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Title: Dr. Spike
Author: jasonsnene
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
Warnings: m/m, doctor!kink, AU/AR, um other kinky stuff probably
Summary: Xander goes to the doctor. He gets very thoroughly examined. 

**Dedicated to my very own Qui Gon (you know who you are).  You didn't think I'd do it did ya?**

A/N:  To steal an expression from ash_carpenter, this is just dirty!bad!wrong!  

This is my first post to this community and I'm adding this on the request of another member here who thought you guys might like it.  So, let me know if I didn't post something correctly. 

Xander sat in the waiting room, trying to stop his knees from bouncing but couldn’t. He was so nervous. He tried to tell himself that he was doing the right thing, getting himself checked out, but really, it wasn’t like he had experience with someone touching him *there*. 
But of course that was the whole problem. He really wanted someone to touch him *there*. He’d tried a little experimenting himself but it just hurt too badly. Xander was beginning to think something was wrong. Which was why he was now sitting at this far from Sunnydale clinic, waiting for someone to take a look at his private parts and tell him that everything was working correctly.
After what seemed like hours, his name was finally called and he went back to the little room. The nurse checked his vitals and handed him a robe. He blushed and stammered as she instructed him to strip down, put on the robe and sit on the table.
Her parting words that the doctor would be with him in a moment did nothing to calm his nerves. The moment was almost upon him and now he was thinking he was crazy to do this. He was sure he was fine. Not everyone liked things going *there* did they? Maybe he was one of those?
Xander sighed again. But he really wanted to put something *there*. Well, to have someone else put something *there*. And how the hell did he expect that to happen when he could only refer to it as *there*?
The door opened and the doctor walked inside the room. Xander’s blush deepened when he caught his first glimpse of the doctor. He was young and gorgeous with blond hair slicked back perfectly. His white doctor’s coat was open and revealed a trim muscular body. 
Xander realized he was getting aroused and tried desperately to shift the gown to cover his burgeoning erection. The doctor didn’t seem to notice his movements though and shifted his chart, looking through the notations.
“So, Mr. Harris, what can I help you with today?” The doctor looked at him expectantly and Xander tried to think how to explain this without dying of either embarrassment or arousal.
He sat there mutely for a moment and the doctor continued. “It’s okay, Mr. Harris. I’m a doctor. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” He smiled what Xander expected was supposed to be a comforting smile but it only served to send a jolt straight to Xander’s growing cock.
“Um…well….you see…um…Doctor…um….what was your name again?” Xander lowered his head to his hands, mortified as his mumblings.
“I’m Dr. Spike. Please Mr. Harris,” he paused and glanced at the chart, “Xander, you can tell me.”
“Well, I, um, reallywanttotryanalsex and cantgetanythingtofeelgood.” Xander rushed his way through the explanation, hoping the doctor was able to understand so he wouldn’t have to repeat it.
“Okay. So you are wanting to try anal penetration and haven’t been successful?” Dr. Spike watched Xander’s face redden. “Can you tell me what you have tried?”
“Um..I, well, boughtadildo and it just hurt and I triedafinger but that just felt weird and…this is stupid. What am I thinking? I’ll just go.”
Dr Spike reached out a hand and stopped Xander from moving. “Mr. Harris, it’s quite normal for the first time to be painful. If you’ve only tried a toy, you may not have had good luck on your own. Why don’t you let me take a look and we’ll make sure everything is okay?”
Xander nodded, his head hanging. Dr. Spike slid the gown from his shoulders and Xander tried to cover his now weeping erection as it was revealed. “Now, why don’t you climb up on the table and get on your hands and knees.”
Xander did as instructed and heard the doctor opening and closing drawers to gather supplies. Then he heard the snap of a latex glove covering a hand and the sound caused his cock to jump again. 
Doctor Spike approached Xander and placed a comforting hand on his ass cheek. “Now, Xander, I’m going to use my finger and feel around inside you to make sure everything is okay. Just relax for me.”
Xander felt something cold and slick cover his hole before the press of a finger penetrated through his tight hole. He couldn’t stop from grimacing in pain as the finger delved deep inside his body.
“You’re very tight, Xander. I can see how it may have been painful for you.” As he spoke, Dr. Spike was slowly thrusting his finger in and out of Xander. The sensations were causing Xander to whimper and moan but he tried to keep it quiet. 
“Now, Xander, I’m going to add another finger to stretch you out a little more so I can get a better look. Just let me know if it hurts to badly.” When Xander nodded, the doctor added a second finger, slowly stretching his hole and sinking through the tight ring of muscles.
Xander couldn’t hold back his moan as he felt the doctor’s long fingers stroking deep inside of him. “You’re doing great, Xander. I’m just getting you stretched out a little more.” 
Xander whimpered when the doctor removed his fingers. “Now, I’m going to slide this stretcher in so I can take a look inside. Let me know if it’s too much.” Xander felt the press of the tool at his opening and then it was inside him. The doctor maneuvered it a little, stretching him open gently and Xander looked over his shoulder to see Dr. Spike using a small penlight to look inside his body. 
Dr. Spike looked inside him for several minutes before sliding the tool out gently. “Everything looks good, Xander. You doing okay?”
