore that Master had to carry him down to the lounge room and pamper him in front of his two carers.

Pet!Xander sighed as he remembered and looked across at the pretty Pet of Master Angelus of this realm and sighed.

He may not have physically changed in all those years but when it came to knowing the devotion of Master, he felt so much older, and so very, very(!) wise. These days he simply lay on his bed with teddy and began to count as far as he could go, or read, or colour in, or sleep. Master would always return and be there for him.

Sadly Pet!Xander, in his mature years, knew that there were far worse things than having Master go away for a few days… Worse was when Willow did not come back from the hospital… worse was the day Key!Dawn’s eldest daughter was killed in a car accident. Worse was the day they buried Key!Dawn after her brain ‘killed ‘er’ (as Master put it).

Pet!Xander resolved to say something to his upset relative… so sat up quietly, looking for permission and leaned his head against his Master’s knee at the same time touching his brother lightly on the hand to procure his attention too. Master always seemed to know what he wanted, leaned down and kissed him on the temple but said, “He’s of this realm, ‘Gelus ‘ll sort ‘im. Hows about you see to that Leona. Bit skittish an’ me ol’ Sire is still a little slow on the uptake with the whole ‘Pet’ thing.

The Vampire!Pet heard the conversation and confirmed the immediate needs by smiling and nodding. He too knew what it felt like to be worried for his Master but it was an old memory. He was a former Sunnydale White Hat, now Pet and Childe, and as such had no such concerns these days. His Au!Master Spike and he were two parts of a whole, and although the Sire Spike would never admit it publicly, if something happened to his Pet, the sun would likely have a visitor the next morning.

The farewell at the end of the day was affectionate, though confusing for Leona. Her new master held her leash loosely and between two fingers as though it was poisoned. Thankfully she still had her adult collar but was now dressed in a loose, pale blue satin slip. Not something a Pet should have at all!

Pet!Xander noted her distress, and they were about to step through the rift leaned over and (with his Master’s approval) squeezed her hand and whispered “You’ll get used to it… Master says he's an old ponce, but a good Grandsire.”

She would be timeless like Pet!Xander – and the innocent, perpetual youth simply hoped that it would cheer up his Master’s GrandSire – everyone deserved a little cheer.

She smiled nervously across at the young man that was obviously one of her line and in that moment Pet!Xander knew and grinned back as they stepped forward together. They would be friends and she was the perfect excuse for his Master and the Grandsire to get together more regularly – and then he could ‘show her the ropes’... whatever that silly statement meant because he *still* hadn’t found any rope in the cupboards at home *despite* the number of times Master seemed to want to show them off! And even when Key!Dawn was alive - asking just seemed to find him being patted and told to, instead, just "Help [the new person] out because you're really good at that Sweetheart."

So as they passed through the gap that always made him feel woozy for an hour or two, he resolved to make Leona feel welcome, feel family, and enjoy her time with her new Master. And he needed to ask his Master if they might get a new Petable Pamper Bed for her for that thing called the Festive Season. Key!Dawn was a good teacher - one had to plan ahead.

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