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PWP Short: Special Sauce

 This would be my deflowering post. My very first fic in fandom, so go easy on me huh?

Author : Wily P
Pairing: S/X
Rating: Nc-17 PWP
Details, details: Spike & Xander go to Mcdonalds for err--uh food! Yeah, to eat. No Anya to be found in my Spander!verse woo hoo, ok no hat's mean I like Anya well enough, she just tends to get in the way of the Spander, which I don't like so much. Nuh uh, no way.
Inspiration: While out for a drive a passed by a few Mcdonalds and noticed how huge the play places had gotten over the years and remembered the crappy ones i'd had to play in as a wee one. 
Disclaimer: It's just a bit of good clean fun...ok not so much clean but definately with the good...oh and the fun. 
Feedback: It's a fanfiction writer's gold don'cha know?
Author's note: This is very much un-beta'd as you'll soon find out. *sheepish shrug*

Special Sauce

 "I'm hungry." Xander ignored his unwelcomed house guest and instead laughed unnecessarily loud as Scooby & Shaggy shrieked, fleeing from yet another oogalie-boogalie.

"Oi, feelin' a lil peckish here." Spike repeated, this time through gritted teeth. And without taking his eyes from the TV screen he knew the vampire was struggling to loosen his restraints.

::tick-tock tick-tock::

"I'm bloody well starvin', Harris!" Xander sat up straight, clicking off the TV he glared at the biteless pain in his ass.

"You better pray my parents didn't hear you. I get it you're hungry, what do you want me to do open a vein?" Hope flashed in the vampire's eyes momentarily before he remembered the boys knack for spouting unwitty sarcasm. Sighing he rolled his eyes at the brunette.

"No, just go over to the fridge 'ere and fetch me a nice bag o' blood. Hell I won't even ask ya ta heat t'up." How noble. Xander thought and slouched low on the couch once more, mumbling into his chest, his voice pitched so low that not even Spike's super hearing could pick up on it. "What was that?"

"I said there isn't any. I kind of forget to hit the butcher on my way home last night."

"Oh, you forgot. Well it's alight then. No matter that I starve to death. It was an honest mistake, no foul mate." The sheepish grin that had once adorned Xander's face quickly melted into a familiar scowl. But before he could open his mouth to plead his case and offer another Xander original insult Spike continued: "If you ever wondered the reason why yer folks never let you have a puppy, this would be it."

"You know I was going to apologize, offer to run down to Sal's Butcher see if I could catch him before he closed, but then I remembered you're a vampire--all down with the evil and everything. I thought about all the people you've murdered and I'm thinking you could use a little suffering of your own. So deal with--" Just then his own stomach growled. Well damn, when was the last time he'd eaten? Spike smirked.

"That's you mate, I think yer stomach's trying to tell ya somethin'." Xander hated that smirk. Hated it even more when the smirk was for good reasoning, this time being that Spike was right. He stuck out his chest.

"Alright so I'm hungry, still doesn't mean I have to feed you." Spike tried for his best wounded look, bringing his hand up to his chest.

"Oh come on Harris, How 'bout Mickey D's? I could go for a nice choc'late shake. After we make a quick stop by our old friend Sal's first, of cos. Now how's 'bout you let me out this bleedin' chair."


"I'll have a medium chocolate shake and a Big Mac. The meal, super sized please and could you tell them to be generous with the special sauce, because lately when I come here I'm always jipped on the sauce. I like my burger saucey, so much so that when I bite into it the sauce squirts out into the corners of my mouth and--wow with the babbling." He blushed. "Uh, sorry." The McDonald's employee--Ingrid her nametag read, just smiled coyly and promised they'd put plenty of sauce.

"Will this be to stay or to go?"

"To g--"

"Let's stay mate." The automated 'I'm not your mate' itched on the tip of Xander's tongue, but to the girl he simply nodded, pitching his thumb over his shoulder, in Spike's direction.

"What he said." Lifting his tray from the counter he turned in search of where the platinum wonder had chosen to sit, only to find him leaning against the railing of the stairs that led to the downstairs area. Deciding not to make a scene Xander followed without question or argument.