Xander again nodded. “Okay, now I’m just going to show you a few things. Just tell me if you want me to stop.”
Xander felt the slick fingers pressing against him again and he dropped his head to the exam table, trying to hold himself still and not push back against the doctor’s hand. “Now Xander, this is your prostate.” With his words, Dr. Spike stroked something inside him and Xander arched his back and couldn’t stop himself from pushing back.
“That’s good, Xander. It’s supposed to feel good. Does it feel good, Xander?”
Xander gasped out a yes and the doctor continued to brush his fingers across that secret place inside him. “When you have anal sex, this is what makes it feel so good.” 
“It feels really good, Doctor.” Xander would have done anything to keep the doctor inside him. Dr. Spike stroked Xander’s ass with his free hand and continued to slide his fingers in him.
The doctor’s hand slid down and cupped Xander’s balls. “Some men like to have their balls played with while they are having sex. Do you like that Xander?” Xander dropped his head down so he could watch the doctor’s hand stroke his balls.
“Yes. Oh God, that feels so good.” The hand tugged gently at his sac and rolled his balls around talented fingers. 
“Some men like to have their cocks stroked while they are penetrated. Do you like that, Xander?” Dr. Spike grasped his cock and started pulling it while Xander continued to watch. 
Xander couldn’t stop himself from thrusting his hips forward, into the doctor’s hand and then back onto the fingers still buried inside him. “Yes, Doctor.”
“Do you want me to show you more, Xander?”
“Oh please, please show me.” Xander was nearly hysterical with desire as the doctor’s hands expertly managed his body.
He felt the doctors hands leave him and whimpered, not wanting it to stop. Then Dr. Spike’s hands grasped his hips and slid him back on the table. His legs were guided open and he straddled the table with his ass hanging over the edge. 
Dr. Spike fumbled around behind him again and he felt something bigger push at his opening. “This is a model of a penis Xander. I’m going to put it inside you now. Do you want me to, Xander?”
Xander nodded and he felt himself breached again and the model was gently thrust inside of him. The doctor moved it in and out slowly and Xander gasped and grasped the side of the table as it was slid deep inside him.
“That’s very good Xander. You can take it, can’t you. You can take a cock up your ass. Do you like it? Do you want me to keep going?”
Xander nearly yelled his yes as the plastic cock brushed against his prostate and his whole body began to tingle.
“Do you want to feel me inside you Xander? Do you want a real cock inside your body?”
“Yes, yes, please.” Xander was reduced to mindless begging as his body was overwhelmed with pleasure. The doctor slid the model penis from him and he heard it drop to the counter. 
Then he heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper lowering and the doctor moved between his legs. “Tell me you want this Xander. Tell me you want me to fuck you.”
“Please, Dr. Spike. Please fuck me. Show me how it’s done. Please, oh please fuck me.” Xander ended his begging on a wail and he felt Dr. Spike’s cock pushing against his opening. 
It was so big, and it hurt more going in than the model but he was being stretched and filled and after a few moments it didn’t hurt as much and he began to move his hips, moving onto the cock buried inside him.
Dr. Spike grabbed his hips and held Xander still as he began to pump inside and Xander gripped the table harder and encouraged the doctor with his moans and by moving his hips as much as he could. 
One hand left his hip and reached down to pull his cock from between his body and the table. Dr. Spike wrapped his hand tightly around the base and leaned over Xander so that he was nearly whispering in his ear.
“I don’t want you to come yet, Xander. Can you hold it for me? Hold onto it and don’t come and it’ll feel so good. Can you do that for me Xander?”
Xander whimpered and moved his hand down and replaced the doctors hand with his own. He squeezed tightly, trying to hold back his orgasm but it was so hard and he wanted to come so badly.
Dr Spike sped up and pumped into him hard and fast for a few moments before Xander felt himself be filled with something warm and wet. The doctor had just come up his ass and Xander was nearly mindless at the mere idea, much less the actual feeling.
Dr. Spike kept himself buried inside Xander’s body and reached around to grab Xander’s waist and guide him to a sitting position. He arranged Xander so that he was leaning back against his body, so that they were back to chest, and then Dr. Spike reached around him and grabbed his cock again. 
“Now Xander. I want you to come now.” With his words, Dr. Spike stroked his cock hard and fast and Xander felt his release shoot from his body and cover the table and the doctor’s hand. 
He collapsed back against Dr. Spike and felt warm lips press to his neck. “You did very well, Xander. I’m really proud of you.” Dr. Spike slid his softened cock from Xander, who whimpered with the loss. Then he eased Xander back down onto the table and used some paper toweling to wipe him up. 
When he was finished, he helped Xander sit up and helped him back into his clothes. Xander was barely conscious much less able to think and he stood there and allowed the doctor to move his body and redress him.
Then Dr. Spike placed a gentle kiss to Xander’s lips. “I think we should schedule a follow up. How about tomorrow night, 7pm? I’ll pick you up.”
Xander couldn’t help the big smile that came across his face and he looked up into Dr. Spike’s blue eyes before responding. 
“I think I will definitely need a follow up. Tomorrow night works for me.” Then he felt Dr. Spike kissing him again and he didn’t think any more.
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