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Parchment # 3

Title: Parchment
Author: rngrdead
Pairing: Xander/Spike (don’t be fooled by the Willow beginning)
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: There was a spell and a book and then... it all pear shaped and he ended up on paper!
Spoilers: Canon is Post S7 BtVS and S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don't like boys together, don't play here! (pretty much all kinks here too - but no violence or non-con)
Harsh circumstances and difficult start as always with Daisy the muse....

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Title: Parchment
Author: rngrdead
Pairing: Xander/Spike (don’t be fooled by the Willow beginning)
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: There was a spell and a book and then... it all pear shaped and he ended up on paper!
Spoilers: Canon is Post S7 BtVS and S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don't like boys together, don't play here!
Harsh circumstances and difficult start as always with Daisy the muse....

Part 3

On his next effort he replaced the hooves with cat like paws, lengthened the tail… just a little, changed the ‘privates’ to fur covered, then left the drawing for another couple of days. Xander was dismayed by his lower limbs as he collapsed that night, but thankful he still possessed opposable thumbs… that was something.

He still had the torso of a human but Spike had added more fur and now the line of fur began in the middle of his chest and simply widened at his hips to cover his feline legs. Spike had contemplated changing the tail to match the legs but liked the silky locks that fell so prettily between the boy’s legs. He did rub out the horns, but added whiskers.

He was again left for a few days before Spike pulled him out reversed his curse and stroked ears and tail – and now whiskers - all the while stroking and rubbing his fur covered shaft until the centre extended its pink head and a poor Xander simply begged for the plug to be removed and he be filled. It was easier to keep purchase on the floor with padded feet and the stroking of the fur on his chest after congress… just blissful. His whiskers twitched without his conscious control as Spike sagged against his back and kept stroking his soft pelt.

He was returned to the page too soon but no further alterations were made for a month and he was ‘evoked’ almost nightly in his cat like form. He had almost come to like the furry member between his legs, and certainly enjoyed the whiskers, but his legs bending the other way - it was still too strange.

He might have worried then, but Spike’s next effort was disastrous. After a rather drunken (very successful) game of kitten poker with the local demon crew, he took out the illustration and rubbed out all the fur he had covered the lower body with, and the paws and the whiskers and even his tail, leaving the original pale ink drawing of a man. Xander was somewhat relieved though actually had quite liked the tail.

Spike giggled a little, then drew around the outside of Xander’s body and legs from his waist down, binding them all together in by sketching in a tail similar to that of a large carp and covering it with pretty scales. He drew around the hands changing them to large fins. He looked rather attractive as a merman. But it didn’t work at all and as soon as he invoked the spell Xander fell to the floor and flopped rather inelegantly, gasping for air for some reason. Spike revoked the spell immediately condemning the illustration to his page in the form of a merman for over a week whilst the vampire had a good think.

After ten days of struggle, of flopping around on the floor of his picture in his new form, wishing for *any* sort of set of legs, he was pulled out again and had human appendages restored – with a few additions.

His hair was still long and luxurious; his finger and toe nails were painted; and his legs and figure made ‘shapely’… very shapely… with breasts in fact! And the belt around his waist… he came to in his female form, with the strange belt contraption around his very erect apparently shaved private parts.

“How *could* you Spike?!! Here was me thinking you were being so noble and fixing the fish thing… But this?!! Spike I’m a freak… I’ve got breasts!”

“Too right Pet – and a right nice pair they are too. Just tryin’ t’ expand your horizons. So hows about we have us a little fun, hmm?”

He pushed Xander to the ground and held him there with one hand while with the other he unbuckled the belt and … he realised Spike had made his private parts into a strap on! To Xander’s horror Penis and scrotum came away with the belt, leaving… nothing. Xander felt down, he definitely had girl parts there too. His erect boy bits were now made of latex and staring at him from over there on the floor!

He felt the prickle of tears beginning and had let a few track down his now slightly thinner face as Spike pushed away his hand and began rubbing the region gently, stroking into the slit and massaging his *clitoris* rhythmically, all the while sucking and licking his nipples and breasts.

Spike could smell the change from fear to lust and watched with amusement as the hips raised a little and wide eyed Xander groaned with genuine pleasure.

The newly made girl hissed as Spike pushed his finger into the channel and continued to rub and fondle, and Xander realized just how hot and… wet he was feeling down there… and felt he wanted…

“Please Spike…. *Pleassssseee* Oh Gaahhh Please will you…” He bent his legs up and threw them as wide as possible.

“That’s it Pet… all hot and wet and wantin’. No lube needed see… women got that one covered… now just relax and…” With that the finger was replaced by Spike’s member as he plunged in to the hilt.

It wasn’t like anal sex at all, though Xander could feel his other hole twitching with excitement too. There was no prostate to hit but there was something inside and out that urged him to pull Spike in harder, faster. His mouth was being plundered and one of his breasts squeezed and teased. Spike pushed Xander’s right hand down until he could feel Spike sliding in and out.

