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Xander Harris - Undercover

Title: Xander Harris - Undercover 35/40

Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X with a side of W/G
Summary: Xander is drifting, looking for a purpose in life.
One that finally comes clear when he spots a certain
hairdresser by the name of Mr. William. Xander
immediately begins planning and plotting to win over
this scrumptious man. Of course nothing worth having
ever comes easily.
Genre: Comedy, romance. HAU
Warnings: The usual bad language as well as graphic m/m sexual
activities. Also warned of hints of poultry perversions.
Disclaimer: I Own or have claim on none of the characters or products
used and named in this story and no profit is made.
Feedback: Much appreciated. It encourages me to continue.

Xander laid in bed grinning like a loon. He felt as though
he and Spike shared a secret. New a magic trick that no
one else in the world knew. One he couldn't wait to try again
and again.
Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Or shoving one in. Either way
he couldn't lay close enough.
He couldn't stop kissing or touching.

In the past, post-Angel, Spike would have cringed, claustrophobic,
trying to escape the smothering confining clutches, but this time
he enjoyed it. Encouraged it. He didn't want to analyze why.
Even sought it out when Xander slowed or seemed to stop.

"That was amazing. You were right it did hurt, but that made it
better. Will it always hurt? Was it like that for you the first time?"
Xander rubbed his hand over the mess on his own stomach
feeling it dry and itch.

"It was good. It's always better when you really care about the
person you're with. Anonymous fucks are all right later but the
first time should be special."
Angel's name was never mentioned.

Xander scowled. "I don't think I want to do that with somebody
I don't know." He wanted very much to finish that sentence with
"I only want to do it with you." but he didn't, knowing how he felt
when a girl would try to pin him down. He hated that and he was
afraid Spike would kick him out of bed if he got too clingy.

Xander knew if he didn't get up now his mouth would supercede
his brain and turn stupid on him. Just this once he didn't want to
ruin the perfection he had found.

"I'm feeling a bit gooey here. Care if I take a shower?"

Spike was shocked at how much he did NOT want Xander to
leave their bed right now, but didn't want to scare him off by
appearing possessive so he just nodded in the direction of the

"Sure, no problem. Bathrooms across the hall. Towels in the cupboard."

Xander reluctantly tossed back the blanket and threw his feet
over the side of the bed to the warm carpeted floor. Unfortunately
the air around his damp sweaty body felt cold as ice as he jumped up
and dashed out.

Jerking the bathroom door open he was already inside before he
realized he was not alone. Through the steam he could clearly
see the outline of the two men as they stood under the pounding
flow of hot water. Touching, kissing, murmuring low, unaware
of his intrusion.

He tried to coax his feet to turn and leave but Xander's body locked
up, unable to speak or move he watched as the smaller, light skinned
man lowered himself to his knees. The water glistened and shined on
the larger man's smooth black face, chest, stomach and

Xander gasped. He had never, even in pictures, see a cock like that.
Humiliation at the thought of being caught nagged at him but it couldn't
compare to the incredible rush of sexual heat and need that surged
through his entire body.
His spine tingled into his groin in a dry artificial orgasm.

"You like to watch, Pet?"

The voice was so soft in his ear he nearly didn't hear it over the sound
of the water and the moans of the men as they pleased each other.
Xander nodded, his breathing was erratic, his cock quickly responding.
He was already to far gone to deny or be embarrassed.

Spike chuckled and with his hands on Xander's hips, urged him forward,
on into the bathroom and closer to the passion playing out now just
inches away.

They watched as Gunn held Wes's head, humping his hips forward causing
Wes to gag and struggle for air, his hands gripping Gunn's thighs.
They saw Gunn pull it out just long enough for Wes to gasp for air before
he shoved it back in.

"Relax your throat. Take it. Take that fuckin' cock. Fuck, you know
you want it all. I'm gonna shove this cock straight down to your throat
and cum into your belly. You love eating that horse cock don't you?"

Xander groaned and moved closer. Spike pressed himself against Xander's
back, his erection nestled between the cheeks, still wet with lube.
Running his hands down Xander's arms he took the boy's hands and
placed them against the hot glass of the shower wall. Then, reaching around
he ran his hands across Xander's chest, down his quivering stomach and
he began stroking, lightly stimulating Xander's cock and balls.

Opening his eyes, Gunn looked out at the men watching and smiled.
He tipped his head to Spike. If they wanted a show, he'd give it to them.
Pulling Wes off his cock, Gunn manhandled him, spinning him around and
slammed him against the shower wall face first.

Wes looked directly into Xander's eyes as the two men stood, their noses
separated by 1/2 inch of clear, wet glass. Xander gasp and watched as Wes
put his own hands, slippery and foamy with soap against the glass and slid them
down till they placed directly over his.

Kissing his neck, Spike whispered, "What do like more, Love, watching
or being watched? You want them to see me fuck you while they're fucking?"

"Oh, sweet Jesus, yes!"
Xander placed his forehead against the shower and closed his eyes.
The intensity of it took his breath away and left him light headed.
He pressed his cock against the slippery glass and began sliding it
up and down.

With a handful of the back of Xander's hair, Spike jerked his head back up.
"Open your eyes, Xander. Watch Wes take all that big cock up his ass.
Just think how much that must hurt. Imagine how wonderful the burn
must feel. Like being split in two."

Xander's breathing became raspy and irregular as he wondered if he
had time to cum before the heart attack struck him down.

They watched Wes brace himself, his eyes locked on Xander's.
Slowly Gunn squatted behind him. They knew from the movement
of his arm he was positioning himself at Wes's opening.

Xander began rocking, humping back and forth.
Gunn arched his back, straightening up and jerking his hips forward.
Xander saw Wes's eyes glaze over and roll up. Automatically
he flexed his fingers trying to hold Wes's hands sharing the pain
and pleasure.

At the same instant, Spike slid back into Xander's body pushing him
forward and pressing Xander's cock flat against the hot glass.

Wes moved his feet further apart. Xander did the same. Focusing
his eyes, Wes looked past Xander into Spike's blissful face. It was
all the power and passion he had always wanted to see as Spike
strained, pumping his cock into the ass of this strange new man.

"Don't forget whose fucking you Wes. Say my name."
Gunn's voice boomed behind him.

Wes came around to himself and leaned back against his lover.
"Say it again, louder!"
"Charles! Charles! Oh, fuck! Charles."
Gunn slammed in harder each time he heard his name.

Watching it, combined with the tight heat of Xander's nearly virginal
hole, Spike thrusts became irregular. He wanted to own this boy, keep
him and fuck him forever.

With Wes's body flattened against the glass, Gunn continued to ram
into him with quick rapid jabs, his hands clamped tightly on Wes's

Tearing his stare away from Wes's dilated eyes, Xander looked into
Gunn's face and was shocked to see the painful grimace there. The
realization that squeezing all that thick dick into such a small space was as
painful for him as it was for Wes was Xander's final undoing.

Pressing his lips against the glass and Wes's lips, Xander jerked and
came, smearing cum across his side of the shower wall. Looking down
he smiled as he watched Wes do the same.

Spike held his cock in as deeply as he could cursing himself for causing
Xander to break his promise so soon and filling the boy's bowels
with thick, hot, cum.

Pulling out, Gunn held as much of his cock in his fist as he could while
it coated Wes's back with sticky cream that he then soaped and rinsed away,
kissing each spot as he cleaned.

Weak kneed and shaky, Xander grabbed a towel, swiped his chest and ass
and turned to Spike.
"I think I'll go back to bed for a bit."

Spike laughed and joined him.

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