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Parchment # 5 
8th-Nov-2007 05:47 am
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Title: Parchment
Author: rngrdead
Pairing: Xander/Spike (don’t be fooled by the Willow beginning)
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: There was a spell and a book and then... it all pear shaped and he ended up on paper!
Spoilers: Canon is Post S7 BtVS and S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don't like boys together, don't play here!
Harsh circumstances and difficult start as always with Daisy the muse....

Part 5

That evening, before dinner, Spike tugged his dear drawing close and experimented. He stared at his beautiful one’s image and began to pleasure himself, then as he became full and hard, he placed the picture face down directly over his manhood.

Xander felt it, more than ever before. He could feel the hardness, the length… and this time pretended it was part of his own picture as he brought himself to completion… the tingle was enough for an already aroused Spike and he blessed the day he had put the picture into plastic!

There was no change to the picture as he drew it out to revoke the spell again, but he did note a small mark in the shape of a couple of tiny splats of water marring the bottom corner… and wondered. He had a fairly good idea what had happened, now but was still amazed. In the past the drawing had *never* altered other than with the efforts of those outside… now it seemed Xander’s influence… was beginning to permeate the paper.

As he revoked the spell, he was surprised to see Xander at ‘half mast’ and collapse onto his knees immediately panting, wings partially spread like some wounded creature.

Spike was immediately on the floor taking his fae friend in his arms in distress unsure of what he had done. Had the picture been damaged more than he noticed? Had the plastic… leaked? He stroked the feathers, the tail, the hair… anything in desperation and tried to check for any changes.

Xander simply collapsed into the embrace and accepted all caresses in his semi-conscious state, but eventually roused.

He turned his face into Spike’s chest where he was currently being held and *bit* the nipple closest hard.

Spike’s reaction was instant and vampiric with shock. Game face was to the fore and the faerie was pulled away with a vice like grip on the top of his wings where they joined his spine with one hand, and another collecting both wrists and jamming them together as he was pulled off. There was blood on his lips, but still he grinned a little at the shocked vamp.

“Oi! You right bastard!!! What was that for?? Could give a chap a bit o’ warnin’ if you’re gonna play rough… An’ here’s me thinkin’ you’re all ailin’ and stuff… Bloody hell! Now look what you’ve…”

Spike’s demon was loose. He’d bit his own lip, he could smell his blood on Xander and was too out of control. This was his mate, his beautiful winged partner and it was time. This time his soul had no purchase on his actions.

Unlike their other partnerings, this time Xander was forcibly thrown back onto his wings, his tail used to lift his backside up for better access, Spike’s own blood used as lubricant, the plug removed and he driven into in one swift move. What resulted was a fast and furious ‘seeing to’, and a very shocked faerie climaxing as the vampire bit hard into his neck and began to draw blood with a suction Xander had never imagined possible.

Spike came after the second mouthful, realised what he was doing, immediately pulling away in shock but not before his demon forced him to state “Mine”.

Immediately following the incident, Spike was in human guise again and desperate.
How could he have let so much control go? And now his beautiful friend was lying, wings splayed out, legs akimbo, tail wet with Spike’s cum and stomach wet with his own, and a neck still dribbling a little blood where Spike had bitten him.

He realized that he had claimed the faerie for all time – but also that it was not necessarily Xander’s choice, and he had *no* idea regards how it might impact on the picture situation, nor whether Willow was versed well enough in Vampiric Law that she might understand the dilemma.

He did the only thing he could do to make it better. He fell back into game face and opened his own wrist offering it to Xander whilst begging his forgiveness. Xander was in a daze but accepted the apology and the wrist. He loved this vampire and really the bite had been… as before he just wished to be with this beautiful blonde for all time. He accepted the wrist and in the same act knew he was accepting the claim and thrilled as something inside seemed to ‘shift’ a little.

Xander lay sated as his lover licked his nether regions clean then did the same for the stomach and the neck and finally lifted him gently and took him for a warm shower, gently hosing down the feathers and cleaning other parts with shampoo and a quiet massage.

Xander’s original collapse had just been because… well you pleasure yourself three times in succession and… but now when Spike was even nearby it was… it felt… something was definitely different. He couldn’t seem to get his head straight at all. He clung on to his dear vampire and was being pampered and washed and… Oh G#$% he was hard again and as soon as his member was touched by those soap covered hands he came… and for some reason felt compelled to throw his head to the side exposing the bite mark.

He was rewarded with a cool tongue over the soon to be scar and a quiet “I’ve got you love …shhh I’ve got you.” Spike making sure his demon was fully *under control*.

