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Never Time Enough # 15

Title: Never Time Enough
Author: Part 1 50ftqueenie… then rngrdead – Ch 2 and beyond
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations
Rating: NC-17 (or MA 15+ or R?) There is violence and sex and vampires, and boys.
Summary: Xander comes back from the past with a secret.
Note From 50ftqueenie: This can stand on its own as a ficlet, but honestly I know there's more to this story. Eventually I might revisit and do my own version….

previous parts

Part 15

Waking mid morning, rather *over* warm under two douvets, Xander left the bed grabbed the controls from the wall. He squinted at the LCD screen as it lit up with his touch, then turned down the real heater in their room - the fire place was still functional and wonderful, but a directable heating and cooling system suited to the century had been recently installed in their suite at ceiling level.

He then lay awake for a while worrying a little that a) he was still feeling the effects of the amount of champagne – and Spike – imbibed on the previous night, and b) the business meeting in the morning.

This newly returned lord of the manor had apparently remembered his true talents since finding his Consort returned - astute and careful businessman, one quite capable of managing not only a large estate, but also a not so insignificant fortune accrued over the years, his carefully constructed portfolio simply gaining value in his years away from Europe.

It only dawned on Xander in their third week at the estate that a proportion of the money from Will’s designated Aurelian investments must have been constantly put back into the maintenance of the estate via a legal agreement in the 1950s. Then also realized the reason for Angel’s willingness to assist and release more of the funds for the refurbishment, and even more significantly, one that signed William Aurelius joint control, giving Spike free reign to their Swiss accounts. Dru was hardly one to manage… anything and apparently Angel really did remember William’s penchant for all matters financial in the human world, not to mention his own enjoyment of the ‘Kyldman Estate’ before his ensoulment.

Xander grinned as he remembered the look of incredulity then genuine joy on his Mate’s face as confirmation of the fund’s status came through, and felt immense pride to recall the ease with which Spike (his William) took control of all matters financial.

Half the people and demons in the room had already heard of him or had dealings, yet they had only been in England for just under six weeks!

But then that was not so unusual – it had always been William

On his second waking for the day, Xander didn’t bother to try to return to sleep, opting instead to indulge the memories he retained of their last day a century or more ago. He had resolved to ring Giles today, and Willow, then Angel (reluctantly) for good measure (the latter was also to give his dear Mate an excuse to talk to his Grandsire). With all the research, someone *must* know something by now. He *had* to know that it would not happen again!

The pain of the last moments was forever emblazoned on his soul, but for now, just for this moment he allowed himself to rejoice in the now bed warmed ‘snuggler’ at his side, any twitch or shift evoking a corresponding wriggle and rewrapping of the lithe body so that maximum contact was maintained. It felt right, comfortable and again he remembered and tried to trace back.


It seemed that Angelus arrived at the estate at every opportunity, usually with Drusilla if Darla was absent, but more often when the ‘girls were out’. Despite Darla’s impatience with Drusilla, she was more than happy to have a girls’ night out with a minion to control her grandchilde needs be. Males were sometimes *so* tiresome.

Strangely the Consort/Mate found the presence of the Grandsire rather welcome. William adored his Grandsire, and the presence of Aurelian ‘royalty’, particularly one with such a reputation and so noble in looks, was very much enjoyed by Mistress Josephine Crent’ath at any soirée she cared to trump up when his visit was imminent. Consequently many a fine night of entertainment was had by all and Mistress Josephine reveled in her growing reputation as *the* social beacon not only for Surrey but the entire London set also.

Truth be known that apart from his charm, and reasonable grasp of languages, Angelus sometimes struggled with the recitals, readings and mini-plays. Oh the Grandsire had no trouble enticing one or other of the ‘help’ off for a free feed – even eaten a hapless violin player in his time, however Xander always enjoyed seeing his dear Mate lean over to whisper in his Grandsire’s ear regards the performance if Angelus looked even the least bit uncomfortable.

William was always very discrete, making it look like a quick peck on his Grandsire’s neck or a short whisper regards some lady opposite – depending on their fellow patrons of the arts. Inevitably the advice was needed – and very much appreciated. The humans (or demons for that matter) in the audience never saw the subtle exchange of blood given in thanks, but the consort did, and always smiled, Angelus might be bigger and stronger and somewhat cultured since becoming a vampire, certainly had a taste for luxury and was no fool… but William was *so* much more.

Xander had learned that as a human, his mate was privately tutored in the classics, including Latin, Ancient History and French; he was also an avid reader and decent mathematician by the time he was seventeen. He had read Law at Cambridge until his father’s sudden demise, then taken a position as articles clerk with an establishment well known to his deceased father. At least this assisted the family finances, particularly after his mother too, became ill.

