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Loyal & Gentle - dentist

A trifle - really all just care and comfort on a day I need some

Title: Loyal and Gentle Author: rngrdead
Archived at: Here only.
Pairing: Xander/Spike Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes. Also species manipulation & dark themes.
Summary: Petxander is very childlike purpose bred and pampered... and yet... when a dimensional shift pushes the two between their realms... Poor Master? Poor Pet!!? .
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here! Not BDSM but slavery of sorts
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

It was the first time S!Xander had been injured since his turning – well *really injured.

The dear Pet/Childe and Spike were sparring rather enthusiastically, both in full game face, when a flying kick (beautifully executed) connected with a fledge of twenty years’ right jaw.

The resulting crash to the ground sealed the canine tooth’s fate, but Spike picked up the complete with root, bloodied canine with care, then yelled for a jar of milk and a car, the former to preserve the tooth for a few minutes, the latter to take his Childe to the best possible demon dentist.

Dr Svarkian was most welcoming of vampires. His daughter Estelle who normally assisted, did her best, but excused herself as the Master Vampire Spike held his Childe’s head in a vice-like grip and the fang was forcibly shoved back in, root and all as Xander screamed for what seemed like minutes, then finally passed out.

The loss of a fang for a fledgling vampire was comparable to the loss of any vital appendage of a human.

They had been engaged in a sparring that was not just full speed, but also, full strength. And full strength and speed for a Master meant when the round house kick had connected and Xander was spun and flung headlong toward the weapons cabinet, colliding with it in full game face, unfortunately it was the fang (and a cheek bone) that took to full impact.

Now he was lovingly, apologetically, fed from his Sire’s blood as soon as he came *painfully* to, but sadly was still stuck in game face due to the trauma. He needed to (rather embarrassedly) feed from his Sire’s chest ‘on the other side’, where the pressure on the tooth and the injured cheek was reduced due to the angle, and begged a little. But Sire was so gentle (so worried!) as he was directed to an already open wound, that he simply gave in to his demon instinct and his long time human love for his Master of many years. He suckled and let himself shed a few tears, was stroked then took more blood before the wound closed.

Spike pulled him in tight and comforted him during and after the devoted pet fed. His beloved Childe! Spike had simply forgotten that his dear one, his sweet vampire, was only still, technically, a fledge at twenty years turned.

He had work to do tonight so nodded to the young demon who regularly assisted with the breeding nursery. Consequently, a very upmarket, sheepskin covered pet bag, along with the softest of throw rugs, was delivered to his study.

Spike eased the now sleeping but still bruised and slightly swollen faced Xander, onto the pet bag, tucked the rug around him and took to his desk. It should only be a few days until his brunette pet was healed, but in the meantime, doing a bit of coddling felt… right.


They were sitting at the South Sunnydale Dental Clinic, for his six pm emergency appointment and poor Pet!Xander was curled up on the chair next to Master. He was trying to be *so* good but his whole head ached and his tooth was throbbing and he hadn’t slept for days and… and…

“Alexander Aurelius?”

Master squeezed his hand and stood and he knew that he was expected to stand behind Master when in ‘public’. The young dental assistant led them into the surgery but Pet!Xander was feeling rather ‘under the weather’ and began to shake as the girl insisted he lie on a strange reclining chair. This was like the chairs he’d heard others talk about. The chairs where Master held their hand, and there were goodbyes!!!

Master was there though and encouraged him, “C’mon Pet, nice lady just wants t’ check out the problem in yer teeth, OK? And I’ll be right here… you’re scared and you just squeeze for my hand… I’m right here.”

The Sunnydale Spike’s own experiences of dentists had been horrendous before he was turned. And there were plenty of tales of wrong teeth being pulled out, folks dying of infection, or terribly mentally scarred as the ether was overdosed or laughing gas ill applied in the eighteen hundreds.

Mother and he had happily avoided the dentist for as long as he was alive… and as a consequence, he still had all his teeth – including his ‘wisdoms’, which was apparently unusual these days.

Pet!Xander was fixed with a bib and glasses and grasped Master’s hand for strength as he held his mouth open dutifully, as instructed. The pretty, dark haired lady in a white coat and mask pulled a very bright light down and put various instruments into the masked man’s… the dentist’s… hands.

She was kind and told him he could ‘rinse’ meaning that he took a big gulp of the pink liquid then was told to spit it down the strange round sink. He had already swallowed some of it but Master said that was acceptable and stroked his hair.

The dentist didn’t fail to notice the distress of the charge, the care of the relative, or the pedigree of the same, and made to explain.

“Mr Aurelius is it?” Spike simply nodded.

“It appears that the enamel on his right sixth upper has been breached – largely I think due to a crack… biting on something hard at some stage years ago, but that’s of little relevance. What is causing the pain is that there is some decay, but I think we can save the tooth – any worse and it might be better to do a root canal or even a bridge.”

Canal! He’d seen them in Willow’s old encyclopaedias - they were *huge* and had water… But even Pet!Xander discounted that as silly. A bridge however? KeyDawn had had a bridge and that did happen in your mouth.

He pondered that there were probably several types. He had seen pet children with bridges and Stacey, the free range pet from over the road, had metal all over her teeth and it was all terrible and expensive and painful. He had even seen Stacey crying one day when he was braiding her hair because they had tied her bridges together with rubber bands. She told him that it was only for a couple of years and would ‘fix up her smile’.

Pet!Xander thought she had a very nice smile already and now panicked about his own. He knew that the Pets in his life before the shift, were punished for not looking pleased enough (and in some cases that *was* true) but he was better bred than that.

He would have kept worrying but Master squeezed his hand, said “Just breathe deep love” as he put a mask over Pet!Xander’s face.

The gentle other dimension human then felt a strange floating sensation and after only a minute or two couldn’t help giggling a little as a large syringe came toward him and pushed a small amount of local anaesthetic into his gum near the offending tooth.

The bicuspid was drilled carefully and filled with a white paste that became solid with a funny beeping noise from the lady with the blue light that made him giggle and cry all at the same time.

By the time he was led to the car by Master, he knew his tooth was better, he was embarrassed to still drool a little, felt more ‘himself’ after all the giggling, and was relieved not to have had any ‘bridges’ put in.

He was congratulated for his bravery by Dawn’s youngest daughter as they arrived home, but was simply happy to curl up at Master’s feet, then accepting the “C’mon Pet, up here”, lying relaxed on the couch and placing his head in Master’s lap and delighting in the feeling of his hair being stroked rhythmically as he fell asleep to blessed Master’s baritone, “You did *so* well Pet… So brave… So proud of you...”

His last thought before falling into the land of nod was that having a tooth ache again wouldn’t be so very bad, so long as Master was there to help.


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