Dry and drowsy, a very compliant Xander was led to the lounge room where Spike managed to dress him in the jeans, some runners and his own duster to cover the wings.

“Red said she’d be able to do a glamour… let’s hope it includes some better fitting clothes… Bloody hell Pet… but you are beautiful” And then without conscious thought he was in game face and growled, “Mine.”

A shocked Spike heard “Yours” and his demon settled, apparently completely satisfied, and his remaining humanity also rejoiced. Spike pulled them both onto the settee, lay on his back and pulled the faerie over him

Xander felt strange, *utterly* connected to Spike and unafraid when the game face had emerged. And now he felt…powerful as he lay on his lover and covered them both with his wings in a simple act of quiet comfort.

Spike swiftly released them both from the confines of clothes causing their nether regions to be exposed and together but there seemed no imperative to copulate or even tease. It now felt like sheer comfort, natural, grounding, more than that… reassuring like a mother’s hug.

Spike felt the hot tears falling and smelt the salt.

“C’mon honey… Luv… Pet… What’s all this? What have I done now? Already said sorry… Already…”

Xander sniffed hard – not for dramatic effect – he just needed to. “I umm, Don’t say sorry… I’m just… G#$% Spike… I’ve never felt like this before… and not the faerie thing… that’s just… And me getting off on feeling you well when I was… well I’m not going to apologise, you were there and… But now it’s… I can *feel* you… I mean *really* feel you. And I’ve got my wings and tail and I just wish we could find a way to… be… Gahhh Spike it’s all I want… what I *need* now. I want to be real, for you to bite me, take me whenever you… Oh G#@$... Do you think we’ve messed this up for Willow? I mean me biting you and…”

Spike wrapped his arms around the larger man – including his wings in the hug, forcing Xander to relax his head onto the pillow and allowing him to finish crying in private, “Shhh Pet, my fault anyway. Still a demon – can’t help that… would have happened sooner or later. Now why don’t we just meet with Red an’ her batgirl and sort us a solution to all this. Got us a right nice table booked an’ we’ll do the adult thing yeah? Hey… C’mon Pet, chin up an’ no more tears, or I’ll never get the mascara onto those pretty lashes.”

The last statement was silly and Xander snorted but belatedly realised that Spike was actually serious and did indeed emphasise his pretty partner’s lashes with thick black mascara.

They met Willow and Lacie in the lobby and Willow invoked a glamour that saw only his wings and tail disappear. Now with the mid length leather coat, tight fitting jeans, long hair and makeup, the other patrons (and the maitre de) assumed him a USA rockstar of some description, indeed his companion decked in leather and bleached hair looked like Billy Idol and the two women all in black were obviously part of some singing group.

They were treated as such and left alone as requested by Spike on the far back corner table, bar for the sweet young waitress who, at the end of the night asked in broken English for their autographs. Spike grinned and obliged signing ‘Viva Equador e’ Estelle… Billy Idol’.

Their bill was halved, they promised to return the following night and the manager asked very politely if they might even agree to a short show for the patrons (free accommodation and upgrade to the presidential suite of course).

Willow, Lacie and Xander were entirely stunned when Spike simply said, “Sure – but we’re here on hols. You got a guitar?”

The following night all three were further amazed as Spike, William the Bloody, former bad poet, ensouled vampire, sang a series of rock ballads into a hurriedly rigged microphone, playing electrically enhance guitar… well like a pro! The final piece was introduced as ‘Requerdos with poet’ and was a complex demonstration of classical Spanish guitar with Spike reciting a poem of Yates in his wonderful baritone over the top. It brought the audience of diners to their feet and had the manager in tears.

Spike then politely bowed to the applause, acknowledged the manager and left jerry rigged spotlight.

Xander could not believe it… When had his vampire learned the guitar?? Three hours to ‘get back up to speed’ in the hotel room then *this*?!

Willow and Lacie were moved into the hotel also – on the manager’s insistence, and there were no more bills to pay. Spike promising to play again on the Saturday, provided there was some sort of ‘lead up act’.

It was all too bizarre but it did buy them some time to work on the spell, meanwhile Xander’s ‘tucking against the lover’ experience became even more strange. Something was definitely happening to way the picture worked.
8th-Nov-2007 12:19 am (UTC)
Ahh, Spike is a vamp of many and varied talents. ;D

Lovely chapter, dear. I'm excited about the claim! :D

8th-Nov-2007 06:16 pm (UTC)
Oh at least one person is reading... thanks so much for taking the time to comment... I'm glad you enjoyed.

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