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Xander Harris - Undercover

Title: Xander Harris - Undercover 34/40

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X with a side of W/G
Summary: Xander is drifting, looking for a purpose in life.
One that finally comes clear when he spots a certain
hairdresser by the name of Mr. William. Xander
immediately begins planning and plotting to win over
this scrumptious man. Of course nothing worth having
ever comes easily.
Genre: Comedy, romance. HAU
Warnings: The usual bad language as well as graphic m/m sexual
activities. Also warned of hints of poultry perversions.
Disclaimer: I Own or have claim on none of the characters or products
used and named in this story and no profit is made.
Feedback: Much appreciated. It encourages me to continue.

Tugging him into the bedroom, Xander took a minute to look around.
It was everything he had imagined. Warm soft colors of beige and browns
with just a splash of red and orange. The stand by the bed held a small
lit reading lamp that bathed the bed and room in a cool, blue glow.

Spike ran his hands up Xander's back and felt the muscles, strong
and firm, in his shoulders.
"You've got the most amazing body. Dark, tanned and absolutely
delicious. I can't wait to taste ever inch of you."

Xander was shocked. No one had ever said anything like that before.
Especially not someone like Spike. Someone who looked like they
could easily and confidently walk down a cat walk modeling underwear,
even tightly whiteys that, frankly, don't look sexy on anyone.

Spike continued to pet and rub his hands over Xander's back as he began
kissing his neck, shoulders, and running his tongue down the slightly
bumpy backbone, dipping in the lower part and down over the firm cheeks.

Xander sighed. His brain gave up all effort to think and slid quickly into
process only mode. His ears received the messages from next door as
the sounds of "Oh, fuck that's so good!" and "Please, Baby, lift your
legs for me. Come on you can take more than that. You've been
a very bad boy and I'm gonna have to slap those sweet pink cheeks
with these big brown balls." reached his ears and ran the direct
line to his cock.

He idly wondered what Wes had done that deserved that type of
punishment and if he could do it too. A secondary thought of 'which
cheeks' was just starting to form when he was sharply brought back
to the present by a nearly painful nip to the butt cheek.

"Stay with me, Love. We have business of our own to tend to."

Xander turned around and grabbed Spike by the arm jerking him forward
slamming their bodies together where he wrapped an arm tightly around
Spike's waist and kissed him soundly.

This time it was Xander's tongue that pushed it's way in, tasting, claiming
and overwhelming the smaller man in his arms.
Spike loved the innocence, the quiet insecurity of the young man but
his body craved this. A larger, strong man to press against him, take him,
use him and share in their passion till both were weak and spent.

It was the first time Xander had taken the lead and the aggression and power
of him sent waves of heat and passion through Spike's body.

"Get in bed Spike. You want to be my first? Then come on cause I'm
as ready as I'll ever be."

Just as quickly as he had grabbed him, Xander released Spike who stumbled
back, wobbling on suddenly weak legs, toward the bed.

Immediately Xander slid between the cool clean sheets and waited.
He laid on his back with his hands under his head and his legs spread
wide watching while Spike opened the drawer on the dark maple stand
and took out a bottle of lotion and a foil packet.

He frowned slightly. Since coming to terms with his new gayness his
fantasy had been to feel Spike fill him with warm, wet, flooding juices.
A squish he would wear for hours.

Xander sat up and leaned on one elbow.
"Do we need that? I've never done this before so, you know, no nasties."

Spike slid into the bed with him and tugged him till they lay on their
sides facing each other. He ran his hands over Xander's face
memorizing the beauty of the imperfections.

"I have done this before. I'm not as innocent as you, Xander, and
even if I were we would still use it. Don't you ever let anyone fuck
you without a condom. You hear?"

Xander nodded.

"Say it, Xander. Promise me."

Xander smiled and snuggled in closer, further under the cover and
let his hands wander experimentally around the cock and balls of another
man's body. His fingers wandered past Spike's hip to the roundness
of his ass.

"I promise."

Spike rewarded him with a kiss that started on his lips then chin
continuing on down to his adams apple, licking and sucking his way
past throat, collar bone and chest where he latched onto first one
nipple then the other.

Spike's tongue rolled the hardening nubs wetly while he rubbed his
face in the hot wiry nest of dark chest hair. Xander pulled his feet up
flat on the bed, widely apart and ran his hands down Spike's back
arching his cock up to press against Spike's stomach.

