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Fic search!

I cannot belelive I somehow lost this fic.
I've searched for it on my own, but have had very little luck.

It was very, very well written and a WIP.
Xander is transported from present day, into the past.
He has all his memories and knowledge but is in his 16 year old body again.
Its almost like he has another chance to make things not as wonky as they turned out.
He visits Lorne in LA. who gives him a pendent so that way no one can read his mind and found out that he kinda knows the future.
And few bits I can remember is he has the Hyena and the Soldier inside him
as separate people almost.
Xander gets recruited by the Army and has to go away for the summer to train.
Umm.. near where I lost the story Xander is living in a huge house and
Oz moves in to keep him company.
I think it was season 1 it was set in.

Im pretty sure it was either posted or at least mentioned here.
Anyone have any ideas?
Need more info?

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