Seven (sevendeadlyfun) wrote in bloodclaim,

The Ten Minute Spanking of Xander Harris

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: NC-17

A/N: This idea was originally inspired by a few comments over at FandomWank, amidst some HP wank. I do so love HP wank. It's the funniest. Of course, probably not for the HP ficcers. But I imagine they get their jollies from Buffy wank, so I'm sure we're even.

A/N II: This takes place in no particular season. Also, Spike is neither chipped nor souled but somehow still fights with the Scoobies. Let's pretend that's not bizarre, okay?

Summary: Spike, Xander, spanking and dirty-talk. Irreverent use of Giles as fantasy material and not even a thin veneer of plot to hide the flaws...

( After the spanking, the oral sex! )
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