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Parchment # 4

Title: Parchment
Author: rngrdead
Pairing: Xander/Spike (don’t be fooled by the Willow beginning)
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: There was a spell and a book and then... it all pear shaped and he ended up on paper!
Spoilers: Canon is Post S7 BtVS and S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don't like boys together, don't play here!
Harsh circumstances and difficult start as always with Daisy the muse....

Part 4

As a picture he was tiny in comparison to Spike, but in the dark, unobserved, he rolled onto his side and felt the taut chest against his paper… it was heaven and he no longer cared of his circumstance. Whether they travelled at night or during the day in some container ship he felt his illustrator. He was nude, his wings were free to move should he be bothered, and he was leaning against the form he was loved by (as soon as they were alone). So as they travelled, he rested happily against the vampire who whenever the spell was revoked, stroked his tail until it arched up and his wings expanded then took him.

They travelled across the former Iron Curtain Europe via train, then through Mongolia, and down through the Khyber Pass to New Delhi in the dead of night on a bus that would *never* have passed the RAC roadworthy test – even on a bad day!

Sometimes of late, but only as they were well away from most civilization, he was the one taking, and now on the wing.

India was a wonderfully religious country and some cities were so crowded and busy that it really was possible to take off unseen. It was the dry season. They flew above of the thick stench that was Hyderabad and enjoyed congress but this time landed observed.

A tiny child, perhaps six years old, saw the faerie and the still game faced Spike, the sated lover, gently land. Spike was in no state to explain, but Xander (other fae senses slowly developing) turned to the wide eyed boy and simply said, “Shiva’s servants have many forms. Be well… and promise to look after your family.” The tiny boy simply nodded sincerely then sprinted home. His story met with amusement but the promise kept for all time.

The first time their airborn partnering had occurred, Spike had truly been terrified, he’d never been confident with heights – and in truth neither was Xander at first.
Xander had been relieved of his drawn state and allowed his wings solo to practice a few nights in private as they traversed Mongolia. Now the wings were confident, the balance equally well adjusted, the control perfect, and the experience of rising higher and higher… just wonderful. And now he was able to share it with Spike.

The vampire learned slowly (and rather shakily) that held by his lover and up nearly one hundred feet added a totally new dimension to their lovemaking. After the third time joining in flight, they had both learned that Spike was best to wrap his legs and arms tightly around his faerie and just let himself… ride… And now… well…what a ride… In the past it was Xander, but now it was Spike who was the rider, stretched then brought to ecstasy, this time in flight and Xander eventually being confident enough to wrap a hand around his partner’s enthusiastic member and thrilled to feel the consequent cool splatter.

Returned to his drawn state, Spike now found himself unable to leave his beloved picture anywhere but against his body, tucking it into a plastic shield, taking the picture to bed with him of a daytime, into his pants as he wandered around their abode shirtless, and always against him as they travelled. He was devoted, as always, and this time had a sane, loving (albeit *drawn* faerie), who returned all his affections. As a consequence he was justifiably terrified of the possibility that he might tear the picture or damaged it somehow… it was just too terrible to contemplate. They *had* to find Willow.

When they travelled by bus through Tibet and into China, Xander was always pressed against Spike’s chest, Spike was conscious of his precious cargo and stroked the back of the drawing every so often, only to reassure himself. Xander felt every pass of the beloved hands through his plastic and wished he could… If he died it would be like this, coddled, loved, caressed by his lover, pushed up against that cool chest to enjoy or simply sleep.

On his last ‘outing’ Xander had *begged* Spike that he be allowed to stay there against Spike’s chest… forever if that was to be his fate. And Spike had agreed – were he on the brink of dusting, he would take the faerie with him.

On two border crossings, the picture had been dragged out, on the Chinese border it was ironically Spike’s French speaking ability and stilted Mandarin that saved them, the bemused border guards grinning and gesticulating at Spike’s panic when they found his secret ‘stash’ during a full body search, the pale Englishman claiming the picture was “By my cousin”. The guards didn’t miss the very aroused nature of the male image and made crude gestures to each other but eventually the picture was returned and Spike was waved through, his fake passport stamped and the guards musing regards weird foreigners and their fetishes (and yes they too had the internet!)

If Spike wanted his beautiful faerie to experience the world then the deal was done, but in some situations it was difficult to be ‘released’. Xander knew they had travelled from Beijing to Jakarta then literally took a stint in a cargo boat to Australia with hardly an evening of him being able to release and fly… but could not have imagined the joy of the next part of the trip.

Spike had never been to Australia, fearing all that sun (even as a human!) but they were on a mission, so took the risk for his darling. Darwin’s nights were incredibly warm… wonderfully so for the vampire, and full of young tourists who were more than happy to have a chat and give up a pint or two of blood… and the night they drove south in the cheap rental, he watched in delight as his the full sized male took to the sky, low enough not to alert the local air traffic control, but high enough to thrill.