Xander swiped a french fry through his ketchup than cried out in protest when Spike stole a fry from his tray and dipped it into his own cup of red content. Xander shuddered and tried not to think about it, too much. And wondered not for the first time how he ended up here. Sitting in the downstairs area (where it turns out this particular McDonalds held it's Play Place. Xander'd been coming here for years now and hadn't known that.) with Spike of all people. Speaking of...after a sufficient amount of head shaking, Xander was confident he'd shaken all thoughts of Spike's blood soaked fries from his mind and looked in the direction of his companion only to do a double take. Spike was gone. Immediately starting to panic Xander's eyes darted around the small room, stopping on the Play Place just in time to see Spike do a perfect nose dive into the kiddie ball pit.

"Spike! What're you doing, get out of there!"

"But Da, I finished all my din din, now it's time for ma' fun." Spike whined petulantly.

"You know they have cameras down here."

"And I should care..?" Spike mocked, pretending to do the back stroke through the multicolored balls. Xander shrugged.

"Just saying. Someone's bound to come down here and shake a stern finger at you for being in the Play place. I mean forgetting that you're over a hundred years old, you're definitely taller than 34 inches." Referring to the height chart. Spike froze mid stroke and gave Xander an incredulous look, raised eyebrow and all.

"You tellin' me ya can battle the Zentra demon, destroy a nest of Dray'larks, fight side by side with the slayer to defeat Angelus--not to mention yer currently residin' with the biggest bad of 'em all yours true-lay." Spike shot Xander a look that told him he'd be a much safer man if he didn't voice the jibe on the tip of his tongue.Chip be damned. Xander bit his lip. "But you're afraid of a harmless McDonald's employee?" Xander chose not to dignify the Peroxide king with an answer. Spike shook his head mumbled 'Tosser' and went about his play.

Polishing off the rest of his burger Xander couldn't help but slant a peek at the vampire, curious as to what he could be up to. He saw that Spike had resumed his lazy backstroke doing laps within the ball pits confines. Finally coming to a decision Xander jumped to his feet and stuck out his chest, ambling over to the play place entrance. He shot his enemy one last defiant glance and dove head first into the pit of balls.

Coming up for air he sent a colorful cascade all around and grinned. Hey! This was actually fun. Who knew Mr.Undead actually had good ideas in that itty bitty brain of his. He turned toward said vampire to praise him, when his breath caught in his throat at the sight of Spike submerged completely so that all Xander could see was a pair of startling blue eyes. Xander's smile grew. He opened his mouth to tell Spike just how ridiculous he looked, but wait. Blinking Xander's eyebrows drew together on his forehead at the sudden thoughts racing through his mind. Not ridiculous, adorable. Adorable? Spike? That just didn't add up, did he forget to cross multiply? He risked another look and this time went so far as to rub his eyes in disbelief. He couldn't be seeing what he thought he saw. But yes, there it was, pure unadulterated lust filling the blonde's eyes. Spike wanted him. Even stranger. Xander wasn't freaked.


The temperature in the room rose suddenly by about a billion and ten degrees. Xander dared to let his eyes wander lower to the only other bit of Spike visible, his luscious lips, Luscious? Yeah, ok. Unconsciously he flicked his tongue out to wet his own pucker, longing for his Super sized coke to wet his whistle or at least a stick of lip balm. Spike shifted suddenly, bringing Xander's attention back to eye level and Xander felt his pulse pick up speed, his breathing heavy and embarrassingly loud even to his own ears he could only imagine how it sounded to Spike. The air between them seemed to sizzle and god, Xander would need a good mental washing for admitting this but he wanted. He wanted anything and everything the vampire would be willing to share, which probably wouldn't be much since he was well, him and Spike was well, Spike. Spike who left wet towels on the bathroom floor, Spike who hijacked his TV remote, forcing him sit through the ridiculous-lack-of-plotness that was 'Passions', Spike who at one point threatened his and the life of those closest to him and wouldn't hesitate to rip their spines out through their noses if ever he found a way to remove the government's chip (or so the threats went.) The very same vampire who drank milk from the carton even though he didn't even need to drink, was in fact lactose intolerant but because Xander had wanted to use it for his morning cereal (he couldn't even be considered an active part of society without his daily dose of Cap' N Crunch) Spike had finished it up to spite him, the upset stomach apparently worth it. How could he possibly want to do anything but sweep the pile of dust that once bared Spike's name and watch gleefully as it scattered to the bottom of his trash can?

