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Plot bunny / challenge

Yeah yeah, I haven't posted in a very long time. Real life has dumped one crisis after another on my head... but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Hence this post, sorta.

My old computer died a very painful death, so I've been having to go back and recollect my library of fanfiction. In the process, I've reread a number of my old favorites, one of which is Jackson's Divided series. And I got to thinking... anyone else feel the disturbance of the Force?

Toth's stick split Spike into Demony Spike and Soulful William, but instead of a tug'o'war between the two, they find themselves desperately attracted to each other. The Scoobies finally get both halves in the pentagram to recombine Spike, but it doesn't work -- the split wasn't even, soul and demon aren't polar opposites, whatever reason. Which leaves a human (but immortal, at least in my mind) William needing a place to stay. Enter Xander Harris. William falls for him, but doesn't have the cunning/seduction talents necessary to drag booby-loving Xander over to the bi-side. So he asks Spike to help.

Yes boys and girls, I want to see a triad. Not only that, but I can see this completely rewriting seasons 4 thru 7. Do I have the patience or practice for such a long term project? Nope, but I'm hoping that some of you wonderful people do.

I plan on trying my hand at this concept sometime in the future, but I doubt it'll explore all the intricacies the idea deserves. So if anyone wants to take a stab at it, please do so! And drop me a line if you want a Beta for it *egrin*
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