“Feel that Pet… feel me fillin’ you, now just you rub that spot while I keep goin’ here.” Xander let out a little whimper as he wiggled his finger on the clitoris and felt himself being wound higher and higher. Finally the hand that had been on his breast reached around and a wet finger tapped then entered his rear.

Tingles turned into mind blowing pulsations as he arched back and panted then shouted through an orgasm that just went on and on. Finally Spike came too and Xander could feel the pulses as more of his own wetness joined with Spike’s and he came again… or still he could no longer tell. Spike’s recovery time meant that it was a mere minute or so before he started to move again.

They partnered for what seemed like hours and played with different positions made possible because of Xander’s changed form. But finally he was utterly spent and begged to close his legs and stop. He lay on his back beside the sated vampire and stared at the ceiling just… being … until almost jumping out of his skin when Spike touch his now hyper sensitive nether region again.

“’S OK Luv – just kitting you up again.” And with that returned the belt and strap-on and invoked the spell.

He spent the next three weeks as a female tucked inside a volume of love poems by Emily Dickenson. At least he was human… sort of.

The next time his enthusiastic artist pulled him from between the bound copies of the Oxford Concise Dictionary ‘A – E’ and ‘F – L’ with pencil in hand, he was in for another change. His belt was rubbed out completely – and his form put back to the underlying permanent pen of male human, his tail was back but this time slightly shorter and he had a set of pretty wings added. His illustrator redrew the pointed ears (what was it with Spike and ears!?) and he had his lashes extended even more and his hair was added to, now falling in curly brunette locks between the wings and half way down his back.

His lush tail now sported pale streaks all through, as did his hair, the tail matching the colour of his wings. The new appendages were quite stunning, huge, pale brown in colour and each feather perfectly scribed with dark colouring around the edge making the whole thing look like two magnificent owl wings.

Spike added a few flowers in the hair of the fae in all his ‘endowed areas’ - ‘just for fun’. Again he spent time defining the male muscles.

Rather than the disaster of the merman, or the shock of the female form, this time as Spike invoked the spell, it was the vampire who fell back in shock.

The changed physique, perfect muscles, pretty tresses, the tail, the ears, and good lord(!) the wings that now stretched to more than six feet either side in a magnificent show?!!!

It was Spike’s turn to kneel, not in supplication but wonder, then found himself lifted from the ground as he was gifted with the warmest, most passionate of kisses.

“I may never join the swim team again, but G$#% Spike… this… these… Please… Please just let me… be?! Put me in the pages, I don’t care, just no more messing with this form… Please?”

After pleasuring the fae former Scoobie, Spike invoked the spell again then carefully traced over all the drawing of the beautiful male faerie with a permanent ink brown pen the ink magically enhanced just like the original. No one could change Xander’s fundamental form now. The simple nude male of the original had been permanently replaced. The wings would stay, as would the pretty tail and the long hair, and of course the defined muscles and attractive face. The paper was then left to dry flat so as not to smudge anything.

This time rather than pushing the page back into a book, Spike framed the drawing and put it on the wall. The frame was quick release but at least, even as a drawing, this way Xander could see out. It did have the disadvantage of him never being able to move from his position as he was always on show, but at least it wasn’t dark all the time.

After the first ‘outing’ from his frame, he asked that Spike turn him to the wall for some part of each day so he might rest. It worked a treat and when he did relax, he simply stretched out on his stomach – now there was very little option anyway. The feathers were warm and almost covered his form if he spread the wings just a little. He wondered idly if, in all Spike’s illustrating, that he had accidentally been made shorter because the last of his wings now caressed his feet. But everything still seemed to be working as normal (well as normal as any sepia drawing could work). Oh but that first time he stretched the wings to their fullest after Spike left him alone in his prison… it felt… amazing. He had flapped them twice using his trapezius in a combination with lateralis muscles - that worked nicely.

The muscles of the wings themselves seemed to have a mind of their own. Privately, in his own page, when no-one was looking he stretched and… undulated. It felt *so* good. His nether regions were ‘on high’ whenever the wings stretched but he breathed heavily and managed to lower the mast just a little… well for a while, but if the page, now picture in a frame, was ever in the presence of others, he embarrassingly compelled to the pose of a pretty faerie ready for the taking as he had been drawn – with its constantly fully erect member.

Spike was ‘in absentia’ for some days, his teaching at the coven apparently now taking him in to London. And as Xander became more accustomed to his new additions, he also felt the joy of taking off – only as far as the page would let him, two or three full wing undulations, feet off the ground then the top of the page would hit.

The problem was that the excitement of the takeoff, the joy his illustrator had now provided, brought with it memories of other… times, other things, but really didn’t regret his changes.

He wondered idly if Willow might help his situation were she around – help Spike to counter the curse once and for all, make him a real boy.


It had now been four years plus since he had stepped into his new world and the girl he had replaced stepped into his. The only person who did not ‘buy’ her story that he had returned to Africa was, of course, Spike. But all the others, including Andrew and Giles, simply seemed to believe the lie – now after four years and no word, they all assumed he did not want to be contactable. Rhiannon, who had an odd magical signature instantly ingratiated herself and seemed to have even Giles in her thrall. Spike wondered if she was some kind of harpie, the black tone of her magic did suggest it, but there was no way to prove it.