Before he could think up a reasonable explanation a red plastic ball came sailing in his direction whacking him in the side of his head. Xander winced, rubbed the sore spot and made a show of looking for the exact ball to beam back, instead he settled on a bright blue one and hurled it at the laughing vampire's chest. Laughter ceased as their eyes met once more this time the electricity burning between them for a new reason. They both stood and at once a war had begun albeit the weapon of choice were plastic balls, but shit the fuckers hurt if thrown right and with purpose. Spike was definitely winning, it had to be his super vampire!speed because for every one ball Xander threw, three were pelted back at him, finally going for a different strategy Xander dropped the balls he held and folded his arms up in front of his face blocking Spike's attempts as he moved forward through the sea of balls to the blonde's corner. Dropping his ammo, Spike smiled from beneath soft lashes.

And ok that just wasn't fair. Spike wasn't allowed to look like that. He was evil, born and bred or well turned and bred. Mischievous, conniving. Xander could handle even expected but sweet and innocent? It was almost blasphemous! Xander tried to look away, refusing to be trapped in yet another stare-a-thon but found he couldn't. So instead he closed his eyes and found his body leaning forward of it's own accord. Lips met lips and Christ. Xander may not have been all that experienced when it came to kissing well, kissing other people. He'd done plenty of practicing on his hand thank you very much---oh god was he actually bragging about that? But Spike's kisses were in another ball park--hell a whole other league. They stood there connected at the lips, enjoying the sweet pressure, Without realizing it Xander let out a sigh of pleasure, shoulder's sagging weakly. That's when Spike's tongue decided to join the fun as it traced the seal of Xander's closed lips. Not thinking Xander opened his mouth in invitation, knees almost giving out from under him at the nummyness of Spike's slick, able and surprisingly warm tongue making itself at home in his mouth. All at once things ended before they'd had a chance to really begin as Xander pulled away, tripping over various balls in hopes of creating some distance between them and made a show of wiping his mouth, his still tingling mouth.

"What. The hell. Was that?" Xander asked bewildered, watching as the vampire shifted nervously from foot to foot. Good. At least he wasn't the only one feeling out-of-whack here. Running a shaking hand through his hair Spike shrugged.

"You tell me, Twinkerbell, you're the one who started this all. I was merely along for the ride." And what a ride. Care for another go 'round?

"Wait a minute. I may have been the one to start the actual kissage but I'm pretty sure you started it was the smiling, uh thing yo--did you just call me a twink?" Spike pointed an accusing finger.

"An' don't you try an' deny it neither, what with the puppy doe eyes, the curly poof hair of yours--have ma fingers itchin' to get tangled up in, those new muscles, that ass just beggin' to be fucked and let's not forget yer mouth." Spike's eyes glazed over noticeably. "Positively sinful." Xander blinked slowly Spike's words registering and quickly taking affect as the brunette felt movement going on inside his pants, a definite...growth. Xander conquered the few steps between them, frantically knocking balls aside and latched his mouth onto Spike's once more. This was no test drive kiss, there was nothing shy or confused about it. Lips met, tongues dueled, teeth clashed--Xander even thought he tasted blood at one point. Fuck! Spike'd bit him, he was so going to pay for that! Xander reached around and pinched the blonde's muscled ass to show his displeasure to being bit. The vampire purred and crushed their groins together, bringing their bodies flush against one another in response.


