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Xander Harris - Undercover 
29th-Oct-2007 02:51 am
Title: Xander Harris - Undercover 33/40

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X with a side of W/G
Summary: Xander is drifting, looking for a purpose in life.
One that finally comes clear when he spots a certain
hairdresser by the name of Mr. William. Xander
immediately begins planning and plotting to win over
this scrumptious man. Of course nothing worth having
ever comes easily.
Genre: Comedy, romance. HAU
Warnings: The usual bad language as well as graphic m/m sexual
activities. Also warned of hints of poultry perversions.
Disclaimer: I Own or have claim on none of the characters or products
used and named in this story and no profit is made.
Feedback: Much appreciated. It encourages me to continue.

Special thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner and her patience and
willingness to preread and comment on my stories.

Xander whooped and dashed toward the living room, Spike closing in quickly.
Just before he had the chance to maneuver to the left, Spike leaped,
tackling Xander from behind and knocking them both over the back of the sofa.

Landing on the couch on his back, Xander was still laughing as Spike
settled in on top of him. Setting up, straddling Xander's hips, Spike
looked down with an evil glint in his eyes.

"Fuddy Duddy, huh? I'll teach you, you young whipper snapper, just what
a fuddy duddy can do!"

With that he dug his bony fingers into Xander's sides tickling him
unmercifully. Screeching and squirming, Xander did his best to
either knock Spike off him or wiggle out from under.


Spike reared up straight and turned to see Wes and Gunn standing
just inside the front door. Both men had a look of confusion and
concern on their faces.

Wes's held another one no one wanted to name.
Obviously they had run in on the unexpected sound of
screams and shouts.

"Hey, you're home. This is Xander. Say hello Xander."

Xander sat up as best as he could with the other man still firmly planted
on his lap. Still laughing he tried to not show any recognition of the men
he remembered from the pictures he had taken. He couldn't however, control
the blush that came to his cheeks when he recalled the fantasies.


Spike turned his attention back to the young man under him.

"Xander here thinks I'm an old man so I'm proving to him
what an old man can do. Actually I think he's just jealous cause
I can chair dance better than him."

"No way! You looked like a man in the electric chair when the first
charge hits."

Spike dove in for another tickle as Xander tried swatting away his hands.
Giving up, Spike latched on to Xander's wrists and pinned his hands over his
head. All the wrestling had both men hard and leaking again and this time
they knew there would be no stopping. They had all but forgotten their
audience was still watching.

Slowly Spike lowered himself down till he lay flat on Xander's body. He
wriggled and moved as the larger man underneath him panted, his chest
rising with the deep breaths he sucked in.

Finally Spike landed. Lips on lips, wrists still held in the almost painful clamp
of those same teasing fingers. Xander immediately arched up to meet him,
spreading his legs and giving Spike room to settle in.

Both men moaned as the kiss deepened and their bodies rocked together.

Wes stood frozen. His heart and stomach twisted at the look of pure
joy and bliss on Spike's face. It was the look he had tried for two years to
put there and never even came close. It was as beautiful as he always
knew it would be. He wanted to watch. He wanted to turn and run.

Part of him wanted to go over and demand to know who this intruder
was and where he had come from. He wanted to know how long this
had been going on. Part of him knew none of that mattered. He
had never been the one. If they had gone on for years, he would never
be the one to put that look on Spike's face and that was what hurt the most.

"Come on, Wes. Let's go upstairs and leave them be."
Gunn had stepped up and with his arm around Wes's waist whispered
low in his ear.

Wes jumped, startled. Turning his head he was shocked to see it. The
look, the love, the passion, and even the concern. It was all there in
Gunn's face.
It was all there for him. He had been looking for love in the wrong

Wes turned his back to the couple on the couch and kissed Gunn lightly
on the lips. He might have placed all his eggs in the wrong basket but,
thank God, it was not too late to switch them over. And fact was
nobody had a nicer basket than Charles Gunn.

Clasping hands, Wes smiled and the two men went up to the small corner
bedroom together both ignoring the moan, groans, and words of passion
that they left behind.

Setting back up, Spike ran his hands over Xander's chest.
"Fuck! Look at you. So hard and hot. Nipples all tight. You like
Spike pinched and rolled the nubs Xander had never known ran a
line straight to his cock. Xander nodded, it was the best he could do.

Something was wrong but Xander couldn't put his finger on it.
Luckily, Spike could.

"Think we got too many clothes on, Pet. What we gonna do about that?"

Frantically Xander scrambled as best as he could with a hot horny
man sitting on him.

Laughing, Spike pulled off his own shirt then Xander's. When he stood up
to remove their pants, Xander whimpered at the loss of contact.
He then whimpered again as Spike, now naked, slowly unbuttoned,
unzipped, and carefully tugged Xander's down over his hips, finally
exposing his hard, leaking cock to the cool open air.

Urging Xander to lift one foot at a time, Spike slipped off the jeans and
tossed them to the side. Nudging Xander's legs apart Spike kissed and
licked the inside of both the younger man's thighs as he worked his way
back up.

When he was face to cock, Spike inhaled deeply, nuzzling his nose into
Xander's crotch and balls. He pressed his tongue in the center of
the boy's sac causing the balls to roll apart where he could suck them
one at a time into his mouth and pop them back out.

"Oh holy fuck!" Xander was proud at his ability to articulate.

Xander watched in fascination, his breath coming in ragged gulps of air
and the hair on every inch of his body standing straight up. Thinking he
knew what was coming next he gasp in shock when Spike leaned down
and licked the soft skin between his balls and ass.

