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Announcing "The Five Things/Five Years Spanderthon!"

On November 30th, bloodclaim will be five four years old. That both stuns and delights me.

(ETA2: It has since been pointed out to me by the lovely ponders_life, that is is four not five years since the creation of this lovely comm. Apparently I am incapable of simple maths right now. *headdesk* Regardless, the fives 'thon remains in place. next year I'll just have to come up with something else. Yeesh.)

It stuns me to think that it's been five four years since a love of Spander took over my life and made me create a comm, and then had me popping up in the journals of total strangers (and writers I revered!) to nag them into joining and posting their fic in my new happy place.

It delights me to see that there are now over 950 members posting and commenting and keeping the Spander love alive. ♥

We need to celebrate the occasion, with...

The Five Things/Five Years Spanderthon!

A lot of you have probably seen various iterations of the 'Five Things' meme that's been jumping from fandom to fandom. As it's bloodclaim's fifth fourth anniversary, I can't think of a better theme for the celebration than a flood of Spandery 'Five Things' posts.

Imagine 'Five Things Willow Heard' or 'Five Things Buffy Saw' or 'Five Things That Xander Says Must not Be Used As Sex Toys (Ever Again!)'. It could be 'Five Times Spike and Xander Didn't Have Sex', 'Five Times Xander had To Bail Spike Out (Or Vice Versa)', 'Five Things They Should Never Have Used As Lube'. Or what about 'Five Ways Spike and Xander Might Have Got Together', or 'Five Demons Who Tried To Take Xander Away From Spike', or 'Five Hawaiian Shirts And The Ways Spike Destroyed Them'.

And if the idea of writing Five Things doesn't appeal, we have an alternative Five - Five Years After X Happened - with 'X' being left entirely up to you. It could be anything from 'Five Years After The Destruction of Sunnydale' to 'Five Years After Their First Kiss' to 'Five Years After The Apocalypse' to 'Five Years After Xander Came Back' to 'Five Years After Spike Came Home With that Damn Cat'.

Start thinking in fives, people! And feel free to add more 'fives' suggestions in comments. You might inspire great things!

If you're planning to participate, a comment here would be nice, but isn't necessary. Just make sure you post the goodies on Friday 30th November and not before! (Saturday and Sunday are also acceptable posting days, FYI. ;) )

ETA: Five Things icon sets are also acceptable. The more the merrier, right? *g*

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