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Looking for...

Hello beloved spander friends. *Waves* I'm actually looking for two types of spander and was wondering whether anyone can help me out.

The first type of spander I'm looking for is teenage!Xander aside from Teenage Dirtbag by Suki _blue and Hold Me. Thrill Me. Kiss Me. Kill Me by amejisuto. I would preferably prefer if if it was set during season 1 or 2 where Xander just meet Spike. 

The second type of spander...well it isn't really spander but hey close to it. I'm looking for *ahem* *clears throat* Nicholas/James rps fanfiction. I could have sworn I saw it somewhere. But seriously ever since I saw that video with the f*** me look I just wanted to read it so badly. 

Well thanks for anyone who can help me,
and now I go back to my own writing and hunting of fics.
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