His hole quivered and clamped shut.
Not sure what to do with his hands, Xander crossed his arms over his chest.
Knowing the wasn't right he then put his hands on his hips. Finally his last
shred of control snapped and he grabbed two handfuls of soft blond hair
as he guided Spike's face and mouth to his cock.

"Please. Please suck on me. I'm so close. Damn I need to cum."

Gently, Spike removed Xander's hands from his head. He licked all the
pre-cum from Xander's cock then stood up.

"Slow down, Love. Give it a minute. Don't want you to cum yet.
I need for you to think for a bit, Pet. Can you do that?"

Xander closed his eyes and felt the impending orgasm retreat
slightly. He couldn't imagine what the fuck Spike wanted to talk
about at a time like this, but if he was planning on stopping, Xander
may just have to kill him.

With a deep breath he looked up.
"O.k. I'm o.k. What is it?"

Spike stepped in close and wrapped his arms around Xander pulling him
in tight. Kissing his neck and ear, Spike spoke low.
"I want to be your first. Can I Xander? Can I be the first man
to make love to you?"

Xander came on the spot. Pumping string after wet string of hot cum
against both their stomachs.

Spike held their bodies close enjoying the smell and
feel of the boy's cock as it twitched and pumped between them.
He wanted desperatly to let lose and cum with him, but knew
waiting would bring it's own reward.

"Shit, I'm sorry. I....Ijust..."

Spike laid his forehead down on Xander's shoulder to try to get a grip
on himself. He was stunned by the power of his feelings for the boy
after such a short time.

"Don't apologize. Shit. That's the most erotic thing I've ever seen."
Spike chuckled and kissed the tip of Xander's nose.

"Fuck, I damn near joined you. Why don't we go upstairs. I have a
funny feeling it won't take you long to be ready to go again."

Xander visibly relaxed and the beautiful smile returned to his face.
He cheerfully took Spike's hand and let himself be led up. The soft
carpeted steps felt wonderful under his feet. He marveled that the
whole small house seemed so warm and homey.

This was entirely different than his empty meaningless life in the basement
of doom. He looked ahead at the man leading him and he wondered
if he was finally going to find his place in the world and how Spike fit
into that place.

The odd thought came to him that this was how adults lived and
suddenly he knew he wanted to be a grown up too.
Even if that meant taking the drastic step of getting a job.

Spike stopped at the room at the top of the stairs. Looking back he saw
that Xander had paused. He had his head turned and his eyes were big as
saucers. Spike chuckled, he knew what had distracted Xander were
the noises coming from the next room.

It was sounds he had listened to for the past several nights and he knew
first hand (literally) what effect the moans, groan, and begging could have.
Even to someone as inexperienced as Xander it was obvious what
was happening and impossible to ignore.

Xander turned his attention back to Spike and knew he was right.
He could already feel his cock, still sticky from before, begin to twitch
and harden. He scratched at the dry flakes on his belly and grinned.

Glancing down he could see himself in that awkard, half hard state that
flopped and stuck out at an odd angle. Xander noticed Spike's
knowing smile and couldn't stop himself from giggling.
29th-Oct-2007 10:52 am (UTC)
Gods Bee, this is soooooooo bleeding sweet, argh! I wanna Spike of my own! Lol... Now why is it men are only that caring and sweet and erotic in fic? It's so not fair. *hmphs*
And I love the way you triggered Xan's decision to grow up, it's just perfect! *happy sigh*
29th-Oct-2007 03:53 pm (UTC)
It's true, these men exist only in our imaginations.
Gay men used to be like this, but now that they are
out of the closet they have traded sensitive for whiney
29th-Oct-2007 01:44 pm (UTC)
great sexy chapter, but doesn't Xander still has his pictures and journal in his back pocket? If so that is going to be bad when Spike finds them. *shudders*
29th-Oct-2007 03:56 pm (UTC)
You are the only one to remember about the pictures and the note pad.
And yes you are right, that is NOT good.
Maybe he will not get caught with them.
Maybe Spike will think it's funny.
Then again, maybe it will be the worse that could happen.
29th-Oct-2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
I share the same worry as vamps. What happens when Spike finds out about Xander's stalkerboy habits? Great chapter, but I worry about the future of our delicious duo. *bites nails*
29th-Oct-2007 08:09 pm (UTC)
I'd like to say all will be well but you just never know
what is around the corner.
29th-Oct-2007 09:05 pm (UTC)
Well, Halleluah and bite me on the but, but I loved this chapter. I am so happy that Wes realized his future is with Gunn, and Spike and Xander have come together, and Xander grows up more than a bit. Damn hot, that what it was!@
29th-Oct-2007 09:18 pm (UTC)
Oh, Baby, if you think that was hot, hang on to your
socks for the next two chapters. Whenever the Bee
makes our boys wait this long to get together I
feel it is my duty to make sure they get all they
can handle.
30th-Oct-2007 05:12 am (UTC)
Just got home and RAN to the 'puter to read this! And it's lovely, as always.

I can't help but wonder who's gonna find those pics and such, though. *ponders*

Hmmm... seeing as the boys foolishly left their clothes just laying about the living room, I'm guessing either Wes or Gunn. Probably Wes, since Gunn likely wouldn't care enough about Spike to be worried, their buddy-buddy moment before aside.

Also, kinda curious as to exactly when Angel-- that bastard-- is going to pop up and create havoc and heartache, because I can FEEL him just waiting for the right-- meaning most wrong-- moment.

Hope the guys at least get to shag before the gum gets thrown into the works, so to speak. :P

Wonderful chapter, dearie! Thanks! *mwahs, then slinks off to sleep*

30th-Oct-2007 09:19 am (UTC)
Can't give away the future, but I can tell you
this much: Wes is not the one Xander needs to
worry about.
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