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Loyal and Gentle - extra - Pets and Vets

Daisy wouldn't leave me alone 'til I typed this for me - now maybe able to get back to RL!!

Title: Loyal and Gentle Author: rngrdead
Pairing: Xander/Spike Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes. Also species manipulation & dark themes.
Summary: Petxander is very childlike purpose bred and pampered... and yet... when a dimensional shift pushes the two between their realms... Poor Master? Poor Pet!!? .
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here! Not BDSM but slavery of sorts
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

This is just after the original story finishes. Chris is around five years old, the girls nine or ten. S!Xander had been a pet for probably 12 or 13 years. Pet!Xander 5 or 6 as time seems to go slower there.


Ex Sunnydale!Xander paced outside the surgery door. AU! Spike had let it go for a time but now simply said, “*Heel now!*”

S!Xander immediately dropped to his knees at his Master’s feet. It was almost a relief.

Chris, his dear little dark headed boy, sociable to a fault, intelligent and (mostly) obedient, had slipped and fallen from a play gym in the pet area at the back of the Master’s home. It had been no one’s fault, the dear handlers as distraught as Chris’s two sisters by the time the Master and Father came running.

The four year old had simply been over confident (as usual), moved too fast, his grip missed and his little legs slipped, and he’d fallen awkwardly hitting his chin on another part of the equipment hard enough to split it, and tumbled to the ground. He had fallen awkwardly and possibly broken his tiny wrist.

Xander reassured his older two daughters, and let them kiss their little brother before they were left with the carers. He carried Chris as Master Spike led him silently, in full game face, to the waiting car. They were headed for the Pet hospital.

Spike rang ahead to the hospital and Clarissa. And as a consequence Xrays examinations and kind care were conducted virtually instantly, though S!Xander, the father felt a niggle of annoyance when his Master was the one to ‘call the shots’.

In truth Master had only let S!Xander attend since Mistress Clarissa had been so insistent that human children were as needy as vampire Childer when hurt, so the little lad was now cradled in his father’s arms. Spike was quietly proud that a Sire would be such a good father – but then his pet had always been special.

Xander had held the silent and very pale Chris close as they sat in the waiting room of the emergency section of the rather exclusive private Pet medical centre. The little boy had been *so* good, even at the trauma scene. As soon as he was in his father’s arms and hugged close, the little lad had stopped crying – much to Spike’s (and the handlers’) relief, though Chris whimpered as his father relinquished the dear patient to the kindly nurse once they arrived.

Spike sensed his Pet’s distress as he knelt dutifully at his Master’s feet and waited for the doctor (or was it vet, S!Xander had no care as to the title – just as long as his dear Chris was restored to health!) The only drama seemed to occur as Spike was told they would need to take the boy for X-rays then had to wait for a suitable doctor to attend, and that it might be five to six hours before they were attended as there were other more urgent cases before them.

Spike was hardly one to wait. He rang his GrandSire immediately and Angelus, who had recently lost Luka, was incensed and called in some ‘favours’ for his Childe.

They were home within the hour, Chris with a ‘modern day’ splint that for the littlies meant that a bath was still an option, and his chin stitched (and licked by Master to speed things along).

Chris was, truth be known, quite OK with all the fuss, and though his arm did throb terribly, he *really* appreciated the cuddles from father… It was always so special when father hugged him. But the thing that would stick in his memory of the whole drama, was the tenderness with which Master lifted the dressing on his chin, purred and told him what a brave ‘young un’ he was before licking the stitched cut… oh the feeling of that cool tongue then the tingle. In that moment he remembered wishing he had a tail to wag like the lucky canine pets, instead all he could do was say a dutiful “Thank you Master”.

On the day the children learned of their father’s turning, it was Chris who smiled. Not just because of his own orientation but in awe of the potential eternity as Pet and Childe to a vampire who truly loved you. That cool tongue, the strength that flowed, the wonderful sense of acceptance… family.

Chris’s arm was mended in a matter of weeks, his other injuries in days. In the end he was struggling to remember what he had the cast on for but, as ever all was well.

There were many more visits to the clinic – most of the low level variety, but Spike *never* held back when it came to health care, if he had Mistress Clarissa would have had his ‘guts for garters’!

S!Xander watched his little lad playing happily in the third week after the cast was removed. The sandpit was his realm, but he was also intelligent, adept at all things physical, and a beautiful little boy… dark brown loose curls, huge brown/black eyes with impossibly long lashes… and the sweetest smile.

S!Xander was still staring through the glass into the walled garden of the nursery/kindergarten. Chris was playing an enthusiastic game of ‘chasey’ with three other brunettes of around the same age, Clarissa’s handlers regularly brought them over to ‘socialise’ the Pets and give group lessons.

His lovely boy was so enthusiastic, and really did try very hard but seemed not to be able to kneel still for more than a few seconds without wriggling…something! When they took him for a walk, Spike gave his leash to a handler, as the lad simply couldn’t help but run ahead or simply stop to look at something that caught his attention. At least he knew to kneel at any crossings, but even then regularly broke form, and there was no way he could be let of the leash except in an enclosed space… Pity… Master Spike didn’t have much time for bad behaviour, S!Xander knew that first hand and just hoped his boy would remain with them, and that Master would not take his manhood – at least until grown.

