Liz Sumeragi (liz_sumeragi) wrote in bloodclaim,
Liz Sumeragi

Fic Search

er... yeah... I tried to find the fic by myself and I've spent the last to days on that... but till now... nothing...

I don't think I've dreamt the fic because I have it sooo detailed in my mind... but I remember that Xander was in the hospital, comatose for some reason or another and would never wake up again and all the scoobies but Anya (and Spike, I think) gave up on him... and Anya was mad with wanting revange and all so she made a spell (??) and called forth Vamp!Xander so he could avange Xander. Vamp!Xander killed all the scoobies but Spike and Anya finally went away. The last scene was when Vamp!Xander entered Xander's hospital room and kissed him in the forehead (I think) and swore to protect him...

I think it was an one-shot pre-slash fic...

help, please??

ETA: Found... it's Eye for an Eye and a soul for a soul by luxshine
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