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Fic Search

Hello everybody! I'm looking for two fics and was hoping you guys could help me out!

1. Xander get's an offer of a raise to relocate to another town with work. When this happens Spike is living with him and Xander asks him to go with. They aren't together at this point. I also remember that when they get to the new apartment it's in the basement and has been prepared as if Spike would definately be living there. I think there was also an underground parking garage in which Xander was approached by and staked a vampire. Sorry so little info!

2. The second one was a LONG Spander song fic in which Xander saves the life of an ?elf? and he gives him a gift to see the truth inside people. Xander looks into Spike and falls in love.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks - An
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