Xander was in awe as he learned of William’s talents, and remaining knowledge of what it meant to be a 19C gentleman during their first year… and loved him all the more.

His beloved vampire had been, and still was, an accomplished cello player, and could also play the piano with skill – and both seemed to have endured even after turning - something that thrilled their dowager Mistress Crent’ath. And there was more than one night that Consort Xander felt rather jealous of the cello as he listened to the lilting music of this or that chamber piece and watched as the instrument between his dear vampire’s legs was lovingly fingered, bowed and stroked, consequently resonating its joyful sound, and knowing just how well *he* could be ‘played’ by those beautiful pale hands were he in that position.

One evening the Mistress had seen the Consort’s pout and sidled up behind him following the applause and the guests moving to take tea.

A slight tap on the shoulder announced her presence, “Master William is quite accomplished, though I have yet to see a more passionate performance. Perhaps his technique might have improved had his Consort been happier about the event… I doubt that you would be so happy to perform in public under his expert ministrations… Hmmm??”

Xander blushed profusely, forced back his tiny fangs and willed his erection down (the latter unsuccessfully). A minute or two later as he and the Mistress excused themselves to find refreshment, his pheromones were still uncontrolled and revealed his lustful thoughts… he really should have known… demons and a good sense of smell!!

He whispered “I’m sorry it’s just…” Lady Josephine snickered a little then flung open a peacock feathered fan with a flourish that spelt some practice.

“Oh my *dear* boy! One should always remember one’s *primal* needs. Else wise where would we all be? I too have oft found myself wishing I was my dear Neville’s pipe – being held by those loving lips for most of each day… nothing wrong with feeling jealousy over an inanimate object, but my love… the fun is in the telling! Let your lovely Master Vampire know your lust… it is only right!” And with a push from the dear Mistress, he cornered William in the anti chamber as the young vampire began to carefully pack away his instrument into a soft leather cover.

“Mistress said I… Oh Will… next time let it be me between your legs… pleeee…”

It was all he got out as his vampire mate grabbed his shoulders, slammed him against the wall and claimed his lips. The kiss was followed by a blood exchange that reminded them both of how very lucky they were to have each other, followed by a loving slap from William to finish the exchange.

“You dolt! Near as put me off me piece! All those wonderful smells rolling off you! Wondered what was up! Well apart from you and I o’ course! Now grab me music and let’s you and I make peace with the lady o’ the house and get us somewhere horizontal!”

Lady Josephine grinned knowingly as Xander stifled a giggle when he was literally dragged up the stairs after the two had been most gracious and formally taken their leave of the mistress and her guests.

A dark figure in the rear of the room moved forward as the two men disappeared to their shared rooms. “The time is near. Would it not be wise to inform the young master?”

Lady Josephine’s demeanor changed instantly, “Would it change anything?”


“Then let them have their happiness.” In a sea of lilac taffeta she swirled away from the dark mage, immediately in ‘hostess mode’ once more.

William had left his cello downstairs, so the only thing between his legs was indeed his dear consort, his Mate.

Xander had made quick work of both their sets of clothes but was now taking a *very* long time to work his way up his lover’s body.

William had long since given in to being caressed and lay across ten or so pillows and cushions, arms akimbo, legs spread wide and full erection leaking just a little of his interest onto his taut stomach in a debauched pose that would have made any ‘modern erotica’ painter blush.

Xander sucked toes, licked and caressed each strong calf then thigh and nuzzled the much loved nether regions of his vampire, nipping him… just… there(!) before swiftly covering his pale lover with his own body, forcing their equally hard erections together.

He let the moment take him and ground their bodies together, claiming his lover’s mouth for a time then baring his neck. It was the final straw for William, so used to being in charge, he whispered, “Take me tonight, please… just take me” before burying his fangs in his lover’s jugular vein. Three pulls later he got his wish.

Xander waited for the beloved tongue to lick the wound, ensuring complete healing within hours, then reached for a small pot of scented tallow and greased them both liberally being particularly gentle with his dear one. For some reason this night felt particularly special. It was close to their third anniversary, he put it down to that.

A world away in London, a newly returned Darla was whispering in Dru’s ear. She hated that the runt of the family was so comfy in a house somewhere out of her reach. She was tired of the ‘just going to visit my boy’ Angelus; tired of putting up with the insane female whenever she was home; and that Consort! For all the kudos it brought the family, it was time things changed.

The enraged Grande Dame had the plan planted by her darling Master during her last visit *without* Angelus *again*!

Drusilla had the magical ability, all it would take was an object and a spell… the only hitch being the not so small task of having Drusilla cast said spell accurately and at the most appropriate time… when both ‘boys’ were in repose. So close to sunrise was a given.