Spike sidled up behind and slid two loving cool arms around his torso. “Penny for your thoughts Luv?”

“Just… don’t want him… Oh Master… He doesn’t mean to misbehave or get injured… Please don’t’ sell him or cut him Master… Give him a little more time… I’m sure he can be just as good as the girls… Please”

“Told ya before ya daft bastard! None o’ your lot goes anywhere! Just ‘cause the lad took a tumble or can’t do ‘is lessons quite yet – ya think I’m gonna sell ‘im?? Well I’m right…”

Xander was already on his knees in front of his Master but broke all protocol and launched himself to hug the vampire’s knees with genuine relief and gratitude, garnering a round of reassuring kisses and statement, “Ya silly ol’ bugger.”

Chris consequently recovered completely, and really did learn to behave most admirably, though the Pet medico continued to do rather well from the Aurelian Master Spike’s stud.

Poor Pet!Xander had always been confused about this, and it didn’t seem to matter how many time Key!Dawn or Witch!Willow or anyone else tried to explain he *still* prostrated himself at Master’s feet and asked why *he* had to go to the doctor’s when the neighbour’s pet, Barney (admittedly another species) got to go to the Vet!

The girls (and he was still unsure of their status but they were children that was enough) whose hair he methodically, and joyfully braided on a regular basis, had said that Barney was a ‘pet’ and that Dr Vicky down the road specialized in medicine to pets!

Now Witch!Willow and Master were taking him to a hospital for Masters and others – but it really didn’t say “Pets” on the door like Vet Vicky’s… He could read that much! And Master and he had run past Vicky’s many times as part of their morning exercise.

He was now not only in pain, and very, very dizzy, but also on the brink of panic as they sat in the plastic chairs of the Emergency ward.

What if they were going to the wrong place? What if this wasn’t for Pets? What if Master… His head ached so much his ears seemed to be ringing, and the next moment he found himself being lifted from the floor. Unable to make sense of anything but that he had soiled himself for the first time since infancy, he began to cry. Master was there and holding his hand, but still as a kind nurse cleaned him up and put a white and blue pad of something under him, he cried quietly. He was eventually seen to and a doctor – with his Master’s permission – pushed a gloved finger into a place only his Master should go… but Master was there and so was Willow and they kept kissing him on the forehead and nose and telling him it was alright. Then the doctor was talking and said something that made Master growl.

Pet!Xander lay on the bed trying *so* hard not to curl up in pain. He was trying to be good… but he heard the doctor… lots of Pets had this, died from it in the past, not sure what the appendix did but infected it was dangerous and Pet had the beginnings of peritonitis… unless treated immediately… it meant death.

Had his treatment been immediate? He had tried to be so brave, but now just needed Master to know how much he appreciated his life; how much he loved Master; how much… he didn’t want to leave Master… didn’t want to die… just wanted to… stay!!! He began to cry as the medical staff put him in a strange hat and gave him the pre-med then wheeled him through what seemed like endless corridors. But Master was there, he kissed him and said he’d see him soon… but then unbuckled his collar just before he was wheeled into another room!

Too distressed to even hear the anaesthetist, Pet!Xander sent a prayer instead of ‘counting’ as instructed, “Thank you for my Master, Witchtthhh….” Black.

His appendix was removed with a minimum of fuss, but the medical staff at Sunnydale General were sympathetic to the ‘special’ boy and allowed his primary carer, Spike, to enter the recovery room.

The young nurse in charge was visibly moved as a rather worn teddy was delivered into the arms of a still groggy patient and his caring male relative said “There you are Pet” before kissing the innocent boy on the head.

Pet!Xander remembered little of the next two days, Key!Dawn visited with a new colouring book and Witch!Willow did a healing spell, he was awake for that. But the one thing he did know was every moment that his dear Master was present, even dribbling amounts of precious fluid down his throat, even so after two days when he coughed or laughed it still hurt. The nice doctor said he would hurt for a time yet, but Master lifted him effortlessly and carried him to the car.

Back home at Witch!Willows he was tucked him into Master’s big bed, along with teddy and *lots* of pillows, then joy of joys, his collar was returned to its rightful place.

He knew he should do all sorts of things to thank Master but was *so* tired so simply lay back and pulled Master’s hand to him and kissed it. Master sat on the bed and kissed him on the forehead before stroking his collar and claiming mark thoughtfully and saying in that beloved baritone, “Welcome home Pet… gave us all a right scare. Dunno what I’d ‘ve done if it’d all gone wrong… Reckon I love you too much these days Pet. Turnin’ into a right ol’ mother hen I am.”

Pet!Xander immediately tried to sit up and reassure Master but it hurt so he settled for grabbing Master’s hand again, “No! You cannot turn into a chicken! Please Master… not for me?!!! Witch!Willow can help I know she can?! Please Master… I … I would love you of course if… but… I’m not worth…”

He was cut off by a sound ‘snogging’ as Master so crudely put it. In due course he would learn the term ‘turn of phrase’, which to Pet!Xander simply meant ignore it and love Master, though he did nod sagely when it was all explained then simply lay back, pulled teddy in tight and let sleep take him as Master stroked his hair gently.

Master Spike loved him and he loved Master, it was all that mattered.

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