Minutes ticked by and three things became horribly apparent. 1.) Xander was hard. 2.) Ooh, hey Spike was hard too. And 3.) He needed to breathe something fierce! Xander tried to push Spike away but then the shorter man did something wicked with his tongue turning Xander's insides into mush and the brunette ended up moaning and pulling Spike impossibly closer. Another few seconds passed and Xander's eyes flew open in alarm. He struggled out of the older man's grip and gasped for breath. Panting he bent over, one hand on his knee the other still clutching a lapel of Spike's leather duster to ensure he didn't fall over from lack of oxygen to the brain. After a few heart beats and twice as many gulps of air Xander dared to look at the other man. Taking in the Vampire's curls sticking up every which way in disarray, the erratic way his eyes shifted from Xander's lips to his groin, his eyes to his, uh, ears? Then down to Spike's hands which clenched and unclenched at his sides, something he'd seen thousands of times during a fight. But this time was different, this time instead of rage, his eyes were filled with need. Spike needed something. Him? Xander could only hope. Lastly his eyes froze on Spike's bee stung lips, namely the cut still bleeding. Embarrassed, Xander blushed when he realized it had been him that had done the lip biting. Spike's tongue darted out to lick the blood beading on his full bottom lip. 'Harris' he husked out, making a small mewling sound escape Xander's own lips. Spike's mouth curled up in a snarl as he growled and pulled Xander to him yet again. Growing tired of letting the whelp make all the moves Spike let the hand on Xander's shoulder trail down, innocently at first. Tweak a nipple here, pinch a nipple there. At the absolutely delicious noise that escaped Xander's lips Spike was encouraged to get a little bolder. Sliding a cool hand flat across the brunette's abdomen he lifted the boy's t-shirt slightly, letting a single finger circle his bellybutton before dipping the finger in causing the human to shudder.

"Ya like that, pet? Like ma finger going in 'n' out? Bet'cha wish it were ma prick huh? Wish I were pluggin' anotha hole?"

"Uh huh." Whoa! Where'd that come from? He wasn't gay--never even had the odd threesome fantasy where there'd been one too many dicks involved. So why this, why now? More importantly why Spike. Could it be that Dracula thing that thrall. Could he be under the influence? If so how dare Spike. I mean how pathetic that he couldn't get Xander on his own, had to resort to mind tricks. Well, at least Xander would be able to sleep at night knowing he'd had no control over his actions. Nope, it wasn't him who cupped Spike's ass like a new born baby--sans the gropage because major with the wiggin's at the thought of infant groping. Ok just nix the whole new born analogy altogether. Point is he wasn't to be held accountable for the butt cupping.

"Can't thrall pet. s'a parlor trick." Huh, so not only was he engaging in homo-erotic deeds with a vampire...said homo-erotic deeds were effecting him so much that his thoughts weren't thoughts at all but actual words, words that Spike could apparently hear. Xander actually felt the smile curve onto Spike's face as the blonde suckled maddeningly on his ear and shivered. "If ya dun wanna be doin' this wif a Vamp, just say the word. m' not gonna do this if yer goin' to be all denial! boy in the mornin'." With that Spike gave Xander's neck one last lick and pulled away and out of their embrace. Xander immediately felt a chill wash over him at the loss of another body which was just silly, the blonde didn't even have any body heat, if anyone it should be Spike vying for his warmth. Biting his lip Xander watched as Spike stood with a foot of space between them, watched him run the same jarring hand through his white blonde hair, refusing to meet Xander's eyes. With the other hand he reached down and quickly adjusted his painful looking erection, then shrugging as if in defeat he made a move to step around Xander and out of the ball pool only to be stopped by a hand on his chest.

"No. No stopping. No denying.Want this." Reaching down for Spike's button fly he made a quick job of twisting the first two open then chuckled as the last three popped open on their own. He looked up and met cool azure eyes.
"Want you." And he did. He couldn't even begin to describe the panic he had felt when he saw Spike about to walk away from this. He'd never seen the vampire give up so easily, so defeated. He gathered this must really have meant something to him, so he made up his mind that if Spike wasn't going to fight for it, by all hell Xander would. With a deep intake of breath he took hold of the first dick other than his own and gave it an assuring squeeze, leaving no room for further questions. Spike's eyes widened briefly but then Xander gave him an experimental stroke and they quickly fluttered closed in bliss. Taking his eyes from Spike's face he looked to the flesh he now held, it wasn't much different then his own, less thick, a little longer, paler and of course the sheath of skin covering Spike's pink head. Hiding it. Pulling the skin back Xander had to fight to keep the 'peek-a-boo' from leaving him lips. It was oozing pre-cum so Xander took his thumb and smeared it all over the head, down the slit. Spike grunted and wriggled in his place. Eyes sealed shut much to Xander's chagrin he wanted to see what effects his actions were having on the vampire, but not knowing how to ask he accepted that he would just have to try doubly hard to make the blonde scream. Curiously Xander let his other hand slip lower to fondle Spike's sac still stroking, He paid attention evenly between both, then lower still to tease Spike's hole causing the older man to thrust wildly, crushing the balls he'd managed to grab in his fists. Xander groaned and felt himself grow even harder

Spike's legs weakened and he sunk lazily to his knees, Xander slunk with him never losing his rhythm, grip never loosening around the hot shaft he held.