That night she satisfied Angelus’ needs swiftly and left him to sleep off the combination of a decent amount of fine brandy and good two rounds of sex before ‘attending’ her grandchilde that she might be rid of the mad woman once and for all. With William free of his Mate, his Sire would be his primary concern, leaving Angelus to her whenever she chose!

Drusilla was fortunately in rather a lucid mood, and more than willing to participate. Darla had her kneel in the centre of the circle of candles and handed her a rather odd faceted, crystal orb. It had an overly ornate gold stand and clearly was rather suited to the ‘middle classes’.


Xander had entered and was entered, his demon Consort/Mate status blessing him with the same stamina as his dear partner.

In the end they both lay side by side stroking each other gently, sated, leaking their partners’ seed just enough to remind them and make for a loving smile as lips were caressed by lips and legs intertwined, just to remind each other that they were indeed, as one.

They had made love, they had fed, life and unlife was…

In an instant, torn away!

As Angelus slept, Drusilla, with Darla’s encouragement, chanted, and the portal opened for only one.

Xander’s legs were sucked in first, torn from their satisfied repose, he was tugged, stretched, wrenched, from his lover’s arms and into the swirling abyss.

He remembered William’s cries of anguish, could still see him, wanted to touch but then there was… white.


Xander was shifted from his reverie by a soft touch and baritone rumble, “Penny for your thoughts Luv.”

He buried his face in the strong pale chest and gave in to a life time and a half of grief.

Spike held on for a while before he too gave in to the anguish of a hundred years without his dear Mate, and began to recall, for Xander’s benefit, the events that followed his disappearance.


Lady Josephine had been beside herself. The entire household had felt the magical jolt and reacted with horror as the truth of what had occurred became evident. She sent a messenger to Angelus at once but it was two days before the large Irish vampire arrived at her doorstep. Two days too late as far as she was concerned and had her own informants. She was in no doubt as to *who* had been behind the dimensional tear (if that’s what it should be called)

Bereft and not eating, William hardly recognized his Grandsire, and Angelus struggled with the grief stricken fledge. He had no experience with Mate vampires and had his own problems with Drusilla and Darla, so simply fed the boy then left, promising the Lady Josephine that he would return at the earliest convenience. Darla had other ideas.

Consequently William was in a haze of grief stricken opium and alcohol for weeks.
Several of Josephine’s staff had managed to collect him over time: once sitting in the middle of a country road in the pelting rain; the second time hugging a cross in the local cemetery, skin smoking; third was an arrested attempt at drinking holy water; but the final straw was the sunrise incident. At that point the Lady Josephine knew they had to call his Grandsire.

It was only the fast action of her dear Gretel, the kitchen hand, that saved the dear Master. Up just before dawn, the girl had been headed for the market garden to collect parsley for the morning breakfast when she spied the young William. He was sprawled at the start of the barley field, rear of the house. A few minutes later and there would have been no sign of his existence bar for an addition to the ash on the soil below.

The Lady promised to keep the house going and was happy for the funds, but equally as happy to pass the dear grief ridden boy to his Grandsire.

Had he been in less pain William would have realized his GrandSire’s concern. Instead, in those first few days, he was cared for as the excruciating pain became dust worthy agony then constant crippling cramps. And oh how he was… falling…

He had thought that if he just froze… a cold body, found and buried again… or better… heated up in the ultimate goodbye as the cremation furnace took the ‘John Doe’ to his final rest. At least he would feel… warm… for just a moment.

His Xander was gone. His Mate had been torn from his grasp… if only he had held on tighter!

Angelus came to collect him again, took his shoulders in a tight grasp that allowed no argument and let him inside but not before an icy drip fell from the tip of his nose and met a tear on his chin, before both salty tributes to despair hit the ground.

It was four weeks but the ache never left, but tonight was augmented by memories of other cold nights, and of a warm presence and quiet dialogue and caring hug.

Now his only solace was to steal out and stand in the icy down pour wishing he were a tree, or a simple statue, the former benefiting, the latter ambivalent.

It was always Angelus who came to collect him, for months and several years later, the punishments and apparent disdain (when Darla was present) slowly molding ‘Spike’. His need to look after his Sire more and more important, and the abandonment/ensoulment of his Grandsire (unexplained by the Grand Bitch incumbent Darla) left him with little choice. He adored her, threw everything he had always felt for his Mate into his care for her. She was his all until… she walked away.

And all those years she had carted around the orb. And all those years he had adored she who had taken… him.


In the end, how the orb came to Sunnydale was rather… Well it was just odd and the whole rift thing… maybe it was a book thing, but as Xander remembered… he also remembered… He remembered William’s distress, his own inability to help and watching William become Spike, be hurt, be abused, be… Xander hugged his dear mate close again and Spike instinctively melted into the embrace.

They had a way to go before all was well but just here, just now… Xander just needed to find that orb!

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