They crossed from Katherine to Cairns in a straight line with Xander flying more than he rode in the car. It was wonderful and the stars… They took longer than expected due to too many evenings of stopping the car and making love in a sky under the extraordinarily bright Milky Way.

In Cairns, Spike booked a night flight across to LA. Timing was everything, though getting out of the LA airport and threatened by any sort of sunshine was an unwarranted worry. In the end with the switch from terminal to terminal, under cover they were very much out of the Californian sun.

Xander felt the connection always. He might have been in the dark but was against his lover’s chest and covered by part of Spike’s attire. Were Spike to dust, he welcomed oblivion… his wings were also his solace all these days of travel and he slept much of the time comforted by the vampire and the feathers.

Their flight to Ecuador was fraught with problems, not the least of which was having to land at midday in Quito(!) due to weather, their Guayaquil destination still an hour or more away.

Luckily the entire plane had to sit patiently on board as the cabin crew reassured and calmed with complimentary drinks.

In the end Spike was thankful. The three hour wait and consequent debacle at the airport meant that he was catching a taxi shortly after sundown.

Once ensconced in the hotel suite he had pre-booked, Spike he revoked the spell and Xander took off to look around from the roof, just as he did, Willow answered her Email.

She and Lacie were in Peru… and her partner was more than happy to ‘come to’ for an old friend of Willow’s.

Greetings were had and arrangements made and a day later the actual picture scanned and sent, but nothing could have prepared Willow for the reality…

Spike insisted on Xander (who had been nude for over four years now apart from the toys, fur and well scales) try wearing the vampire’s second pair of old blue jeans for the meeting, and though Xander was slimmer than in his past, he simply could not do up the top button, and his tail was really the problem. Spike fell into game face to try to use associated fangs to slice just enough of the back to allow for… but then the jeans were off… and then a tongue was… and a cool shaft was… and Xander was… in hand and *so* glad Willow was running late!

The pants were somewhat in place as the doorbell rang, though he felt a little nude. T-shirts did not come with a ‘wing’ option so in the end he and Spike resolved that he would meet Willow in ‘all his glory’ up top – after all the two had shared a bath or pool in the ‘nuddy’ more than once as youngsters.

But he was not quite ready for the response.

The taxi had arrived just after sundown, the two women got out, the vampire opened the door and kissed the witch then greeted her partner politely, but as they entered Spike caught Willow as her knees buckled. The astonishing part for Xander was that as the concerned faerie also raced to her aid she simply blinked at him in wonder and reached out to tentatively stroke the feathers *he* had so come to love.

Spike ushered the women to the small settee of the hotel room, and Willow did not miss that Xander opted for the ottoman, so his wings could rest and Spike taking the floor beside him, with relaxed ease, resting against his thigh and idly stroking the feathers. She could not but wonder how many times they had sat in such a fashion

“So… no Africa? No… curse… lie… spell… usual screw up…”

“Not.. well… Did Spike?”

Willow nodded and grinned, then slapped his arm, “Now come on Mister… fess up how did all this…”

“ OK… Ummm ‘Illustration’ for near four and a half years now… but… well… Spike saved the day (as usual). But ahhh Wills… He’s figured the temporary reversal spell but we can’t have more than six hours it seems and I… Happy now – like this… with Spike… He’s managed to make the wings and tail permanent. The jeans are just… well just for you… normally I’m…”

“I know sweetie Spike scanned you and…”

Xander certainly remembered the scanning. Out of his plastic protection then blinding white light and weird… then he was two… well not two really given that his other image was digital but really weird. Minutes later Spike had revoked the spell and the fully formed faerie was staring at the image of himself as the sketch for the first time.
He blushed a little as he remembered, it had actually been a turn on.

He moved to stand close enough for Willow to touch him then whispered, “I asked for this... Spike chose the ears… but that’s OK. Umm… do you think it looks…? I never thought…”

Willow reached out to stroke the feathers and as Lacie dared to do the same on his other wing, fascinated by the soft feathers, Xander began to feel unusually unbalanced. Spike heard the heightened heartbeat and put himself behind the faerie, pulling him in tight with strong arms around the trim waist, Xander’s back to his chest, in full view of the wiccans. They moved their hands back as the wings extended then folded to envelope Spike’s back in an act of love and gratitude.

Spike had been worried he had made a terrible mistake seeking out the witch - so much history – and some of it not involving very successful magic. He was worried that she might try to change Xander back to the Xander of Sunnydale, the one without the wings… the one who hated Spike.