"Xander, luv I'm gonna, luv I'm..." The last bit of the vampire's warning was lost in a gurgle as his eyes rolled back slightly and his blunt fangs extracted to dig into the cut Xander had made previously, re-opening the already healing skin. Hips rose and shook convulsively one-two-four times then he sagged bonelessly down into the balls. Xander grinned brightly with satisfaction and leant down to fasten their mouths together while the blonde was still pliant, only to gasp in surprise when he found himself on his back, a determined vampire crawling silkily over to cover his body. Spike took great liberty in making love to Xander's mouth with his own, reveling in the noises he provoked. God he couldn't get enough of the boy. How had he ever managed before without this was far beyond his thought processing skills at this point. Giving the soft lips in front of him a succulent tug Spike twisted down the young Scooby's body until he found his treasure, with a smirk he took hold of it, smirk widening at the desperate moan. He licked his lips and ducked down to take the full length down his throat, mindful of the pleasant hiss. He did so enjoy a vocal lover, made for a good shag soundtrack.

Spike looked up only to freeze, momentarily ceasing his oral ministrations as he stared into hooded soft brown eyes bled black with lust. The boy bit his lip, making Spike growl. He brought a hand up to trace those beautiful lips, caress that precious pout until Xander opened his mouth setting his lips free and took two of Spike's fingers into his hot cavernous mouth. It was Spike's turn to moan as he resumed his mouthly duties. Amazed to realize Xander was mimicking him on his fingers.

"Spike I c-can't..." (moan) "Too good, too good..." (slurp) "Too much, not enough..." (whimper) "Oh god yessssss....yessssss...." (hiss) "S-Spike, please, please..."(sob) Spike cupped Xander's tight balls and lovingly squeezed, sending his lover over the edge. Xander cried out not noticing when Spike's fingers fell from his mouth, eyes watering with gratification. "Baby, baby...guh!" Watching as Xander rode out the rest of his orgasm Spike couldn't help but shrink back in uncertainty. Sure Xander said he wanted him but that could've just been his hormones talking and Spike's own wishful thinking. And like the fool he was Spike let it happen instead of staying strong and walking away, picking this up another time when they were both thinking more clearly he threw caution to the wind and finally took what he wanted and Jesus but it was everything he knew it would be and some, Harris was, no Xander was amazing, beautiful and big hearted...what the hell would he want with an evil undead such as himself? He rose a shaky hand to his head but stopped when it was grasped suddenly in the human boy's own. Bracing himself for the worse he met the darker gaze. Xander's eyes watched him reproachfully. Frowning he yanked Spike's hand to him and laid it over his heart. Telling him more than words could ever say. Spike swallowed the bile that had accumulated in the back of his throat and felt tears prickle the corner of his eyes. When he tried to turn away Xander's other hand shot out to clutch his chin keeping eye contact. Their eyes spoke volumes and the vampire finally smiled, nodded and opened his mouth to the impending kiss.


Xander stared down at his cold stale fries then to the nonchalant blonde across from him slurping happily away at his milkshake turned chocolate milk. Xander grunted, then pushed the table out of the way, ignoring the huge crashing noise it made that was bound to attract attention from some unwanted company. He climbed into Spike's lap and sucked at the remained chocolate on the other man's tongue.

"Home...need to get you home. For ravishing...privately." Snorting Spike stood with Xander still in his arms and started for the stairs. That dreadful basement of the Harris' never looking so good as he contemplated round two. And quite frankly he could do without the audience of McDonald's staff.

The boy was his and Angelus never did teach him to share.

The End



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