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Fic Search

Hi! I am a newbie in BtVS fandom and I need help to find two fics what I am craving right now. Well, one is a fic. The other is more of a theme fic. Kinda.

The fic:

It is a Sci-Fi fic. Spike and Angel both are cyborgs who led a revolt against their masters and are now fighting for Xander´s side. I do not know the title nor author of this fic, but I think it is a WIP. Hope this bit of summary help because I am severely stumped here! I did read a rec for this fic somewhere just yesterday and forgot bookmark it! Dummy me!

The kinda theme fic:

It is Amnesia!fic what I am craving here, folks. Specifically, fics wherein Spike has been hurt and lost his memories, Xander becomes his care giver and Spike thinks he is his Sire. I did read Lost by Velvet Crypt and Precious by MJ Gage already. Great tales, both! But I am now looking for some other good reading in the same line. I am really craving it after Lost and Precious but I can find none! Can you help me?

So, summarizing I need your help to find:

1. Spander (it is my OTP)
2. Sire!Xander
3. Sci-Fi Spander

Thanks in advance!
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