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Fic Search - Spander Multi-Part

Hello all.  I'm searching for a fic I read over a year ago (at least).  It's stuck in my mind and I can't find it anywhere.

The fic is long, or a multi-part.  It takes place around Season 4 or 5.  Xander, who has been living with Spike in his basement leaves his basement for an apartment.  Buffy and Willow take over and interview prospective roommates for Xander.  Willow and Oz are still in a relationship -- they meet up with an original male character who they both like and (if I'm remembering right) start a threesome relationship.  The original male character finds out about supernatural things being real at some point in the story.  I think Spike ends up living with Xander again - it may be after he's had another roommate, but I'm not sure.

Does anyone have any ideas?  If so, please help!  Thanks in advance. ^_^


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