Giles sometimes did wonder and worry that Xander was OK but when it was mentioned to Rhiannon, he seemed to lose his train of thought and simply agree with her that he was sure to be alright ‘wherever he was’. Others at the coven all but forgot one Xander Harris, after all he had only been there as short time and left of his own accord.

Willow had returned to Brazil with her new squeeze Lacie mere weeks before being told by Andrew that Xander had apparently returned to Africa, and she simply accepted the news as did other ex Scoobies not at the coven. She was sad that he didn’t write – but then Xander never had been much for writing, and she and Kennedy had kept moving countries so even if he had written – perhaps the only option would be an Email and neither of them were in places where that was particularly accessible.

Spike said nothing of his ‘find’ after rescuing Xander, though had contemplated telling Giles, though every time he did try the black haired Rhiannon seemed to turn up and Giles simply said “Busy at the moment, can we chat another time.” Rhiannon knew she was out of jail free, the incumbent, ensouled, whimpish (in her opinion), vampire had something to say? It would be in her presence.

Eventually, with his lovely faerie relatively happy with his lot, Spike tired of the coven, tired of teaching arrogant upstart wiccans, and decided they needed a fresh start.

Giles visited one sunny Sunday afternoon and actually took the time to sit and have a snifter of brandy musing on old times (some not so pleasant as far as Spike was concerned but he was polite) the day before the moving truck came. He commented in passing on the sketch on the wall, though really didn’t look closely enough to recognise the subject – other than it was a male faerie in a rather provocative pose… and simply thought, “well… vampires”. He also admired the other works of art Spike seemed to have accumulated in his time at the coven in much the same way before being invited to join the vampire in a toast. It was quite nicely civilised, Giles realising belatedly how he really did enjoy the vampire’s company.

Spike had resigned his post earlier that week and spoke of his intention to shift to another locale. “Too much oestrogen an’ all that.”

The line repeated, Giles grinned then gave the same reply as when he accepted Spike’s leaving, “My dear fellow, I imagine with your senses it is far worse a situation than the other males here. What is it you are thinking of doing now?”

“Probably bit ‘o travel. Got meself a bit of a nest egg courtesy o’ you lot and a legitimate job an’ all – and Dru an’ me put a bit away in the day so… should last a while, ‘specially with a bit o’ half inching here and there.”

“Good lord you can’t suggest theft as a way of life?! After the soul and all this time with us and you choose a life of crime?! Spike I thought better…”

“Easy tiger… was talkin’ of skimmin’… you know *blood*… Nickin’ from the outbox a hospitals, few willin’ donors, that sort o’ thing… Bloody hell! Anyone ‘d reckon you were me Mum!”

Xander wished he could change his facial expression and grin wildly as Giles looked decidedly contrite, “Oh, I… yes, well of course… but what of company? Spike you are a social animal, we all know that, the students here even picked up – and it is probably a silly rumour, but they thought you had a ‘friend’… I thought that might be the reason…”

Spike let that one ride just grinned and toasted the old Watcher then said, “Let ‘em think what they like, but let’s just say I won’t be alone.”

“Good lord Spike! How long? Another vampire? But surely the demon population…”

“Nahh, mate… just found me an angel is all…” Xander was so glad of his stiff nether regions at that moment as his heart swelled with love and the picture wished he could move to kiss his illustrator.

“Angel? He’s back?” Spike looked instantly pained and Giles realised his mistake

Spike took a long draft of his brandy then at almost a whisper said, “Can’t bring back dust… never that.”

They sat in silence for a time and Giles saw the stressed sad look in Spike’s face and the slump of a vampire still in grief over the loss of his Grandsire.

“I’m sorry Spike, I just misheard. But you really have found a companion?”

“Yeah you could say that, got the prettiest blonde ‘n brown wings an’ a tail, a right looker, and so yeah, he’s comin’ with.”

Giles was immediately puzzled falconry did seem plausible – anything was with Spike but surely… then he twigged and said under his breath, “Of course an owl, perfect pet… predator and nocturnal.” Spike didn’t bother to comment but let the Watcher think what he wanted and simply raised his glass.

“So not so alone after all.”

“No indeed, indeed… and have you… made preparations for your charge? Will there be any problems with quarantine and the like?”

“Will sort that if it comes up… But one thing… you don’t happen to have Red’s Email address do you? Fancy if we head that way wouldn’t mind sayin’ a hooray.”

Their encounter ended remarkably amicably and a day later Spike was all packed and had Willow's Email address memorised (courtesy of Andrew).

All his illustrations and paintings came down and would go into storage with his other possessions, bar for one.

Instead he carefully removed the sepia picture from its frame and revoked the spell.

Xander stretched his wings wide and was rewarded with a thorough kissing before returning to his page to be joyfully tucked between the vampire’s T-shirt and the leather coat.

Even as a picture he could appreciate that...

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