He listened to the cries of painful pleasure begging for relief
coming from the next room and his stomach tightened at the thought
of such sensation. His body both feared and craved it.

"Shhh. Relax Xander. I hear them too, but it won't be like that.
Not unless you want it to be."

Spike kissed Xander's stomach, using the tip of his tongue to circle
then dip in the small round belly button which he followed up with
a sharp bite. It was a near painful nip that caused Xander to jerk up,
shoving his hard cock straight into Spike's waiting mouth.

"Oh, hell, fuck, yes!"
Xander reached down grasping his own cock at the root and holding
it out for Spike's lips to do their best work. He watched as the thick
throbbing meat slid perfectly in and out of the soft pink lips.

"Jesus! Stop sucking or I'll blow again. Please, please fuck me."

Both men were vaguely aware that all sound had ceased from the
other side of the thin wall. Neither cared.

With one last lick, Spike removed all pre cum from the oozing cock head
and moved back up immediately sticking his tongue in Xander's mouth at
the same time reaching for the oil by the bed and slicking his fingers up with it.

"See how good you taste? Next time I'm gonna suck you till you cum
then I'm gonna fill my mouth with it and kiss you and let you lick it all out."

Xander took one deep gasp and his eyes rolled back. He felt the
fingers probing between his cheeks but was to overwhelmed to realize
why. Instinctively he lifted up to allow access. Leaning in for another
kiss, Spike's tongue slid in at the same time one finger did.

The slight burn and strange uncomfortableness of it brought Xander
slightly back to his senses.

"Wait, Spike, wait. I don't know if I......FUCK!"

Spike chuckled and continued to kiss and nuzzle his neck, sucking
Xander's earlobe as his long thin fingers found and tapped the boy's
previously unknown sweet spot.

"That feel good, Love? Never felt that before?"

Spike quickly slipped out, added more lube and a second finger. He
continued to pump and scissor Xander's hole rubbing his prostate and
encouraging the muscles to relax. Xander ran his hand around his own
hole feeling Spike's hand inside him and coating himself with the excess
oil that dribbled from his ass.

Grabbing his own cock, Xander felt the familiar tingle start in his spine.
He wanted to stop. He needed to cum.
Knowing what was happening, Spike stopped moving. He pulled his
fingers out and pinched Xander's balls sharply, ordering,
"Stop! Don't come!"

Xander tried his best to focus his glazed eyes on Spike and halt the
rush of need and semen.

"Then God damn it, FUCK ME! Please, put the fuckin' condom on and
shove that damn cock in me. Jesus I need it."
He begged and sobbed pitifully.

Both men heard and ignored the moans from next door.

Quickly Spike did as he was told.

"Listen to me Xander. Your first time always hurts a bit, but that's
what makes it so good. The burn will make your fuckin' cock so hard
you'll think it's gonna explode. You ready for that? You want that?"

Xander looked down at their matching erections and knew both
would be lucky if they lasted three more minutes.
He nodded. "Yeah, I want that."

"Good. Now put your legs up on my shoulders. That's right.
Now, take a deep breath and bear down like you're takin' a shit.
Yeah, just like that."

With one push Spike slid in to the hilt and he froze.


Xander's body clamped down instantly in reaction to the pain
squeezing Spike's cock almost unbearably.

"Jesus, relax! Xander! Relax!"

When the pain lessened, Xander calmed his iron grip and finally
Spike eased back just a fraction of an inch and nudged forward.
It was exactly the right angle and lightly bumped Xander's spot.

"Oh, that's good. Do it again. Harder, please."

Spike slid out further and drove it home, again and again, each time
pounding into the place that sent throbbing shockwaves through
Xander's bladder to his cock and balls.
Each time Xander's toes flexed and tangled in Spike's hair.

Both knew this time his sac hardened there would be no stopping.
Wrapping his fist around Xander's steadily dripping cock, Spike
stroked four times before he felt it grow even harder, take one
last big jerk and shoot. Spike held it in as deeply as possible
enjoying the feel of the muscles as they rippled and massaged
him. Two more pumps and he filled the tip of the rubber to

Collapsing down to the body beneath him, Spike was lulled by the
litany of "Oh my God! Oh, my God!' That Xander repeated over
and over.

Spike laughed. He held the base of the condom to his softening cock
and eased out.
"I've been called worse, Love."

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