Instead he was utterly stunned as Willow’s friend stood shook herself hard along with a few words and revealed her true form. It didn’t seem Spike was the only one with a wing fetish.

Willow smiled wickedly at her Xander and Spike and grabbed Lacie’s hooked thumb tight, and pulling the young winged woman to her in a loving hug.

“Seems we have a few secrets in common hey boys?!”

“Oh Wills! You’re… Lacie is *so*… and…” Her oldest friend in the world began to look decidedly stressed.

“So are you Sweetie… so are you… *beautiful*… I don’t know if I can fix this but… you know Spike… he doesn’t do things by halves… and he *loves* you… Oh Goddess anyone can see that!!! I’ll do anything I can… Sweetie… your wings… you are *so* beautiful…”

Xander stared across as a young woman who no longer had arms but sported bat wings that were nimble enough to wrap around Willow and stroke her with a hooked thumb. The only difference was the girl’s beautiful visage, her pretty looks were marred a little by slight ridges on her brow and pointed ears but she was still extremely attractive (Spike’s demon stirred and thought it downright sexy). Her legs did have a definite joining flap of skin and smaller feet with claws but Xander smiled as he realised that she no doubt used her wings for more than just hugging her partner.

Spike whispered into Xander’s ear, “Reckon you should give Red there a feel ‘o your wing hey? Time to give her a hug don’t you reckon?”

Lacie’s enhanced hearing heard the words clearly and Willow was released and had the edge of a black wing push her gently.

Xander did what Xander of old was always good at and pulled his lifelong friend into a warm hug. Still much taller than her, she was relieved when her ear on his chest registered the strong heartbeat but still surprise as she touched first his long hair, then the start of his… tail and it arched up a little with contact.

He kissed her hair as he felt his tail caressed, belatedly realizing, “Geez Wills, I’ve missed you… Never thought we’d meet again really… As usual my lovely Spike…”

Having released her partner, Lacie was looking a little lost, particularly as her bat form was unable to retract without Willow’s magic boost.

Spike stepped over to her, switched to game face and whispered in Lacey’s ear “Humanity is over-rated.” She jumped back then fell onto the settee as her webbed legs refused to cooperate.

“But… I never… You’re a vampire? Then why do you feel?”

“A soul?... yup got that a while back – on purpose mind… and spent some time as a ghostie, then a real boy… well real as any vampire with a soul… long story doesn’t matter. So what are/were you? Bat girl?” then quickly added, “Don’t get me wrong, right pretty bat girl and Red over there is into that I hear… but?”

The pretty bat/woman smile weakly and simply said, “Maybe some of us are luckier than others… eventually...

“Mother was a wiccan, a rather bad one, and was pregnant when she decided to cast a couple of ‘practice’ spells whilst in training at the coven. ‘Protection of’ the creatures of the night became ‘production of’ and when my sister and I were born well you can see the result… My sister lives in Bournemouth now. She has a permanent change to human, I… well I just… it was risky and I… like… umm…”

“No need to explain Luv. Wouldn’t swap bein’ a vamp for quids… though at the time was a bit of a shock.”

Spike grinned and winked and Lacie thought if she wasn’t into women he might have just won her heart! She stood and kissed the rather surprised, game faced vampire on the temple, then waddled awkwardly over to her quietly spoken lover and pulled her from Xander’s grasp with an insincere growl and a “My girl!”

Spike looked over to his partner who had been shocked enough that his wings were now at full stretch, “You and me both Pet… you and me both.”

Lacie returned to her human form after Willow’s boost and a “Proper snoggin’” according to Spike, and sadly Xander, pants free returned to his illustrated state, though this time, as the picture was tucked into Spike’s jeans, he vaguely felt the vampire’s arousal through the plastic and for the first time slumped down to that point deliberately, and ‘helped himself’.

Spike felt an odd tingle as Xander came, but when he pulled out the picture on a whim, the faerie ‘in waiting for taking’ was in his normal position, and Spike was left to wonder.

Willow was shocked as she listened to the whole story of the drawn Xander’s experiences, horrified by a couple of the incidents, and slapped Spike jolly hard *twice* for the whole ‘girl thing’, Spike’s only defence “Well it was better than a fish!” For which he got a third slap.

Now calm Willow, and Lacie for that matter, were somewhat helpful with suggestions of possible spells but had to investigate more. Both appreciated the worry regards the parchment’s vulnerability, and took away the spell to study further. She and Lacie promised to return the following evening.

Spike booked dinner for four at the hotel restaurant in anticipation.

He quite enjoyed their company but was also aware that Xander had been exposed (fully) in the middle of the table, helpless and ‘in form’, as he was discussed. Spike wanted to treat his dear partner… and find out about all that tingling! He had his suspicions, but it was new… and he was a curious vampire.

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