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I've hunted through my bookmarks and the plausible categories the possible Spander archives, but I just can not seem to find the story I'm looking for! 

Here's what I can remeber: 
Takes place after Not Fade Away. 
Buffy's still dating the Immortal. 
Spike ends up being "recruited" by the Immortal to become the Master of Europe. 
Xander becomes Spike's consort. 
Giles makes an apperance, but we find out he is weak & dying from a nasty combo of Pneumonia & Hepatitis.  
Some "enterprising" vamp from one of the unhappy European families decides to take out Xander and Spike turns him. 
Connor shows up later on and helps Spike keep the peace as Master of Europe, while taking a consort of his own. 

Any ideas? 

Thank you! 

And I know as soon as I see the name, I'm going to kick myself! 

Edit: You guys Rock! 
Its Five Rings
See, I knew I'd kick myself as soon as I saw the name and my brain clicked! 
Thank you!

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