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Xander Harris - Undercover

Title: Xander Harris - Undercover 4/40

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X with a side of W/G
Summary: Xander is drifting, looking for a purpose in life.
One that finally comes clear when he spots a certain
hairdresser by the name of Mr. William. Xander
immediately begins planing and plotting to win over
this scrumptious man. Of course nothing worth having
ever comes easily.
Genre: Comedy, romance. HAU
Warnings: The usual bad language as well as graphic m/m sexual
activities. Also warned of hints of poultry perversions.

Disclaimer: I own or have claim to none of the characters used and
there is no profit made from this story.
Feedback & concrit: Very appreciated and encourages continued writing.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner and her patience and
willingness to preread and comment on my stories.

The next two days were one constant ongoing wank
session that threatened to dehydrate Xander's body
and burn out his brain.

The fantasies all stared the amazing Mr. William in every
conceivable position, form, and setting as one flowed
seamlessly into the next.

He was a pizza delivery boy after breakfast, and William
a circus performer by lunch. He topped off a quick peanut
butter sandwich with an even quicker trip to an imaginary
beach where lifeguard William saved his ass only to then claim it.

By the evening of the second day, Xander was exhausted.
Unfortunately he was finding that the more he jerked off to the
thought of his dream lover, the less satisfying it became.

On the morning of the third day since his Mother had taken
him to the wonderful world of William, Xander was beginning
to realize just why his level of satisfaction was in decline.

He needed more. More William, in whatever form that might be.
Like an addiction to an illicit drug, Xander had just had a
little teasing sample of William and by God he wanted MORE!

Lying on his back in the damp basement on the fold out sofa
that was his bed, Xander's hand wandered down to his limp,
sore, over abused cock as his brain began formulating a plan.

His memory was starting to fade and he needed another peek to
refresh it. Just a little lookie see. No harm no foul.

Decision made and goal in mind, Xander jumped to his feet and when
he caught a whiff of his unwashed body, headed to the shower.
It was exhilarating to have a destination. A purpose. A reason to
leave the house.

He was thrilled. He had decided to go to the mall and stroll by
the salon.
Take a little look in and see the object of his admiration at work.
The clip and curl king in action.

Xander was bolstered by confidence.

He could do it without ever being seen, and one good look at
Williams tight body and amazing face would keep him in material
for the next four days till it was time again to assist his poor injured
Mother in her weekly trek.
The plan was so fucking perfect it purred.

Xander lathered up his body from head to toe paying special attention
to his neither regions. He promised himself that he would not take
himself in hand again till he had seen...... Him. It would be like saving
himself. Being true and faithful to his one and only.

He did, however take a few extra swipes over the tight wrinkled hole
that, up to now had held little or no interest for him other than the
times he was stupid enough to eat that extra hot salsa they served at
the Bronze, and that was a less than romantic experience.

Now, however, several of his daydreams featured said puckered
porthole and Captain William to seaman (snicker) Harris aboard
the love boat of pleasure.

Xander moaned as the hot water sprayed over his already heated body
while he fingered himself. Slick with soap he finally allowed just one
finger tip to slide inside.

Xander's eyes popped open wide.
"Holy Fuck! No way is a cock of any decent size gonna fit in there."

Just to prove his point, Xander slicked up two fingers and worked
himself till he was able to slide them in and out on a wave of painful
pleasure and burn. The new sensation caused his cock to harden
quickly. Grabbing the bar of soap, Xander coated both hands with
the thick rich vanilla smelling lather and went to work.

One hand gripped his now hard, throbbing, slightly sore cock, while
the other resumed his two finger exploration of the cave of Xander.
Lifting one foot to rest on the side of the tub, Xander spread his legs and
pushed the two fingers back inside slowly working them, in and out,
together and apart.

Closing his eyes, he started rocking to the movement between both hands
and whispered.
"Yea, William, do me. Do me good. Poke me in the butt. Oh, yea,
just like that."

Within three minutes and long before the water had gone cool, Xander
had cum. Again. Against his promise to keep himself true.
He just shrugged.
'Oh well, William will understand when I explain it to him.'

Although it did feel good and certainly added a new wrinkle (ha ha) to
the whole masturbatory experience, Xander couldn't help but think something
was missing. Maybe he was doing something wrong.
After all, he was freshly gay.

Quickly rinsing off and taking a few extra minutes to wash his hands
and clean under his fingernails - that was also very unappealing - he
jumped from the shower and grabbed up the last clean clothes he
had in his room.

Dressed, teeth brushed and hair combed, Xander skipped cheerfully
up the stairs and snatched the car keys of the pile of still untouched
postal problems.

"Taking the car. Going out. Be back later."
Xander paused only a few seconds, hoping for no reply
and zipped out staggering and squinting into the blinding sunlight.

"Shit, I need to get out more. Maybe William would like to
go to the beach or out for a picnic. I'll have to check with
him sometime. Of course we won't want to leave the bedroom
at first."

He chuckled and jumped into the ratty Chevy, turned the key,
and cringed at the expected back fire. It didn't disappoint.

Rolling down the window, Xander threw his arm outside
and let the warm afternoon breeze ruffle his hair as he
whistled a happy tune.

Within minutes he pulled up to the front entrance and
slammed the gear shift into "P".
Before getting out he took a deep breath.

"O.k. Real casual like I'm gonna get out, walk through the
mall and just poke my head in like I'm looking for someone.
Which, technically, I am. After I get a good look at that
wonderful hunk of man meat, I leave. No one will suspect
a thing."

Confidence and plan firmly in place. Xander strolled in
letting the cold air conditioning shock his sun heated skin.
Rounding the corner he spotted the salon and his feet
picked up speed.

Passing by he slowed to a snail's pace as he craned his neck
to see. 'Hmmm. No William.'

Turning around he cruised by in the other direction focusing
on the station where his sweety worked. Empty.

Stopping to evaluate the situation, he decided it was time for more
drastic measures. With a U-turn he walked back to the salon
and marched right up to the welcome counter.

Looking up with a smile of NO recognition, Ginny waited
and finally asked.
"Can I help you? Do you have an appointment?"

Xander locked his face into a winning grin and went for it.
"Hi, Ginny, I don't think you remember me but I was here
a couple days ago with my Mother and I think she lost
a pair of gloves here. Her appointment was with, um,
I believe his name was William? Mind if I ask if he has
seen them?"

Ginny's smile faltered at the question of why anyone would
be wearing gloves in Southern California, but in the end
decided she really didn't give a fuck.

"Sorry, but there are no gloves in the lost and found and
today is William's day off. I can ask him when he comes

Xander blinked at the unexpected turn of events. It was
something he hadn't planned for and it was very unsettling.
With no response, Xander backed up and walked away.
This would require thought.

On his way back to the Chevy, he stopped at the office supply
store and bought a small black notebook and a Bic pen.
Opening it up, he made his first entry.

"Thursday - William's day off.

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