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Fic search! - Yes another one!

Okay this one is really hazy! Set with an unchipped, unsoul Spike around the time of school hardish(maybe!). Not sure if Xander's actually a consort.

I have only the one really clear memory of a scene and it's of Xander having to fight in a graveyard with a circle of demons looking on and Spike unable to intervene. He does get injured but it's all okay and he recovers(as in not vamped).

It's a longish one and I'm not even sure it was complete, Spike was snarky and all that we love but was also portrayed as more mature(like the 126yr old demon he is, rather than a 126yr old teenager).

Any ideas? very vague I know but you guys usually come up trumps.

It's not kiss me, kill me although in the same sort of vein.

Thanks tempestreach

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